• what the….

  • TryDifferentJokes

    oh boy



    What the fuck were you expecting from someone who made a song with Justin Beiber?>

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  • not the best Kanye track i’ve ever heard.

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  • pressure

    You niggas need to shut the fuck up. Get him out of your Ipod… Who gives a shit? Not a great Yeezy verse (either one) but criticizing the track because it’s pop and with Katy Perry? Gtfoh

  • Kong

    Not good. Not close.

    Ye should just stop trying to do the whole trippy thing, he just doesnt do it well at all. Just my opinion, but that wannabe-Cudi kinda shit was by far the low point of MBDTF for me, and this is worse.

  • m85

    Hate or love it there is nobody in hip hop or music in general that can reach as wide of a range of artists like kanye can..no one else can do songs wit raekwon all the way across the board to katy perry…kanye is music

  • @m85

    What are u talking about? “nobody else can reach as wide a range of artists like kanye can”…. get off the nuts dude everybody collabs with pop stars nowadays, and usually all that comes out is a bunch of really shitty music.

    But, if u want examples, off the top of my head John Legend, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Cee-Lo Green, and even Eminem have all collaborated with as wide a range of artists as Kanye West. I could probably go on but Im afraid if I spend too much time thinking about your stupidity it might catch on.

  • j.coal

    Too many haters on anything but hiphop. broaden your horizons, pop music sells the most. The man wants to make money.

  • assasin9

    what is this sellout thing that people keep talkin about – why do you guys love thinking with a one track mind ?

  • After a few listens I got into it. It’s a decent track to be honest.

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  • Keep It Real

    Kanye murdered that . You all murdered Hip Hop with your opinions and the little box you like to keep hip hop in… if you are hip hop you shud be able to flip and spit on anything. thats fact not fiction… and hip hop wasnt always hard beats with harsh lyrics.. check ya history.. YALL dont know what is HOT.. thats why most these hip hop artist are NOT… And yall mad at kanye after the album he just put out? After just droping H.A.M? After he putting an album out with one of Hip Hops greatest shortly after he just put and album out?! Dude couldnt be giving his fans of all back rounds more variety.. he got something for each one of his fans because he has fans from all places now.. Hip hop is way selfish nowadays and not open minded.. There is a big world outside of your small hoods

  • nice


  • m85

    Huh? Like I said he is the only one who can do it like he does it..those other artists you name have worked wit others outside of their genre at times..but when I talk about Kanye I’m talkn bout in terms of not only rappin but producing as well..being able to produce dope records for Common n Jay is hard enough cause they have two different sounds..but to also know music well enough to produce and feature on RnB Pop or Rock records..nobody else does that..which again is y I say his musical reach extends wider then pple really give him credit for he has done songs wit jay common nas rae rakim/krs on that classic song..kid cudi drake beyonce madonna alicia..katy perry la roux justin bieber 30 seconds to mars..and I kno I’m leavin a lot out..its not about “bein on someones nuts” as you so intelligently put it..its jus about facts..this man’s music catalogue crossin so many genres n lines..not to say that the others don’t..I love those other artists..hell I’m the biggest Jay fan ever..I’m jus sayn what it is that makes kanye important to music..witout him it would be far less creative…now tell me who on ur list can match that

  • m85

    Co sign to Keep it Real btw

  • @m85

    So it took u a whole paragraph to figure out hes a rapper/producer? Well since youre moving the goalposts over to that field now, Damon Albarn (Gorillaz), Pharrell Williams (Neptunes), Q-Tip (A Tribe Called Quest) and Ryan Leslie, again off the top of my head.

  • m85

    And again I would say that yes those other artists which are dope in their own right and def do stuff wit other pple..but in terms of at the level that kanye does it and the variety in which he does it..one on hand wit hard boom bap beats or rappin to them to the other hand straight pop records..he does it more..as was said earlier he gives a variety that others jus don’t quite do whether it be his producin or rappin..now if u don’t like him or this katy perry song that’s fine rock on..nobody really does it like kanye

  • @m85

    And thats a wonderfully unsupported personal opinion of yours.

