Lil’ Kim Sets PayPal Record ?

By Lil’ Kim’s own accord, her old new mixtape Black Friday has made her the top seller in PayPal history. Instead of giving the tape away for free, she’s sellling it for $10 a pop. Hard to believe in one day, Kimmy moved 113,000 mixtapes. Six years ago, it took a week for her last album, The Naked Truth to sell 109,000 copies.

But don’t get it twisted, the Double R can’t knock the hustle. In fact,  YN put his money where his mouth is earlier today. It wasn’t until after his purchase however, he discovered the tape was being shipped via mail. What the bloodclot?! So much for a rapid refund.

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  • ctg

    Her new name is Lol’ Kim.

    Spread the word internets!

  • Lazarus

    Screencap or it didnt happen

  • KaLiiKeepsIt REAL

    That broad is fckin delusional. Paypal wont even allow that many transactions to happen in such a short period of time GTFOH Kimmy, we dont believe you, you need more people. SHOW US SOME RECIEPTS!!

  • Sam from FL

    Thats the real cover?!?!?!?! wowwwww

  • AJ

    The slander continues…

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  • #slander

    You mispelled tape btw.

  • badjuju


  • Word

    How she sell 100k in 20 hours when niggas with waaaaaaaaaay more promotion like Banks is selling 40k in a week? Cudi sold 160k in a week with a great album and more promotion. How Lil Kim, with no single, tracklist, ANYTHING, sell 100k copies of her MIXTAPE (Not even a album) in less than a day. We dont believe you, you need more muthafuckin people bitch.

  • NYMFO1

    Big Homie ^^^ LMAO

  • ryan

    actually, &kaliikeepslt REAL (<lame) paypal did shut her down.

  • Word

    Like @JustBlaze just tweeted….so this bitch made a million off of a MIXTAPE? You fucking with me? Come on now, get the fuck outta here. And then she shipping it by MAIL. LMAO. She ripped all them suckers off.

  • Belize loves Eminems

    delusional ass BIATCH



  • I find hard to believe that 113K people paid $10 for a mixtape when half of them won’t even go out and purchase an actual album. I need to hear this information for paypal & I can’t find it anywhere. Please update us on this cause I know she lying.

  • Lance

    She lying u can only do at most 3k transactions a day why is she such a liar she really trying to say that In 2011 she sold 113k copies in 24 when her highest first week sales in a time where CDs was selling like crazy is 230k in a week

  • NickiFan

    @Bighomie that is the FUNNIEST comment on this post!! LMBO

  • Drock

    That cover is messed up, Miss Kimmy needs to go away… da btch fell way off

    Nicki keep ignoring her: “don’t argue with a fool cause people from a distance can’t tell who is WHO”

  • Blacc

    Fucc no. This is promo.

  • nah

    she thinks paypal is itunes lol! some nigga thats rich that wanna hit biggies old jump off bought that shit!

  • peterm

    WOW KIM, thats so DOPE! you are killin it. … okay now back to reality…Shut the fuck up kim

  • More the lie is big, more people believe…but c’mon kim !


    1-Birdman, Miami Dolphins Ownership, Bet A Millie On The Superbowl, Oil & Natural Gas Venture…

    2-Rick Ross “I know Pablo, Noreaga, the real Noreaga…”

    3-Dr Dre “Detox is coming…

  • Word


  • HankMoody

    If there’s one uncleared sample or jacked beat on there…she’s fucked. Paypal ain’t Soundscan, pretty sure even if she were the “#1 seller ever” they wouldn’t disclose it. Kim declares her Twitter got hacked in 5…4…3…

  • still best rite now!!

    word? thats like a million dollars profit, lmao gtfoh!!

  • Shawn

    LMAO @ BigHomie.. I would’ve gone with Bishop Eddie Long clip personally..LOL
    Kim is doing New Fuzzy Math..
    (Grandmama Voice) “Bless her heart. She don’t know no betta”.

  • Ummm, Lil’ Kim is really reaching! At one time she had a chance at making a great comeback, but now her chances are destroyed and she is the one to blame!

  • OffYaSelf



    So she made 1.13 mil is what this is saying? GTFOH

  • i hope it’s true


  • white milk

    these comments are HILARIOUS!

    how u gone add ross to the lying list and use a line from one of his songs as the lie he told??


    whether it’s true or not she got the whole world talking about her. she’s a WW TT on Twitter.

    hate her or love her, her marketing strategy is brilliant. just wish the music lived up to all the attention she’s getting.

