Rhymefest Forces City Council Run-Off

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Although Chicago has a new mayor, the city is still looking for an Alderman in the 20th Ward. In last night’s election, Rhymefest lagged behind incumbent Willie Cochran by 26 percent (46-20). Since neither candidate received over 50 percent of the popular vote, a run-off was issued for April 5th. Earlier today, ‘Fest rallied for support via his Twitter account.

Wherever you are in the city/Chicagoland area, we need your help! You can phone bank, you can canvass. E-mail [email protected]! Even if you can only do an hour, 10 people for 1 hour is 10 hours of service which goes a long way.We have 42 days to make this happen. I’m going out today to get to work immediately but I cannot do this alone.

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  • Theloneus

    Hip hop artists are generally smart with the exception of gucci mane, flocka, ross, all of YM, plies and so on lol those are the hitmakers in hip hop sadly

  • Ent

    FUCK Rahm Emmanuel

  • ben

    rhyme fest is dope.

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  • Julie

    All he has to do is ask Rahm for some help and he will magically overcome that 26 point deficit.

  • El Che

    ^If he feels comfortable selling his soul (and the souls of all his constituents) to the Chicago Democratic machine… which would make him more or less exactly like Cochran. Rahm doesnt do favors, he gives and inch and takes a mile.

  • Nickey Negrito

    Off topic: I seen a video a while ago and rhymefest took out Eminem in a battle.



    @ nickey negrito that’s old news son…. he battled the best in the world and came out on top more often than not

  • Itz Yourz

    Chi-town support your local blackman…you’re brother is asking for your help.

  • Belize

    Fuck all Republicans.

  • wow


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