Young Chris Reflects On Hot 97 Freestyles

I promise you, he’s only 16! Ah, memories. During Grammy Weekend last Saturday, Young Chris took a step back and reflected on his 2001 freestyles on Hot 97. Man, those were the days when you actually had to get your tapes ready.

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  • I have the entire session in MP3 format. I still play it like it’s a damn album. Freeway and Beans were UNF*CKWITABLE that night.

  • gerold

    Then compare that to Drake and Wiz rapping off of a blackberry..

    You can’t tell me that these rappers are soft now, they could not have survived back then if they rapped and performed the way they do now…

    The game changed and it changed for the worse..

  • Belize


  • m85

    Those were classic days..the Roc was untouchable..Chris always been nice..him n free were always the best in state prop to me..I give it to chris n free for continuing to grind and make dope music n not look for a handout like some others

  • itsMe

    Classic session


    Mannnn, I fuckin miss them days.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected] Thoses were the days. Jay-Z was cracking me up. BEANS and FREEWAY and Bleek was killin it too. O & Sparks was nice. M Moneybags was messing up that nite. ROC DYNASTY was a MONSTER back then. Everybody in STATE PROPERTY could rap. They first album is crazy. Ohh The good ole days.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “The game changed and it changed for the worse..” Its SAD when U look at hiphop now. People who have NO TALENT are getting all the hype and magazine covers *COUGH* YMCMB.

  • Starkylove1

    “Chris got grams of raw, and i’m nice wit the mic,
    wit more moves than Mike, and i dont dance or ball”

  • puerto-black

    I didnt hear the freestyles til Dj Clue Hev E components 3. The Roc, best crew ever (Jay, Beans, Dips, Just blaze, Kayne, State P)

  • Chi-Town

    CLASSIC! Them boys was fighting over that mic to go in. No crew topped this shit right here.

  • T

    OSKEENO killed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…look how Jay couldn’t stop laughing at his stupid but funny punchlines…

    “If money is power then CRACK is strength” lol ..( run till em Harvard professors that!! )

    ” Back to the streets, having u calling the medics when i slide 8 shots through ur Gap Athletic ( the fuk even rocks that now ? ?)..”and the fiend with the bucket is washing the coupe up” lol

    And shout out to Sparks with the immortal bar ” feels like i’m driving on cobble-stones on the road to the riches” lol

  • King blair

    Best freestyle session ever

  • ben

    classic shit. i was 15 in 01. i feel old.

  • change

    @ZoomZoomDad-Oti young money are actually talented drake like him or not he make hot records and can rap that juist what it is the game change face it life changes every 3-5 years

  • m85

    @Zoom Zoom yea man it was crazy back then…money bags did kinda mess up the flow tho lol..its jus crazy now some guys comin up there rappin off blackberrys ipods n stuff..yea they may be talented but since when does that stuff get a pass..this clip right here is how its done..those days the roc was like those 96 chicago bulls that went 72 n 10..u couldn’t mess wit that crew they all could rap

  • jermz dash

    Chris set it off….The Judge got me doin communtiy service, knowin that I b out in the community servin, inhalin the herbin


    @zoomzoom Nigga i bet u still wear them western jeans with ya shirt tuck in wit sum starter shoes lol, still got that gold rope [email protected] Evolve baby(no homo)i bet the ’70 rap felt the same way about the ’80 and etc. i prolly will say the same thing when im in my dying age to lol.


    ^?Cosign? im 46 and i hate the new era music but i felt the same way in the 80 about the 90 music so i had to adjust so i see what you saying.



  • kwame

    i fear for j cole.hehe.

  • 3rdRail

    This was classic man. I was a freshman in college and back in those days there was no streaming audio, so I was on a message board I won’t name (s#*h) and was refreshing the page every minute waiting for someone to post more lines that they had spit. Legendary performance.

    To me the best part was when Beans and Free went back and forth over “Who Shot Ya”. Beans said “Nocturnal flow, borrow your sleep”!!!

  • Consignment

    Didn’t ETHER come out a few months after this???

  • killin em


  • yoooooooo i grew up w/ Rocafella!!! those were the BEST times of hip-hop! wait.. even if it werent for hip-hop i still woulda been listenin to Rocafella… #S/O to Mac, Free, Crack, Young Chris, Neef, Amil, Christion, errrybody from the Dynasty. One!

  • Eyerone


    til this day, i still listen to both rocafella hot 97 takeovers. THIS ONE AND the one with just state property where flex kicked them out and beans was about to go off on him.

    i listen to them ALL the way thru because its just crazy how much material they had JUST for radio….over ANY beat.

    oskeno had bars, freeway ate, and i remember beans dissing mobb deep over the cnn beat.

    these were the best times in rap…atleast in the decade. the shit was actually EXCITING.

  • Jinx

    chris still got it. Division1