Rap Radar Interview: Saigon

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Feb. 15, 2011 will go down in hip-hop history as the 12th year of Big L‘s passing, the day Lil Kim lost her mind, and finally the release of Saigon’s Greatest Story Never Told. I rode shotgun with the Yardfather on the way to his first in-store in the Boogie Down Bronx and we chopped it up about reaching #1 on iTunes, his battles to retain his artistic vision and his future goals to educate as well as entertain. More later, where we really dissect the album track by track. Yup, I’m kinda known for that. Do you remember? Ha!

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  • LALL

    This niggah is 32, starting your career at this age…go back to the drawing board.

  • Yall buggin, the music is all that matters. Yall gotta stop watching age as if thats a criteria to make music.

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  • Black Shady

    LMAO @ LALL *dead*

    but on the real, good job Saigon. that album is CRAZY!! im surprised to be honest. congrats

  • @tubbskrueger

    great interview ……..you need to go get that greatest story never told album asap!

  • Dum fucs

    just bought 2 copies!!!

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  • Dashing

    @DJ Smirnoff

    There’s some hip hop that isn’t just for the kiddies. You want someone younger you can fuck with Wiz and them…

  • yhcranA Kid

    Great interview so far. Find me on pt. 2

  • CarreraLu

    I already respect what this album stands for. “Make it rain.. that kind of bullshit”. Respect.

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  • BoonDox

    Good ass cd. picked mine up today

  • Jaediggity

    LOLLLLL!!! Smack, who is this nigga?

  • MacAttack
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  • maino


  • thats whats up record labels are fucking corny…number one….smh @ atlantic

  • ben

    sai so real. i wish death on your favorite rappers.

  • Belize

    So real. Definition of Dope.

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  • James


  • T-ROC

    Real spit, I’m a be a true hip hop fan. I’ll be honest for a second; I am not a fan of Saigon at all. But, I tell you what when I heard son Shade 45 interview, where he mentioned numerous times, and on YN’s interview, he chased HIS art, he did not let someone else dictate the story he was going to tell. I decided I am going INTO the store and buy this album. This guy is way TOO passionate about his music for me not to pick this record up. As I mentioned earlier, I am not a fan, but after I listened to this record I may become one. For real ya’ll all jokes aside, as Saigon said, we always crying “oh, there’s no real hip-hop left” well, here’s our chance to reclaim the “real hip-hop” we miss.

    @ YN or B-DOT

    Post the Shade 45 interview.

    Note: I was in Target, earlier, they did not have it. So, I have to go to Best Buy.

  • Anon DCPL

    smh @ dude caring about what Sai’s age is, coming off like a h.s. girl on her period.

    Anyway, bought the album and it is one of the best HIP HOP albums from start to finish and the whole cohesiveness through out is crazy.

    Support good music.

  • sway-z

    The thing about age, in hiphop, is that the 90’s generation is the first generation to age well.

    Raekwon just released a banger in OB4CLII and he’s about to do it again. The older rappers are still the gold standard in “quality” hip hop, it’s not like when the new blood came out and moved Rakim & them niggas out position in the early 90s.

    Who in the last 10 years can really challenge Nas, Hov, Em or ‘Ye in terms of musical quality under the age of 30? Seriously? Until there’s more than a handful of niggas, all the older rappers are still relevant and necessary.

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  • HipHop

    The Greatest Story Never Told = DOPE AS FUCK!!! Lyrics, Flow, Beats & Concept everyhting on there is top notch.. Thank you for that great album, Saigon and Just Blaze! Real hip hop!!!

  • jhunter

    Really… Let me just pose a good question to DJ SMIRNOFF and people who think like him. Is it that after 30 you should not listen to Hip Hop music any more? Should a person over 30 i.e Jay Electronica not persue a career being a hip hop artist? There are plenty of us like myself who grew up literally listening to the music and are still fans of it. Like Dashing said all this music isn’t for the kiddies. What grown folks going through some grown up shit. Not just street, club, and sex talk all the fucking time. The killer of hip hop will come around like a wrecking disco ball if folks keep applying this ageism mind set to it. Sometimes good things come in time and the best music that came out was R&B soul from the 70’s. This is where the majority of hip hop music is samples from. The musicians in that era where older and went through some life lessons to get to the point of becoming legendary.

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  • BLACK 777

    Best album thus far this year! Go buy it NOW!!!!!!

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  • NotoriousRambo


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