• buckets
  • ralph

    this track bangs!!

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    This nigga a joke better yet a clown.smh We the business 100 million dollar!

  • naseef

    Crooked I been my favorite rapper

  • BK

    Illest quarter of the Slaughter IMO.

  • jynx

    whats his hooodie…

  • LV

    Nice! Is it wrong that every time I hear something from a member of Slaughterhouse, I keep waiting for the other members to each have a verse?

  • Steve Cos

    “labels tryna drop my old shit cos i’m hot now!!” quality.

  • Shout

    daaaamn this motherfucker is gettin better and better !!!!!! the beats by dre line was nuts

  • Belize

    And sick hoodie!

  • NotoriousRambo


  • Donn

    *FART* I like it a little

  • djbabybu

    this shit was hot!!! i wish crroked i and ProTeGe couldve worked together before the shady deal was done, but im sure they will make some classic shit together soon!!!

  • Ben

    Hard track. Can’t wait for Million Dollar Story March 22nd. I preordered my signed copy!!

  • So icy boi!

    @ymcmb this is no pop shit so shut up fag.


    ^What a stan.

  • One


    Go eat a dick

  • j

    @ymcmb likes his pop hop sthit.

  • ok, bye! indeed….the homie killed it! feelin this joint

  • LOL

    @YMCMB “This nigga a joke better yet a clown.smh We the business 100 million dollar!”. Are you fucking serious your a nobody. Go jack off to lil chuckee you faggot

  • Sudija

    Co-sing Ben

    March 22nd

    Slaughterhouseeeeeeeeeeee COB Shady

    Good Music

  • Y3$$!r

    Slaughterrrhousseeee! chek out the next shady artiste


  • James




  • DontSleepOnWax

    Crooked jacked the beat from Wax and EOM

  • Germ

    This sounds like a bitten EOM beat. Wax and EOM, look that shit up, track is called Solidify. The horns and rhythm are a little bit different, but definitely same sample

  • andy_j

    like the song its good love the hoodie want one lol

  • crookedi

    Get ready for the upcoming Crooked I single w/ Eminem & Akon! SHADY RECORDS!!!

  • Bangers N Mash

    Wow I don’t know how I missed this, but this shit is nuts.