Kanye Video Triggers Health Concerns

It was only a matter of time until those flashing lights caught up with Kanye West. According to Contact music, Epilepsy Action has requested the removal of  “All Of The Lights” from YouTube. The organization claims the bursts of lights can trigger epileptic seizures. So far, no reports of this image causing any brain damage.


UPDATE: That was fast. The video is back online with the warning message below.

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  • haha fail….

  • BadGhandi666

    Wow…seems evre 1 attacks my boy kanye

  • TEL

    If the video fucks ur head up then dont watch..thats all.

  • Why does the video need to be removed from YouTube? Why can’t they just avoid watching the video.

  • Word

    Yet his stans called the video genius and groundbreaking, like they do every time he coughs and sneezes. Fuckin faggots, not everything this guy does is gold, and now people suffering from it.

    I love the song, but the video is ass. MINUS Rihanna part though, that shit was hot. And thats one of the few time i was actually attracted to her.

  • Word get that dick out of ur ass “FAGGOT”

  • Word

    @Kidd [email protected]

    Get my dick out ya mouth. We e-thuggin now?

  • WtfSuperhero

    Common honestly? im a big kanye fan and i seen it comming, the video is a bit much all that damn flashin almost took me out , id be surprised if kanye himself didnt see it commin

  • Ronnie_Moe

    @ Word…

    Feminem dropped two of the worse albums in hip-hop history (Encore, Relapse) and you faggot ass stans ate them shits up…..

    Ya’ll think everything that ball-sniffing, pill -popping fag do is gold….

    Kanye has never released such bullshit work as that faggot ass cracka, Elvis Mathers….

  • Steev Tee

    “….smoke the blueberry sky, blink twice” – Hov

  • Ok

    They should just but a big warning before the video starts

  • Word

    @Ronnie Moe

    What the FUCK does Eminem have to do with this post? Why do niggas just randomly bring him up allllll the time? And IM the stan?

  • Cold Blood



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  • Word


    More importantly, its laughable that you would think because you insulted Em that I would, what? Lash out at you? Hm? Insult you back? I also like Cole, Lupe, JayZ, Kanye, Big KRIT, Curren$Y, Slaughterhouse, BoB, Drake, Nas, etc etc just to name a few. You gonna insult them too? Why bring up Em unless you love him or something

  • Word
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  • trop35


    “I was surprised that it is too coarse, too obvious,”said Vincent Maraval Next.Libération. Of course in the art world, people are inspired by each other, but this is really pumped, “says the producer, who sees this as a consequence of the culture sample:” The rappers are accustomed With the samples, resume pieces of other works, but you have to ask. ”

    For Vincent Maraval, is in fact what has most shocked the director of Enter the Void, “Gaspar [Noah] was not angry when he saw the video of Kanye West, but he was surprised that this is blatant and upset they have not even bothered to contact us to ask if they could do that. ”

    The producer may bring the case to trial, violating copyright, “Gaspar is not a villain. He told us that we were producers, and it was up to us to decide what to do. We will first consult a lawyer to see what he can do, and then we will take our decision. ”

    Especially the attitude of the rapper and his label, which irritates the team’s Enter the Void, “They had to tell between a rapper who sold millions of records worldwide and a little movie coming out in cinemas and art no one would test the approximation, and it was useless to seek authorization. It’s the rudeness and arrogance. ”

    However, the producer would accept a friendly solution: “If Kanye West acknowledges its debt, talk to us and made the pub, then there will be no problem. Or if he organizes a dinner with Rihanna! “jokes Vincent Maraval.

    ps: it is a translation from a french article in Liberation magazine.

    source : http://next.liberation.fr/musique/01012321731-plagiat-kanye-west-menace-de-poursuites

  • Ronnie_Moe


    Nigga, you be stanning on every Eminem post and get mad at me when I shit on Em…

    Then got the nerve to call out Kanye Stans when Fem drops wack shit all the time…..

  • ye

    If lil jon’s ‘snap your fingers’ can stay so can ‘all of the lights’

  • Dashing

    ^ Not a cool move by Kanye/Hype Williams to not ask for permission. Imagine how pissed Knaye would be if someone jacked some shit from him without asking. He’d go ballistic.

