Rick Ross God Forgives, I Don’t Blog 1

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Rozay has already got the wheels in motion for his fifth LP, God Forgives, I Don’t. And for the first installment of his new vlog series, he hits Zenith Studios with DJ Toomp.

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  • Music

    Tell us the fuckin password

  • Chu Chu

    Every Time Ross Puts Something Out I Feel Like I Win He’s That Good lol.

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    rapmaybachmusicradar ???

  • hghfgjfj

    rapmaybachmusicradar ??? [2]

  • ctg

    The password is CRABMEATZ (case sensitive)

  • assasin9

    God won’t let me watch it…

  • The Coon

    Password is BAWSE

  • The Coon

    Password is Youcantseeme (*does John Cena salute)

  • relhm

    whats the password?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    William instead of recording video blogs go to the GYM pick up some iron. Kendrick Perkins got traded to the OKC Thunder. Lebron got a KOOL-AID smile right now.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    password *MrsElliotRoberts*

  • g unit fan

    ROSS GOT DROPPED FROM DEF JAM!!!!!! incoming def jam pres chris lighty said he dont want correction officers posing as drug king pins representing rap on his label!!!!! rumour has it def jam werent prepared to buy any more first week records to make it look like he sells!!!!!!
    question? how can the “hottest rapper in the game” according to certain sites get dropped from the hottest label in the game????? prediction within 2 years ross will be irrelavent.
    shouldnt have went at 50 ross. 48 laws of power.

  • hghfgjfj

    Ross >>>> 50

  • jeezy

    DAmn thought we was bout to hear some of TOOMP heat …

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  • RedRocBoy

    Another solid album coming soon. Let’s go Rozay!!!

  • Yup !

    God Forgives, I Don’t >>>>>>>> Relapse & Recovery…..

    Ross >>> Eminem (2008 – 2011)

    Eminem 2000 – 2005 >>>>>>> Ross

    Ha !

  • Real Talk

    What is wrong with Rozay…he looks CRAZY?

  • B

    This dude has a irritating style

  • Fela

    *Waits for the Ross haters to yap the same shit they said on the last ross post……….oh wait.they already started.

    Can’t stop tha BAWSE

  • Y.G.R.N.

    Ross couldn’t even think of his own name, man.. god damn. dude was faded.

  • Reggie

    password to what?

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  • Coastin

    @ RealTalk, nah

    Rozay is just envisioning

  • Mook

    Toomp I wanna hear bangers this time not that bullshit “Big Picture” you produced for T.I.’s ‘No Mercy’ …ugh that shit was horrible

  • RapAdemik

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKoVXSqPJcE new song by drake and a new hot artist

  • g unit fan

    word is jay z stepped in as ross was getting dropped and saved him from signing to young money by calling in a favour with warner.

  • King Carter

    Eminem’s Recovery = 5 Grammy awards, 6 million WW
    Rick Ross = 0 Grammys, 500K WW

    Enough said…

  • D

    man hate it or love it, rozay always brings some hot shit.

    this album will be crazy.

  • Smythurrrrs

    whats the name of the song in the background?

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  • wsiok

    @ Smythrrrrs

    Song in the background is – Rick Ross – Perfectionist (feat. Meek Mill) :p.

  • The Watcher

    More lyrical huh? I got a feeling Wale is going to be Casper on this album.

  • chargers_87

    “God forgives, I don’t”
    That’s what ross use 2 tell the prisoners in his CO days…

  • reallyb


    rozay killin da game


    How you think prisoners get work in the inside? Only if you white suburban kids new what the streets look like.

  • g unit fan

    ross also used to deliver medications for a pharmacist as a part time job. real talk. now thats gangster. he a real boss. he came from a well off family, not one street bone in his body.

  • Belize

    Oh brother.
    How is this news again?

  • Black Shady

    but thats CORY GUNZ’ title……smh!!! not only u jack niggaz’ identity…now u jacking titles??? C’MON SON

    SHADY 2011!!! we driving ferraris….wtf is a maybach….

  • co titled the same name from the debute of cory gunnz and the telfon don…. ummmm
    i think the homie rozay should have the lil homie on the disk as a homage to the co-title project cory had the thought of 1st….

    should be all love , get money…. great music

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  • ripper

    Ross is fucking consistent… This dude stays putting out heat!! Pure crack n the background is all I hear…..

  • James


  • Rob

    Really???? Whoever said Ross better than Eminem you don’t know music. Eminem probably sold more albums in the first week for Recovery than Ross did for Teflon Don period.

  • Master

    This shit’s for the fuckin BIRDS! I don’t wanna hear no fairy tale rap’s about what real dudes in the streets serving time for. Especially from a cop!

  • kwame

    hahahaha.for people that dont give a fuck about ross,ya’ll give his posts alot of comments.Why dnt u just support your own and leave ross to bless us with Very good music?

  • John Doe

    Em is garbage. Has been for a minute. Ross is the one pounding my sub full time. Album sales don’t mean shit and neither do fuckin Grammy’s. Its who’s Relevant right now. Em lost all respect when he put out music for little kids with that stupid fuckin voice he does.

    -G unit fan your a fuckin Chooch and probly a snitch like 50

  • big things poppin


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  • Sam I Am
  • your pusha

    god forgives..stay tuned

  • d’evil


    Still gunit tho.

  • kwame


  • Ебарь

    ross is trash

  • Tiek

    Pull yourself together Ricky

  • Dj Stozh

    Rozay rocks yall dnt noe jck BMF,9piece…….ds album iz gng 2 b on fire!!!!!!u dig