New Video: Consequence “Man Purses”

[vodpod id=Video.5648230&w=540&h=350&fv=]

Consequence ventures out to the streets of the Big Apple for his J Dilla-produced track. If you haven’t witnessed Movies On Demand 2 yet, download here douchebags.

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  • no one gives a fuck about thsi clown. Stop shoving his washed up rhymes down our throats… thats why Ye dont fuck with him anymore…


    Man Purses…a no no…But dude some nigga’s actually own this new technology that’s out there. It’s called a laptop…….. 😐 Dare you to walk round the hood wit a cot damn laptop in your hands…Get swing!!!

    PS: Nigga needs to put a restraining order on his teeth like Chris Brown!

  • Doe Money

    This will be on Nahright next. Damn, is it me or does Rapradar post exactly the same shit that nahright and the rest of the bs blogs in the Complex media network

  • Marceus

    That “douche bags” was uncalled for

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  • Itz Yourz

    listened twice…why is this shit called man purses?

  • King Jugganott

    Yeah, no man purses because Laptops + Hard drives, Akai Mpks 25, and other shit goes in my pockets….fucking dumb ass.

  • Did you guys catch the shots at GOOD Music? I found it weird cause I swore yeezy’s rocked a man purse or 2 in a couple pics. “My Crew Ain’t Been The Same Since Amber Rose And Taylor Swift”

  • reallyb

    i stay strapped with gadgets and the ruger…

  • Black Shady

    My God…………………….

  • A lot of dudes in the working world who were in that video were carrying papers or laptops and shit, so this vid was kind of wack. Why would you clown a man who’s in the working world and more than likely making a lot more money than you for carrying his files and/or laptop? smh

  • The metro-sexuals are out in full effect.

  • A messenger bag is a man’s purse? Really, really?

  • Drockjay

    Consequence you lose. Thats a fuckin’ briefcase bruhh…


    “Do you already, enough of da complainin boo hoos already”

  • James

    *yawn* next

  • D!A!E

    I used to like this guy, but he’s stale and boring now….I can’t stand him and his big teeth

  • man


  • Jinx