  • She’s gotta be lying this can’t be possilbe. Who would pay for a mixtape first off? One with little to no promotion second off? Internet only, not a real album, over 100k, doubt this!

  • Rodrick

    I could tweet that I just brought 2pac back from the dead via Voodoo, it wouldnt necessarily make it fuckin true……….SMH



  • @white milk:
    he claims he was a drug dealer, but he was also a CO
    but i don’ t care if he was a CO, it’s just a job like another, but he lied about his ex life and blames photoshop ^^

    but for this one, kim acts like we’re dumb

  • reallyb
  • reallyb

    this bitch is lying yo

  • wickwickwack

    the industry is full of shit …i bet some stupid company paid kim up front for the mixtape and now they re selling it

    same thing with foxx back in december …

    do the math …a mixtape sold via mail 10 bucks minus ship. fee,songs are not on itunes,in no stores available

    no serious label does that

    i could care less,at least the fans get what they want …theres no point bitching about paying for music

  • reallyb

    if you bought that shit you, should just give up on life right now

  • reallyb

    if you bought that shit. you should just give up on life right now.

  • reallyb

    robo: Is there a such thing as being a number one seller through PayPal?

    James/Representative: Not to my knowledge. PayPal only processes payments. We don’t actually sell the items.

    robo: So there is no such thing as holding a record of being a number one seller?

    James: No. Someone on eBay holds that. If the product isn’t being sold on eBay, then it’s false.

    robo: So just once more, is there a such thing as holding a record for being the top seller through PayPal or the most processed payments?

    James: No, we only process payments and we don’t track information like that. The seller themselves would have to.


    LOLLLLL @ Big homie, you came through again with you GIF comments, classic homeboi

  • reallyb
  • reallyb

    Being that the mixtape isn’t sold on eBay either, eBay was unable to give us any information regarding the mixtape sales. So, in the end there is no such thing as being the top seller on PayPal, however, it would’ve been more believable if she said eBay. Hip-Hop’s entertainment blossom Karen Civil also pointed out a valid point when speaking on the phone. Since the account was just recently opened and it does take several days to verify a business account through PayPal, the account would’ve been shutdown by the fraud department for suspicious activity for making the supposed amount of $1,128,870.

  • Donn



  • reallyb

  • TIA

    Believe it or not, people do actually like Lil Kim. I just wish this beef would go away.

  • reallyb


  • reallyb

    this bitch said she set a paypal record LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fuck outta hea!!!!!!!!!! bitch is dead meat

  • Red1

    Man hip hops just gonna hav to stop bragging about units lts pathetic watching the blog posts praise lower n lower standard as amazing when food & liquor dropped u said it caught a brick the same shit today u praise calling albums platinum before they even go platinum failin to tell readers your going by Canadian definitions of platinum praising songs for going platinum on iTunes now paypal what next some sells 50 mixtapes on eBay they get the cover of xxl she probably bought those records herself think about it her money goin right back to her at 10 a pop and she sets her new facebook YouTube paypal record rapradar praises her

  • original will

    why do this site hate kim so much damn what did she do everytime her name pop up its something negative that follow we all know she aint got the money to pay for them records herself so let her have her moment shit yall let Nicki have her moment let kim have hers damn

  • James


  • reallyb


  • Kcbaboso

    lil kim singlehandedly killed the idea of a respectable female mc

  • Black Shady


  • Really?

    Bitch got the paypal record!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… hold on, gotta breathe…. ahhhhhhahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Fuck outta here Kim you stay losing, you should be a Cleveland Cavalier!!!

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  • Rap Radar kills me calling Kim a liar yet having the biggest liar – Officer Ricky – on the front page. Y’all take yourselves too seriously. Get rid of Officer Ricky then maybe, just maybe, I’ll listen to what you have to say about Kim.

  • How she sold 113k when the link only been clicked 23887 times?

  • casper21

    watch, her excuse for this bullshit is oh, somebody hacked my twitter account. Quit playing yourself Kim

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  • maniacinaction

    Both of them are bad, however I still like Lil Kim, she’s the original hip hop goddess, fuck Nicki and her oversized fast food eating bafoon lookin’ ass.

