Snoop & Rosa Acosta At Colt 45 Shoot

[vodpod id=Video.5647104&w=540&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

Blast By Colt 45 is a new drink which will launch on April 5th. Here is what went down during the photo shoot at Billy Dee Williams’ crib with the drink’s spokeperson Snoop and model, Rosa Acosta. Colt 45 works. Every. Time.

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  • mr.300

    Something that your liver will love. Drink up!

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  • King Jugganott

    Looks very artistic and classy. I don’t drink so………..I guess, whatever.

  • redblue

    if this aint black coonery then i dont know what to say. snoop a biatch for this one, how u supposed to be for the kids but u promote colt 45 fruit drinks of course the mindless gone follow ur lead.. I hate this bullchit as fraud u let the white man throw a check infront of u to be the face of a liquor thats clearly using bright colors and fruity combination to target kids… hell we already got grape cigars really sad day.

    when is this coon schit gone stop for us. yes this america but u dnt have to be steffen fected everytime a white man throw money in ur face..first off we know snoop dont drink he a smoker second of all colt 45 aint been popular since the 90’s third this just coon chit at its finest but he a football coach and role model to young people and u see what he promote gtfoh snoop

    well know we know this negro can be bought and sold for the right price even with platinum hits.

    nobody asking u to be a role model snoop but dam u got push this bullchit to the youth cant u see u being played for ur image a successful black man who thinks its cool to have a blast with colt 45

    we control the culture so what ever we say is hot they follow.
    how u gone say education good in one hand but in the other say have a blast with colt45 fuc u snoop and everything u stand for.

    bought and sold negro

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    Snoop looks like robert mugabe with that suit & glasses

  • Nigger Lover

    Colt 45’s Blast = 4 Loko

  • Dead Snoopy

    If Snoop spent more time on his lyrics and less at bullshit like this, his last few records would have been memorable.

  • MIke Boogie

    That blonde broad is sho’nuff BANGING!!! (Wipes slobber)

  • jdm

    yall muthafuckers worrying what snoop doing get off his dick

  • Black7

    Snoop + Colt 45 + scantily clad women = FUCKING SELLOUT COONERY

  • 2 cents

    calvin need to grow the fuc up, so now u pittchin colt45 to kids.. not to wish bad on nobody but what if a drunk driver hit him,
    he aint never gone grow the fuc up
    all that shit about im a father and a football coach aint gone save ur ass for the dirt u putting out in the world.

    this aint hiphop either
    this a bought and sold mfer

  • 2 cents

    they promoting this shit like its pop wow he dnt give no fuc about who he affecting.
    and were they gone put this chit in the ghettos so now they want u to blast off into stupidity with the help of snoop dog. this is 100% bullshit
    this aint no hip hop and he just lost all cred in my eyes niggas always bringing us dwn.

    no it aint his resposiblity but when u promoting violence and u dnt even live that life style anymore now u just a puppet for the white man.
    so when ur family get hit by a drunk driver u can say they blasted off this earth calvin.

    this what happen when u get money and can be bought and sold into this game
    fuck snoop bought and paid for azz
    sellout at its finest

    no self respect for hip-hop or the people he affect.. all money aint good money he not a boss he faking his way through life with no responsiblity to hip-hop as a culture.
    no more support for the phonies

    fuck u snoop

  • James

    Calm down! snoop not a role model do u listen to his songs or skim through it lol? ?gin and juice? snoop def. drink haha Drug+sviolence=Snoop=colt 45

  • Mike