Steve Stoute On The Gayle King Show

Steve Stoute brought his soapbox to The Gayle King Show a few days ago. As expected, he spoke on his Grammy Advertorial in the New York Times and the voting process of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

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  • ironic

    steve is a clown for this!!!!! hypocrisy and contradiction? pot calling the…..

  • money mitch

    good thing puffy didnt win album of the year..

  • Shorty

    You wont ever see a Hip-Hop album win Album of the Year at the Grammys unless the young & more current class of producers & songwriters start registering & actually votin.

    Til then the black community just gon have 2 STFU!!!! Either vote or dont complain when we all know the Grammys just gon award the winner to whoever these old heads listenin 2 at the moment.

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  • B.Dot

    You wont ever see a Hip-Hop album win Album of the Year at the Grammys
    tell that to Outkast

  • speak on it steve


  • Mr Papers

    @ B. Dot Although I love Outkast to the point of being nearly a Stan, I get the feeling that them being a Hip Hop group to win album of the year was an anomaly. Like Neo in the Matrix or something. Hopefully i’ll be proved wrong in my lifetime.

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  • Real Talk

    Steve needs to stop!

  • OffYaSelf

    again this is why i dont fux with the grammys… its a white person thing

  • Real Talk

    Steve is just doing this for publicity for his new book coming out soon…LOL!

  • wickwickwack

    doesnt matter why hes doing this ,the man is fighting
    @ the end it might help

  • villain

    dead* its not a viewers choice awards idiots even if it was a bum who no one knows only 1 person heard the album and it was incredible album he should win over eminem

    DEAD!! eminems album was not even close to being album of the year i can name easy 20 better albums from the year justin beiber? nigger please his music sucks its bullshit his just marketed to death and you think that he deserves a grammy jus cos they print his name everywhere its not a popularity contest its about the music and drake missing out that chick who won is was more talented than him musically it is still about music right and thank me later was 60% trash young money bullshit

  • villain

    drake has 3 mixtapes as well dude before his album dont hear u complainin about grammys not counting so far gone as an album even tho it was officially released

  • villain

    @ Real Talk says:
    Thursday, February 24 2011 at 11:07 AM EST

    Steve needs to stop!

    sounds like steve needs a job broadcasting his resume and what he does

  • Real Deal

    how hard is it to accept that the album that wins album of the year actually deserves it? i never heard it so i’m not going to hate on it for no reason. but maybe it won because it actually deserved it.

  • Van

    How ignorant does someone have to be to argue for Justin Bieber over Esperanza Spalding?

    Pretty damn ignorant.

    I’m glad so so so she won.

    Pay attention kids, you don’t have to be all that intelligent to make a lot of money.

    Fuck you Steve, and the horse that rode in on you.

    Bitch Nigga Please

  • Monsta Don

    I don’t begrudge anyone their right to cash in and make money…but clearly, Steve Stoute is off-base. If anything, he represents the old-rule power structure that enslaves artists and has a parasitical relationship with artists and their brands. That NY Times letter sounded like a big @ss advertisement for his firm’s services…I tell ya…some real sinister shit, under the guise of ‘furthering progression’. A bunch of nonsense really…and anybody that bought that crock of BS he was selling, there’s a big bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you too. Steve is an executive…last I checked, he’s niether written, produced, drawn, spoke, sang, rapped, sculpted, or done ANYTHING of any artistic merit. He’s been a guy that HAS profited off of other’s art tho….so at the end of the day, again…Steve…go on ahead and get ya paper…I see the pimp moves you executing…but please…sit down, and have a big steaming hot cup of STFU. Continue moving in silence as you should.


  • jdot

    So because an album sells a particular amount of records, whatever the genre, it’s entitled to be considered a great album? There are other factors that are more important and vital, when deciding if an album is solid enough to win at the grammys. This has nothing to do with hip-hop being neglected. Recovery, whether you people want to admit it or not, contained a lot more pop records than Eminem’s previous albums. Is that a reason to not like it? no. But what I’m saying is that if you thoroughly analyze the album, it lacks any type of innovation and suffers from cliche beat selection. It didn’t work as a cohesive unit. but most audiences never even listen to full albums anymore, so the success of that album relied on the singles, that were successful. Again, those singles weren’t as impacting or as challenging as other Eminem singles. This entire debate is irrelevant because the grammys are irrelevant. living in a time where people are being exposed to all differnt kinds of music each day, the attempt to try to hust focus on albums that appeal to the “mainstream” demographic just shows how out of touch the people over at the grammys and Steve Stoute really are.

  • pppccc

    gayle hasn’t heard of arcade fire because she’s black.

    they might be the biggest alternative/rock band on the planet right now.

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  • Thank Me Hater

    If this gets to Oprah it’s finished. lol

  • Thank Me Hater

    @B.Dot LOL was Outkast’s album really all that hip hop? Be serious

  • Thank Me Hater

    One final note. Just cause you think an artist is more talented doesn’t in fact mean……THEY ARE MORE TALENTED. It’s all opinion. Thousands of people say Spalding is more talented than Bieber (I’m on of them actually) but MILLIONS say Bieber is more talented. Guess who’s right…..NOBODY!! It’s all opinion. Let’s try to be objective here.

  • Master P’s Theatre

    LOL!!! At that grown man who phoned in and called Justin Beber “Mr. Beber.” What a faggot!!!

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  • K_wade

    You wont ever see a Hip-Hop album win Album of the Year at the Grammys
    tell that to Outkast
    add Lauryn Hill!!!!

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  • Robin Grant

    Akaka problem solved @ grassroots. Draft 1st lady or Ms. Winfrey to the race. RFK said Why not? Let Mrs. O. or Ms. O say yea or nay. If Mrs.O is a firm NO, then we need Ms. O. Either would be great and would bring the MUCH NEEDED CHANGE in the prevail world view here in Hawaii. Now I may be a army of one, let’s see what WE THE PEOPLE THINK.