New Music: Rick Ross x Meek Mill “Perfectionists”

Rick Ross gave his blessing to DJ Envy and Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club to debut his new duet with Meek Mill. No clue as to where this will end up, but the rhymes and production are too perfect to go to waste.

UPDATE: Compact Disc Quality. Produced by Alchemist.

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  • WERT ONE 352


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  • Mohamed


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  • Cj

    Haters gonna say he fake, he fat, he a c.o., now that we got all that out way this shit go hard and this nigga got the game on lock right now

  • @93090tilinfinity

    Damn dope shit


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  • AJ

    On repeat. Tough.

  • your pusha

    this one is special, i like the beat and the flows, hot daaaaamn rozay


  • Word

    I just dont understand exactly what Ross has on lock. He puts out good music like everybody else, but is he ahead of the pack? Fuck No! Some of yall need to stop giving the impression that Rick Ross is the go to guy for this rap shit now. This nigga said he got the game on lock lmao. That shit is hilarious. He just another play on this team, he aint the franchise or anything.

    With that being said, this shit is cool. Meek Mill can actually rap better than Rick Ross though

  • exclusive


  • Sc_R

    I know it’s probably Gon be a lot more comments but Ross gettin 7 w/o hate is still crazy

  • Belize loves Eminems


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  • MJ in ’88

    Man, if Ross ends up making that move to YMCMB the shit won’t even be fair. Is there a board of commissioners or something that could break that up, that would kill off all competition in the industry. They’d be on some Yankees/MIA Heat type shit.

  • L-Dubb

    Good lyrics.

  • This is tough. Cats can’t fuck wit Ross right now. He’s winnin’.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Cj how does he have the game on lock? did jay z eminem nicki minaj and Drake just die in a plane crash I didn’t hear about

  • assasin9

    can’t front – he has been the most consistent – his ear for beats is unmatched, and when he raps like this it’s not even fair lol –

  • Moe


  • Thank Me Hater

    With that said……Ross has improved significantly since his first album. That’s the truth even though I don’t fuck with his music and probably never will

  • Ice Cold

    ^^^ Cosign lol……this song is dope

  • Black7

    Bosssssssss – Great Work by Rick and Meek

  • Ice Cold

    @thank me haters comment to @CJ

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  • B

    I can’t even front. He may be police but this sh-t crazy. AND HATE RICK ROSS THE MOST

  • Word

    Ross’ Deeper Than Rap is his best album by faaaaaaaaaaarrrr. Niggas only just started fucking with him, and thats only cuz of BMF. I doubt some of the ppl that hang on his nuts have even looked back on his other albums. Imean, they aint really missing much but Deeper Than Rap was a album that front to back and loads of good songs. Teflon Don had a couple AMAZING SONGS, a couple GOOD SONGS, and a few TRASH SONGS. All with good beats though, but theres a hook and verses that also go into song making that Ross missed me on.

  • boston-morgan

    Ross is my favorite rapper. As a person he is a fraud… as a entertainer he is that nigga by far.

  • MoOo

    ROZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bigjay2501


  • Bigg Sonny

    Average. No one can do the back and forth better than Paniro & Kiss.
    Not convinced on Meek & Ross.

  • bumpy johnson

    good one rozay , good one cant hate …………………..

  • Yiaisha

    It’s a #HIT

  • MinajBangher!

    He is just WAAAAACCCKKK!!!!!And Meek is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY overated!!!You can keep DREAMING this fat fuck aint got shit on LOCK thats SHADYYYY!!!MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!GTFOH……Game on lock….Corny ass dickriders riding with the FAKEST motherfucker to pick a mic up…He has you cats fooled.

  • B.Dot

    Teflon Don had a couple AMAZING SONGS, a couple GOOD SONGS, and a few TRASH SONGS.
    what was trash?

  • kwame


  • Word


    In My Opinion of course, I did not like All The Money in the World, Im Not A Star, MC Hammer (This was the most trash song), or No.1. Great songs – MM3, Ashton Martin Music, and Free Mason. I liked Die Young with Kanye, Super High was cool, BMF is okay whenever im in the club, Tears Of Joy was deep too. Thats my breakdown of the album

  • @B.Dot
    that’s what I’m trying to figure out…
    No. 1 is what he’ll probably say but imo that shit was a club banger!

  • Im Not A Star is EPIC you must be trippin’
    MC Hammer > BMF imo b/c it was more hectic and faster!
    No 1 = club banger
    all the money in the world = not the best song but it’s smooth nice vocals by raheem

    thats just my opinion tho not hating

  • Word


    Yeah I feel you imean those just the songs I didnt care too much for. I liked every song on Ross’ Deeper than Rap though that was my initial point.

  • B.Dot

    How u aint like MC Hammer?! that shit was tough. Rah!

  • King Jugganott

    That shit is nice.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    William L. Roberts stay talkin about his cocaine fantasies SMH. The crazy part about RICK ROSS is everybody knows he FAKE and he the only person that believe that trash that comes outta his mouth. Need to get fitted for a str8 jacket.


    ROZAY MEEK WALE=Hot…………mmmmmmaybachmusic

  • Deeper than Rap had some epic joints for sure….
    rich off cocaine is 1

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  • James


  • sway-z

    Say what you want about the nigga, he got A LOT nicer since he came out, and this is one of the dopest beats I’ve heard in awhile. This shit is crazy!

  • jewel

    Meek mill that bull straight up he is not overrated… just have to listen to his music from the past he real…. In philly we watched this nigga go from being a broke ass battle rapper to struggling to make it as a mainstream rapper. Believe in pure talent and the come up….

  • Misterupgrade

    For the 20 millionth time, which successful artist in the music business is REALLY about what they rap??? This is entertainment–think movies, TV shows, video games, etc. You guys seem genuinely let down that rap falls into the same category as other media. All the real criminals are in prison, dead, or headed that way.

  • Misterupgrade

    That said–Ross has been by far the most consistent.

  • I wanna stain Angela Yee & Miss Info!!!

    Banger, need the CDQ rip asap….

  • Belize


  • jake

    mj in 88 just wait for detox to come out…look at what recovery did..if rick ross moved to ymcmb then all of them might sell as many records as just recovery did?? wait for the west coast…shady aftermath interscope…once snoop and dre put of their new record and after what recovery just did they could all retire and lil waynes crew wouldn’t catch up before they died if they all never quit rapping..not hating on young money but that was a super ignorant comment…personally i don’t think any of young moneys rappers will have longevity..lil waynes been around but wasn’t popular til he sold out hard core with that garbage lolipop…and birdman..well is birdman..always will be mid level and drake?? thats a joke and nicki minaj is famous now but’ll disappear…name one rapper who just made catch phrases and talked about money that still gets respect..none. young money will fall off like the ying yang twins

  • Young Mo Fo

    Whats with Ross always gpoing “wuuuuUUUUgghhhhhhh”?

  • reallyb

    raw as shit

  • shout out to Breakfast Club.. BAWSE!

  • Useful to me. niouwhgfd

  • that beat was already used by a rapper OnCue two years ago on a Mick Boogie Mixtape

  • Jinx

    meek millz killed it. ross stay winning MMG Bitch