New Mixtape: Wiz Khalifa Cabin Fever

Out of nowhere, Wiz comes through with a spankin’ new mixtape. The tape includes eight brand new tracks with features from Big Sean, Juicy J & Trae The Truth. Tracklist and download link after the jump.

Download here


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  • David

    Where this come from! Nice, gonna have to download

  • mad random! fire so far though

  • YTOT

    Taylor Gang Orrr Die!!

    2011’s Best Freshmen Class Rapper

  • Mr Xclusive

    no talent shitty artist

  • Guest

    Wiz K Is Trash!

  • Real Music

  • CarreraLu

    Lets hope this is Kush and OJ shit. If I hear Black and Yellow crap.. Im gonna be disappointed.

  • OffYaSelf

    havent been feeling wiz latley but fire so far

  • Boston George Cape Verd

    Wiz been touring too much, lyrics are suffering, he gotta get back on his game, this mixtape is ok so far

  • I respect Wiz’s hard work but don’t see a reason for all the hype. But then again, I’m 31. A younger friend claimed he’s a “dope lyricist” but was unable to recite any of his lyrics besides the “Black & Yellow” hook. Hopefully Wiz is more than a fad, though it seems many like him because it’s cool to dig the smoker-slacker guy. Shit, I’ll give the mixtape a listen…


    FUCK YEA, taylor gang or teabag a bear trap!!!!!!!!!!

  • powww

    too much lex luger production.. gets fucking boring man.

  • Donn

    Somebody let me know if it’s worth downloading…..

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  • Derp

    Actually, 7 new tracks. Taylor Gang was released after the super bowl and Cabin Fever had leaked ages ago.

  • Drake Stan

    Im a huge Drake dickrider but even I think this is pretty dope

  • TY V

    Dewan go be old

  • Unfortunate

    WTF happened to the production? Damn this sounds like Lex Luger front to back- basically the same song 9 times. If youre not a huge Wiz Khalifa fan, save yourself some time and just download “GangBang” and “Cabin Fever”.

  • ehhh

    Taylor Gang or Like Good Music

  • feining liquor often

    Taylor Gang or be a fucking faggot hater. Pussy ass niggers

  • Black Shady

    Taylor Gang??? we dont fuck with gimmicks!

    SHADY 2011…2 grammy’s on deck, 6milli worldwide with Recovery, SH/Yela signing. we do it!

  • bob

    First Verse…. “On Fire.. like a Candle is”…. I skipped wiz verse after this… dudes mad wack

  • Drake Stan

    @Black Shady: Wayne gonna do 1.5 milli first week follwed by Drake doing a milli with Take Care. YM/CMB!

  • ehhh

    Taylor Gang AND Be a Dickriding Bandwagon Jumper aka a “Feining Liquor Often” Bitch
    thank you and good night!

  • bob


  • villain

    tape sounds like a bunch of throw away tracks with the dullest production

  • OffYaSelf

    actually i take back what i said. too much lex luger every song so far sounds the fuckin same. not worth it to listen to wizs crappy lyrics

  • Ark

    I cant even begin to explain how much better Kush and OJ is. And Burn After Rolling. And How Fly. And Flight School. And Prince of the City- both of them. And Grow Season. And Star Power.

    (This is bad).

  • Sin

    burn after rolling. Flight school. Star power. Thas the wiz I fuck wit.
    Take away is a real nigga track

  • get it right


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    Shit remind me i needa take out the trash. We the business 800 million dollar!

  • Chan

    We finally get a full version to HOMICIDE!!!!!!

  • jayceon taylor

    thats dope dropping tapes like that, ima check it.

  • T.Dot

    Let me guess Lex Luger on Gang Bang

  • Belize

    How predictable. T_T


  • SCarolinaKing

    Not really a lyrical genuis, his flow & concepts are real good though.

    ” Cut my speakers up, drowning out what the critics say
    Just, continue to smoke and remain G as fuck ”

    Simple lyrics, but good music.