    Love that gif that Big Homie linked to. It’s better than the whole video.

    Overall, the video is a HUGE FAIL.

  • Word


    Nigga, I dont give a fuck what you say about Eminem. That nigga dont pay my bills. Shit on him all you want. I got mad that you actually thought you could upset me by saying something bad about him. I really dont give a fuck. Nice try though, I applaud the effort kid.

  • LOKO

    @WORD ————- @RonnieMoe and @[email protected] t00k it personal cuz they the niggas tht was dickin the video when it came out prolly. kanye stans are the sensitive ones, remember that

  • King

    nahright has been shut down and rapradar will be next if they don’t stop dick ridin & HATIN…

  • Cold Blood

    Word says:
    Thursday, February 24 2011 at 1:02 PM EST

    @Cold Blood





  • this is fuckin retarded. no one is forcing neone to watch it. if u wanna go ahead a be socialist about it ban it. or just be smart n put some sorta warning. niggas need to stop bitchin. let his art be shown!

  • Ronnie_Moe

    @ Word

    Nigga Please, you give a mountain of fucks…

    It hurts your soul when I shit on that faggot….

    His music sucks and so do his Stans…

  • Feenixa

    that’s stupid. you can’t take the video down. they should just include a disclaimer at the beginning warning people prone to seizures….but it hasn’t bothered anyone yet?!

  • @Word I’m e thuggin?

    Wasnt this you?

    “Fuckin faggots, not everything this guy does is gold, and now people suffering from it.”

  • @LOKO

    get Words dick out your hand, faggot

  • Word


    haha, OKAY!

    @Kidd [email protected]

    If I were to insult you personally, behind this computer, thats e-thugging, which is what you did to me. My comment wasnt aimed at anyone in particular, but I guess you took it personal. Haha. Sorry?

  • The video is ass anyway.


    @ Ronnie Moe.

    Encore and relapse, 2 of the worst albums in HIP HOP HISTORY? So that would be out of every hip hop album ever made. You’re a fuckin ignorant moron. I think you might just want a little bit of Elvis Mathers dick in ya butt.

    -I like peeing on little boy bitches named Ronnie

  • Black Shady

    lmao!!! C’mon SON!!!!!

  • racka

    this is pretty funny. my friend saw this video last night for the first time and said he thought he was about to have seizure lol

  • Ronnie_Moe

    I’m not even going to respond to a nigga named MUDDBUTT….

  • JeL

    Video is back up now



  • slimshady

    niggas go ape shit when kanye tries to push the envelop, not his best video but still better than what 99% of rappers do

  • #JustSayin


    NahRight is not shut down. #justsayin

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  • mr.300

    No 1 man should have all that Power!

  • Ice Cold

    So everybody dissin Word now lol….smh

    I didn’t like the video, I like the song though. Ri-Ri looked good in the vid.

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  • dmfslimm

    i was left not feeling good after i watched it for the 1st time. kanye couldve did better than that.

  • rich1

    it is pretty wack

  • NiggaWidaSmallDick

    Yea and?

  • javito-1

    lmao eminem goat y else would niggas bring his name up in an irrelevant post? back to the subject love the song hate the video i expected better kanye

  • Fresh

    Any dumb Fuck that sees logic in this should go into a seizure and die! If you’re epileptic and know that flashing lights can harm you then why would you watch a video called “All of the LIGHTS” C’mon use your fuckin brains!

  • Citylivin’

    real fans shouldn’t have to defend their favorite artists—–just sit back and watch niggas get bitter as they make moves and make good music….shit that’s what i do with Ross,Wale,Cole & Wiz…..
    ……on behalf of this video, i agree with @ye….what about “Lil’Jon – Snap Ya Fingers?”

  • James

    ?Eminem trash?Damn [email protected] hahaha nigga u try 2 take me on a feminem post lol. So stan stfu u dumb fuck and keep bumping beiber ha! u remind me of that captain save them @donn lol.-Rihanna tha only reason i watch!

