J.Cole Freestyle At House Of Blues

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During the All-Star Weekend, J.Cole was at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Lucky for us, Janice was in the crowd and caught Jermaine spitting a mean freestyle before leading into his track “Before I’m Gone”.

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  • rickthespic

    DAMN!… when he gets to the point of selling out arenas for his concert, that shit is going to be…. EPIC!!

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Geezus Cole…..dont kill the whole audience please.

  • me

    Was that a shot at Kanye?

  • NVR

    The crowd was hyped as fuck!

  • Nathaniel

    yeah yeah yeah, nigga.

    just make sure u have a single that charts well this time so we can get that album up outcha. oh, and while you’re at it, easy on the “i’m better at rapping than y’all” punch line shit and get back to concepts with relatable subject matter. throw the wordplay in THAT. that’s where you shine at, my nigga. that’s whats gone separate you from the big seans and the cyhis and meek mills and vados etc.

    cole still my nigga, tho

  • OOPH


  • navo

    Too good. Cole World

  • Kanye vs. Cole???

    Cole takes a jab at Kanye in the freestyle with the line “You claim you a monster, but why y’all ain’t growlin. Claim you a beast but why y’all ain’t howlin. You about as sweet as a jumper on a gay Ray Allen“. However Cole didn’t start this, Kanye did. Back when Kanye was making his rounds in New York promoting the album, he and Pusha T invaded Hot 97 and did a freestyle in which Kanye says “You blowin up, that’s good. Fantastic” and follows that line with claps. This could get interesting!

  • Them niggas ain’t dissin’ each other you thinkin’ too hard into.

  • JDot

    Cole World!!!!

    More video would be cool tho..

  • James

    Hahaha cole sumblinal diss gay fish

  • KdaQwal

    I mean this is real dope and he knows how to hype a crowd up but those metaphors were so organized. sweet as the jumper on gay ray allen? wasnt a freestyle but it was ill as shit

  • PoppyBetheCrux


    i was thinking the same thing but i mean what rapper doesnt do that these days besides it wouldnt look good if he went up there and failed on some quote unquote freestyle

  • Mike deli

    Cole World no release date, album title or cover!!!! Cole World!

  • Mike deli

    To those thinking of a beef between Kanye and Cole, ever hear of a song called Looking For Trouble? 😉

  • flawda

    idiots if Cole was dissing Kanye, why did he pose with dude at the Roc Nation Grammy lunch. Yall stay reaching for beef!

  • NYC

    where is the album? Jay needs to stop playing Cole and give him a date !!!

  • Belize

    Dope! Cole World!

  • Black Shady

    stop reaching…aint no beef. its all the same fam people…..


  • Citylivin’

    *drops mic* (“Coming To America” style)….Cole World!

  • MD
  • Word


    Watchu mean bruh?! Dont worry my nigga, im sure Cole saving all his conceptual songs and verses for his debut. Cant waste ’em on mixtapes and stuff thats free. Warm Up had to be like that because that was what put him on ppl radar. I expect the album to be similar to Warm Up. Friday Night Lights was good but he really showed alot of boastfulness on the album, not too many heartfelt songs like Warm up had. Imean, Before Im Gone, See World, Farewell, Enchanted, etc etc were all good but I expect songs like that, with greater production. Warm Up production > FNL production. But they were both sound lyrically and topic wise. I feel like the debut gonna put everybody doubts to rest cuz I see ppl starting to turn on him, not you but other ppl.


    J.Who? If it aint Jay-Z it aint coming out on Roc Nation.
    Thats too fuckin bad too, J.Coles a dope M.C. and a waste of talent over there……
    But that subliminal diss shit is PUSSY. dont matter who it comes from. These niggas need to own they words, theres no competetive spirit in hip hop any more cause all these niggas is scared to be “industry blackballed”

  • KdaQwal


    Yeah i knew it,best legit freestyle ever would be some of lupe fiascos and there good FOR freestyles. other than cassidy and corey that is, but i noticed artist like that are good with the skill of rapping but suck at makign songs you can connect to. Eminem is like the platypus of that theory though

  • Itz Yourz

    Firrrreeeeeee(lil fame voice)

    Yo jay need to put this nigga out and stop holding the nigga back. Still cant understand how those two make a watch a throne album and got this nigga waiting in the wing. He was suppose to been dropped.

  • James

    @Jerzzz Homie i wish that shit would happen. Remember jeezy doing that shit smh. Im still waiting on TM103 tho





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  • sick wit da flow


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