  • hoooommmmiiiiiccccciiiiiidddeeeee annd im killin eemmmmmmm

  • Y3$$!r
  • YouKnowMe

    Imma stick to Kid Cudi for my stoner music

  • Meek Millz, French Montana, Diggy Simmons, Lil B, CyHi Da Prynce & More Makes XXL’S “2011 Freshman” Cover

  • I been waiting for Cabin Fever for YEARS now, back when he was on his shit.
    Now, I’ll pass on it, Wiz is like a rapper I don’t even know anymore.
    Not himself, so…commerical now.

  • Black Shady

    @ Drake Stan ; LMAO!!!! if that happens…i’ll never use the internet again!!!!!

  • i said YERR

    lol @ drake stan … u buggin … shout out to @blackshady . i try not to get too stan on these sites but its true Shady Records taking over 2011 … EM SLAUGHTERHOUSE n YELAWOLF = PROBLEM. …

    WIz Tape = Garbage … ull never guess it, he raps about smoking weed!

  • Slobodan



    @Drake stan Speaking tha truth em stans die slowly!!
    We the business 880 million dollar!


    @Drake Stan @YMCMB



  • Wes Wes yall

    Fuck all you its games year fuck boys !!!!!
    West coast is com in back cuz of game and he’s gonna help dre reclaim it yes GAME not em or snoop cuz as you can tell it ain’t working as plan.

  • stephenc

    Quote: WTF happened to the production? Damn this sounds like Lex Luger front to back- basically the same song 9 times. If youre not a huge Wiz Khalifa fan, save yourself some time and just download “GangBang” and “Cabin Fever”.

    exactly what this dude said


    @Wes Wes yall



  • alldope795

    will probably only download the songs featuring BIG SEAN

  • Phk1988

    Yaaaa uh huh

  • alldope795

    just listened to GANGBANG…and it sucked. i think wiz went harder than sean, and he’s not even that good. =/

  • cameron

    wiz isnt new school fuckin dumbasses hes not a “freshman” hes been out since 05 dumbasses

  • kallywood

    yall are buggin its 9 tracks and most of em are bangers. not a stan just a fan..that first joint goes hard as hell

  • Weedrose

    This better not disappoint.

  • reef

    I dont know why everyone saying that Wiz falling off. he sound the same to me. he always been trash wack lyrics but he always got a catchy hook. he say the same things every song. he like a more creative version of soulja boy far as the lyricism. he was a gimic all this weed rap gon die out soon. on all the lex luger beats he trying to use rick ross flow on the hooks

  • lilrizq

    homicide is from before he got the deal, the hottest track on the mixtape.

  • EsatD

    This is Dope.. i like Homicide,WTF,Gangbang Phone Numbers.

  • llll

    Probably album leftovers!
    Anyways, gonna check this shit out now…

  • Chip

    Don’t mean to speak ill of Wiz but he probably should have let the mixtape incubate longer. He has some stiff competition with Higher Learning 2 coming out around the same time. Add both (Cabin Fever and Higher Learning) to your library and see what one you’re still listening to in two weeks.


    wayyyyyy too much lex luger…. shit is ass. not a big wiz fan to begin with though

  • Bong Bong_

    damn its some haters on this muthafuck wiz is that dude wtf is up wit u haters.. he on some shit damt u hoes ainn” give em some respect haters

  • bob

    dammmn sean killeettttt those verses

  • Yupp

    Bigg seannnn killn it

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  • Capeman

    yo those beats belong to THE BAWSE

  • cockblocker3000

    dude this is gotta be one of the worst shit ive ever heard, lex luger has 1 beat for 9 songs….cmon…smh

  • A

    ima download

  • MoOo

    now thats a fuckin hard mixtape i liked all the songs except taylor gang

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  • Rah

    i liked it :shrug:


    For anyone who dont know about my nigga wiz old shit here you go

    prince of the city
    prince of the city 2
    grow season
    flight school
    burn after rolling
    how fly
    kush and oj

    those are all baller ass mixtapes..thats the taylor gang shit right der just check it out all his shit before you say he garbage cuz im bangn tgod for life


    game got a song wit wiz called taylor made

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