Wiz Khalifa Heads On “Green Carpet Tour”

For the entire month of April, Wiz is embarking on his Green Carpet Tour. The show kicks off on the first in Raleigh, North Carolina and ends on the 17th at Penn State. Remaining dates after the jump. Rolling Papers drops March 29th.

1          Raleigh, NC                           Raleigh Amphitheater
2          Harrisonburg, VA                 James Madison Univ./Convocation Center
3          Blacksburg, VA                     Virginia Tech Univ./Burruss Auditorium
4          Ypsilanti, MI                          Eastern Michigan Univ./Convocation Center
6          Bloomsburg, PA                    Bloomsburg Univ./Nelson Fieldhouse
7          Kingston, RI                           Univ. of Rhode Island/Ryan Center
8          Durham, NH                         Univ. of New Hampshire/Whittemore Center
13        Dekalb, IL                              Northern Illinois Univ./Convocation Center
14        West Lafayette, IN                Purdue Univ./Sigma Nu Lawn
15        Bloomington, IN                    Indiana Univ./Sigma Alpha Mu/ZBT Lot
16        Champaign, IL                      Univ. of Illinois/Assembly Hall
19        Ft. Lauderdale, FL                 Nova Southereastern Univ./Area at Don Taft U
20        Orlando, FL                           Univ. of Central Florida/UCF Arena
21        Tallahassee, FL                      Florida State Univ./Leon County Civic Center
22        Auburn, AL                            Auburn Univ./Lambda Chi Alpha Lawn
26        State College, PA                   Penn State Univ./Bryce Jordan Center

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  • Wes Wes yall

    We did it !!!! Taylor gang!!!! We mainstream now !!!!!

  • Wes Wes yall

    O he’ll na he aint com in to la fuck that!!

  • He at EMU huh…I might fall thru…this’ll be the 3rd Wiz show I’ve been 2 in 1 year…damn…

  • Money mitch

    Damn ^no ecu? Lol

  • Naw, son…

    For real? He’s giving shows at white frat houses? smh…well it’s obvious what crowd he’s pandering to now, and I’m officially off this dude…I tried to give him a pass for that god awful corny Roll Up track…but dude is officially on the cornball sell out list

  • visibly hidden

    @naw, son

    to be honest thats been his crowd for a long time. his first single sampled a techno song.

  • MrCleanKicks

    Wiz hasnt changed, listen to everything he made before kushxoj it all sounds a lil pop-ish nahmean, that’s his style. he switched his style up on kushxoj not now, because he been a mainstream ass nigga nahmean

  • Wes Wes yall

    @naw son
    Your not the only fan of him homie. He ain’t gonna crumble cuz you ain’t a Taylor n e more fuck boy lol
    And white people are his mane fan base

  • TA

    fuck that white and black talk homie. this is music. Just Enjoy This Shit.

  • Rap’s Radar

    @TA co-sign to the fullest. What color is music? JETS

  • DJ

    Been to 4 Wiz shows since ’08 and I’m definitely not wasting my time with this one. This is gonna be hella commercialized show, at least for his stop in Champaign. He’s only good (like most rap acts) if you see him in a small venue, not an arena.



  • Belize

    Looks wack.



  • D!A!E


  • orlandooooooooooooooooo

  • TGOD

    My nigga Wiz Khalifa baby where’s the NJ love baby?

  • Wiz and Mac sharing the stage at last! Check out the official tour poster and other Wiz and Mac artwork at http://redtapedesign.com/blog/ TGOD!

  • Word I been to a few of Wiz show and 99.9 % of his fan are White new aged Hippies lol. It cool to watch all the young white kids get High and scream “TAYLOR GANG OR DIE” lol