  • m85

    Same to you *kanye shrug*

  • dis iight >>>>>>> http://www.myspace.com/cflotentative <<<<<<<<<< chek him out

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  • Thank Me Hater

    Haven’t heard it yet but …..cover me I’m going in *inserts nose plugs*

  • Thank Me Hater

    Damn real talk….this shit aint bad

    Why yall niggas try to keep hip hop in a box? That shit aint reserved for black people and “the streets” <<<<whatever the fuck THAT shit means

  • mistah_fab

    Real Talk…

    This shit is WACK! Almost as bad as working with Bieber..oh wait…

  • suppppppppp

    Kanye trying too hard to “different” and “artistic”. Some1 needs to punch this big baby in the fuckin’ face.





  • Word

    Before I comment on the song, lemme know how hypocritical you guys are.

    Let this be Cole yall would call him a sellout. Let this be Em, he’s a pop star. Lets this be any Hip Hop artist and its pop BS and its a sell out move, but because its Kanye its him “pushing the envelope” “raising the bar” “setting trends” and “moving hip hop forward”. Yall niggas need to get off Kanye dick. No matter what kind of music hemake, yall ride with it. But if its anybody else, its a sellout move? Come on man. Let Nas even begin to talk about working with Rihanna and you niggas would riot. Thats why I never get into that argument about the pop stars artist work with.

    Anyway, track aint bad. That was my point. Any Hip Hop Artist should be able to collab with who ever (Minus maybe Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga) without being called a sell out. Furthermore, if the result of this collab is GOOD MUSIC, then the collab can be forgiven. Thats Words Law right there.

  • Cold Blood



  • maniacinaction

    Bleh, such a mess, sounds worse than California Gurls. Snoop better have gotten a Bj out of that shit.

  • Donn



  • Showtime

    People…Music is changing. Get over yourselves. Em Jay Kanye T.I. Wayne, arguably the top 5 most recognized rappers in the game have did songs wit “pop” stars and it’s a good thing. Rap is evolving and if it didnt it would become obsolete so before careful what u wish 4 naysayers.

  • Monk

    this aint rap …. and she loves fags BIG DISLIKE


  • Bangers N Mash

    Shit’s wack as fuck.

  • Ice Cold



  • Dum fucs

    horrible….ye should quit


    NO LIE this song is decent enough to put on my ipod.
    Hate if you want to… this is going to get played

  • Belize

    Strike 2 for Kanye.
    Bieber AND this?



  • James


  • Pres

    lol all of you hating on kanye, he is making money regardless of your hate. He doesn’t do just rap, he branches out to pop and rock. If you saw katy perry was in the song why listen? beat is dope and kanye verse was dope.

  • tr

    Decent track. I don’t understand why RR comments are full of hate and condescendence. It’s a big problem and really reflects poorly on the website.

    For comparison, Nah Right talks about whatever they’d like and there’s some sense of cordiality from the people posting. Maybe the regulars scare away the newbs I dunno.

    People at 2dopeboyz tend to support artists or criticize artists with some sense of civility.

    Obviously I can just avoid visiting RR but admins actually do a good job with posts. If there are more quality comments, people will stay at the site longer when they’re perusing the posts.

  • tr

    One of the admins talked about highlighting some good comments on RR sometime ago. I still think it’s a great idea.

  • dwarr

    your fucking idiots this music is genius he puts things together perfectly i bet there is alot of hard work behind this that you all dont even know about kanye is a genius

  • ronnie blaze

    what’s wrong with kanye working with katy perry? wale worked with lady gaga, snoop worked with pussycat dolls, wayne worked with madonna, redman worked with christina aguilera, game worked with fergie………so what’s wrong with this??? aren’t you supposed to expand in your music??? not just lyrically but creatively, so rappers are supposed to collab with rappers all the time???

  • dee dee

    I freaking love this song!!!! it go so hard!

  • lived

    unique a true twist of our times

  • ayye yall mind letting my nigga dick go???? #SMFH haters…

  • Sienna

    it rocked best song ever 🙂

  • mason

    no one is making you listen to them. stop running yo mouth and shut up. this song is rad better than any song out especially BORN THIS WAY by LADY GAG ME. haters fall back. katy perry is an awesome artist with alot of talent. kanye is awesome. ppl need to get over the taylor swift thing. so lame and im over it. let it go. THIS SONG WILL SWEEP THE AWARDS SHOS

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  • Eloise Barraclough

    I really like Katy Perry because she is bubbly and has a pleasing personality. ‘

    My personal web blog

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