Lupe, Estelle, B.o.B. & Janelle Monae Game Changers Pt. 2

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YN’s ol’ lady and Billboard editor Danyel Smith continues her talk with Atlantic Records’ star pupils. This time the group discuss when and how they became game changers.

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  • Nkozi

    I dunno if ‘game changers’ is an appropriate title for these four.. all except Lupe are basically sophomores and I don’t see other artists hoppin on similar styles and ‘improving’ the game with their blueprint.

    These four are different.. and I respect it.. but Cudi, Kanye, 3000, Wayne, Em, Nas, Jay.. are the real game changers. Respect though

  • Luke

    I’m guessing YN doesn’t like Lupe cos his wife does, jealousy is upon him!

  • Kimberly Simpson


  • @Nkozi

    Maybe they havent spawned a legion of cheap imitaions yet, but as u just said, theyre new in the game. They fit as “game changers” because they opened up new lanes in their respective genres- Lupe is a lyrics-driven, politically motivated semi-nerd, but he blazed a path in hiphop for that mold, and now I would argue u are seeing little Lupes pop up (I honestly dont think B.o.B would have been possible if Lupe hadnt come first. B.o.B. is blurring the lines between pop, hiphop and rock, and I would be VERY suprised if that blueprint doesnt get copied a hundred times over. And then Janelle Monae most of all- shes almost like the female Cee-Lo. She doesnt fit any of the traditional molds of an RnB singer, but shes so individual and creative that it doesnt matter at all, in fact it probably helps her (not the general trend in that particular genre). And no offense to Estelle, but I dont honestly know too much about her. That mixtape with John Legend was pretty good though, especially the track with Talib Kweli.

    It seems more like a predicition, the title “game changers”. Cuz if we waited until the game had already changed, then they would probably be more accurately described as “legends”.

  • DC Nick

    Nkozi how can wayne em and jay be the game changers when they are the game kanyes borderline because he is the game but continuously changes his approach the others i’ll give you but the game needs young blood to change as well as some who’ve been in it for a while feel me.

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  • assasin9

    they are game changers because they are doing something different, they are successful, and they are being notarized —

  • Nkozi

    I feel where both of u are coming from. Personally, this is where I would luv to see the music go. My issue is the title. You see how many people proclaim themselves as musical saviors but in reality you need the push & pull contrast to know who’s dope and who’s trash.

    Wayne isn’t one of my favorites but you see what he does for Southern style hip hop. Not at all like 3,000 but the necessary ‘change’. Look at Kanye.. he would be huge regardless, but the fact that 50 ruled the game with Get Rich or Die Tryin made Kanye the perfect contrast when College Dropout came out.

    Just let these four rock,.. they’re gonna cancel out the trash regardless

  • Word

    Janelle Monae needs to fire her stylist. Aint that the same shit she wore at the Grammys? Same white blouse and tap shoes. Aint nuffin wrong with some variety Ms. Monae. Congrats to all these artist though

  • James



    Not hip hop! We the business 100 million dollar!

  • EriNes11

    Theyre all dope and game changers. They bring something new and different to the plate.


    @ James I agree with ur first point but WTF is the second one about you stupid ignorant retard… go spaz out in a padded room… fuck outta here!

  • @Word – Janelle wears that “uniform” (as she calls it) as a tribute to working folks or something, it’s not a bad stylist issue

  • Belize

    @Nkozi: Gayne? He just sells a lot an is popular. The most he changed for HH is being on of the founders of Hip-Hop. Gotta ask tho, how exactly did CUDI change the game????

  • Belize

    And dope!!!

  • @Belize

    How exactly is Lil Wayne one of the founders of hip hop? I mean I realize youre not a Lil Wayne fan but u must at least realize that hip hop was around before the late 90s?

  • #Niceeeee!

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