• Metaphors

    Lyrically, he’s light years ahead of his last project. Try to catch those metaphors. He’s w that stadium red movement up in Harlem

  • Donny is nice…


  • Mr. T

    I like this

  • Harlem!

    I remember hearing this dude last year and was impressed. But it looks like he’s improved ridiculously, lyrically

  • NY

    Never understood why rap radar didnt feature Donny more. He’s one of NY’s best up and comers

  • leelee

    its ok track he sounds strong over the track not sure it should be a first single but its cool I will look out for him

  • Live [email protected]@a Rap

    That Harlem team is strong! Theyre behind Saigon too

  • Strong

    @leelee I agree witchu. He strong here but mufuckas wanna hear radio singles and heavy features to see if these young lions can cut it

  • Hot


  • Benny1

    I wanna hear more from him

  • James


  • Prince


  • Pam

    I DIGS

  • Belize


  • 1ban

    “Ichiban” meaning “no1” in Japanese