  • Cinsere

    “The bitch is lying, it’s a setup, I can smell it…ignorance is running rampant.” (c) Jeru

  • miami428

    PayPal record? WOW OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim is already fake a hell so this false announcement sounds like an attention getter. Nicki is on BILLBOARD HONEY. Almost every song or feature she has been on was on billboard. Kim need to set her fake face, breast, lips and bleached skin down.Lil kim=FAKE and mixtape are not albums she cant even get an album out.

  • How the fuck do you charge $9.99 a mix tape and the beats you’ve stolen from another person with not right to them? Can’t believe this bitch sold over 100k, the ONLY and I mean ONLY reason she is famous is because Notorious put her bitch ass on after he was getting some nookie. FUCK U! WHERES LIL CEASE!?!

  • nicole

    Lmao you niggas gonn get me kicked out of class. I cant take this shit.

  • Jersey

    Lmao!! Big Homie

  • Brandon Crain

    @nonfixion Birdman did bet a mill on the superbowl an did own an oil company but it went under. An Kim u need to just quit drop hip hop drop rap u r no longer good.

  • Ricanthug

    Unlike that pop gimmick Nicki Lil Kim has millions of fans so its not impossible for her to sell that many in a short time…And believe me there are alot of us who hate Nicki and her swagger jacking style….Go Kim Long live THE REAL QUEEN BEE you all fail to remember people love drama and beef and shit like that sells point blank

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  • BigCmusic

    Yea dat shyt gotta b tru to an extent or somethn cause i baught the mixtape too. Waiting for it izzz a bitch, even if the shyt is wack, i jus did it to hopefully make a point to these hattin ass hoes and these nicki stans. The Queen aint leavin nowhere no time soon. SO ALL U HOES CAN SUCK IT EASY YA HEAR ME!!!!!! LOL. Fuckin hattin ass faggets, its funny to me how muthafukkaz be sittin up in here like, O she the hottest female, naw thats not how thngs work and u know it. A rappa can be hot when they come out and then nobody remmembers they ass the next year we done moved on to the next bitch. Kim has been doin it and doin it well for 10 + years. Do she need to step her game up, yes, all MC’s do. But see nicki aint and MC to me, she’s a gimmick right now. The shit she doin is fun and corky ok coo. But that shit has already started workn my nerves, and sooner or later it will fuck wit u too. Kim da baddest. O and check out Trina new song waist so skinny. Cant wait for Missy and Timbo to drop that “Warped” track too. That shyt gonna blow all u young dumm hoes out the water. Holla at a nigga. YEA!!!!

  • mellodee420

    It’s so sad wut rap/hiphop has come to. ppl think nicki is real rap??? If thats rap I’m goin country. DJ lance on yo gabba gabba can spit flows like her. hi-ya,hi-ya, hi-ya?? GTFOH!! We got 5th graders votin here ! This bitch got 1 alblum out and mutha fuks act like she just it!!! And it was more comparable to Britney’s blk out album. I remember when you had to earn your respect in tha game, now it’s wut ever tha radio shoves dwn ur throat. PPl say Kim’s trip’n yeah she old skool , bitch disresecpt u get delt’s bout respect but guess younger generation don’t care they get’n the boot leg kim. say’n kim old she 30 nicki 27. Nicki late, but I guess u wanna b a decade late wen u swagger jack’n shit from 90’s(hope no one notices).

  • Feenixa

    kim is so wack now it aint even funny. i loved old school kim, but i can barely bring myself to listen to that stuff anymore because of all the FUCKING AWWWWWWFULLLLLLL “music” she’s been putting out lately. & who the fuck charges for a mixtape? a BROKE ASS BITCh, thats who!
    I cannot actually believe that anyone, let along 113,000 people who actually pre-order a mixtape that can only be complete CRAP from what we’ve already unfortunately heard.

    *remember people, if you buy Black Friday, you can’t unhear that shittttt

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  • Belize

    Right. Dope cover!!!!

  • cmosa

    how pathetic. someone who actually had legend status has to come up and fuck everything up for herself with this pointless bitch fight. please make it stop.

  • cmosa

    and secondly, couldn’t she have gone somewhere a little more skillful than her local community college’s beginner graphic design course to get this cover done? i do graphic design for a living, this is one of the worst I’ve seen

  • mila


  • serpentor

    damn….kim is REALLY out for blood,huh????

  • kiki12

    the cover is funny… but she is stupid.. what since does that make LIL KIM NOOOOO ONE LIKES YOU

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  • yo Red, no one on here is praising her, did you even read any of the posts?

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  • big booty judy

    lmfao stupid as bitshc paypal is a money transferring service. dum