  • PrincePolo

    why so many people hate encore ? it had lose your self , encore , one shot 2 shot , just lose it , like toy soldiers , evil deeds , mosh , ass like that . wtf . you wiggas are tripin .

  • @kanyewest
  • don One

    I just watched it and someone owes me a seizure..

    Hype makes the best vids, I don’t think it’s necessary to contact the movie producers if u rip off the movie for ur vid, I’ve seen hell a vids with popular movie themes and I doubt very seriously that the movies makers were contacted. Like that new wale video, well maybe they did get at those people. The French people should just give props cause ye and hype got more attention to this movie than it would have ever gotten otherwise

  • ^

  • cockblocker3000

    @fresh ur dumb fuck, just cause the song is called all of the lights doesnt mean that th video must be 90% fucking flashing neon lights!! fresh gtfo!

  • Soulja hurricane cris

    Spit my sole threw da whyier

  • jake

    the video semi ruined that song for me…was never a big fan of that song but the video was just really gay…homo in so many ways…kanye is getting all bubblegummed up lately with his justin beiber shit too…kanye heres some advice since you say you’re a rapper…get some clothes that fit..ditch justin bieber and make the music we all love

  • tr

    Hahah, just like Pokemon Seizure

  • jake

    why do people gotta always bring up eminem and talk shit and get into internet fights its fucking crazy…everyone has different opinions…the guy talks more subject matter that white people can relate too..hence he’s white. if you want rap like black people do then go listen to a black rap artist. then you can hear more about thuggin, drug dealing, hoes, money, cars, rims, diamonds, blunts, etc…not trying to hate if that sounded like a diss but im just pointing out that content matter is different based on how you grew up…eminem wasn’t a drug dealing pimp growing up so stop expecting his music to portray all that stuff…i don’t hate on black rappers just cuz i can’t relate to half of it…i respect them just as much as a white one cuz i appreciate the skills and the effort…i just love hip hop all together and people who are good at it really impress me so even if a can’t relate to the words i can still enjoy them and be like “damn that was crazy” ya know what im saying?

  • Hey, anybody notice how eerie that pic of Ye is standin’ on top of the car??? He looks like a puppet or a zombie…O_o

  • Illuminati, maybe?

  • reallyb

    lmao why would u watch a video called ALL OF THE LIGHTS… IF u have problems lol

  • Belize

    Wow, these haters. I can guarantee they only did this overreaction because it’s Kanye West. If it was ANYONE else no one would’ve given half a shit. I don’t know much about seizures, but if it wasn’t Kanye West they would not have done anything about it. Also, why can’t they just put a warning beore the vid starts or something??
    How much ya wanna bet lil white girl Taylor set this garbage up?

  • What Da FUCK they Doin?—-> “Bull$#[email protected]”<—-

  • Itz Yourz

    Ah epileptic seizsures? Shit niggas making videos like now…it must be groundbreaking. Havent seen it so let me go check it.

  • So how come YouTube ain’t pull the Enter The Void intro clips? His sh^t pays homage to that

  • Reppy

    comment or shut the fuck up! enough said.

  • Bangers N Mash

    lol this shit is funny

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  • @TopBananas

    lmao was that a serious question? How did u figure out how to use a computer, genius?


    Yo this video is pretty dope, i just wish it had more of a concept..
    EITHA WAY, I Need a Doctor takes a complete HORSE SHIT on this video!! Bash Em, faggots, but I Need A Doctor was GOLD.
    How you like that @Ronnie Moe?

  • WTFFF!

    OMFG! i swear there is sumthin wrong with yeezy? even his vidz now??? i start to think its illuminati chasing him?? FUCK KANYE HATERSSSSSS

    yeezy is the greatest what ever he do FUCK BUSH FUCK TAYLOR SWIFT FUCK PPL BRAINS

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  • Coroner

    The last 10 min of the vid is way to much! I’ve got a headache after I watched it… low budget shit, he could put more money on this!

    I wonder how can Kanye watch this!

  • Coroner

    XD I mean the last 10 sec is way to much! (LOL not 10 min)

  • I think they might be overreacting a little…

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