J.Cole & B.o.B. “Pass Me By” In Florida

Jermaine and Bobby were booked at the University of Florida yesterday evening. During the concert, the duo gave their first live performance of “Pass Me By”. On a related note, this week made two years since Cole signed to Roc Nation. Funny how time flies.


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  • Belize

    DOPE! 2 best new artists!

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  • Donn

    Best “SONG” i’ve heard from J. Cole since he came out. This could be on the radio mann

  • D


    This is the worst song since J.Cole came out. Track sounds more like a B.o.B. or Bruno Mars song, not J. Cole’s sound at all.

  • NYC

    Song is good but not super great. J. Cole has tons of better songs.

  • renegator420

    Ha! This concert was sick, made me glad to be a Gator. J. Cole tore up that stage last night; shit was live! It was awesome to get to see probably the most hyped rapper in the game right now without an album perform “A Star is Born”, “Premeditated Murder”, and “Lights Please” as thousands threw up the Roc. Kid’s def about to “Blow Up”!

    Also, it’s UF; wtf is Florida University?

  • B.Dot

    yikes! my bad

  • firefly81

    Weak ass. When will Rap Radar start showing Hip Hop and not Hip Pop. Wu Tang Forever. Now that was Hip Hop at its finest.

  • Black Shady

    ^ how the fuck Cole is “hip pop” ???? fuck outta here nigga

    Cole World!!!!!!

  • Donn


    I disagree but then again its my personal opinion. Its the only song that to me is a SONG. That has album potential and shows a different side of Cole other than the side that is trying to cater to hip hop fans who don’t buy albums and will probably download his shit anyway.

    This is record that will reach to REAL consumers. And plus it has B.o.B. on it which is a plus a seeing as dude has 3 certified plattinum singles and a GOLD album.

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  • @Donn

    This track doesnt feature B.o.B. The real song is called “Problems”, featuring only J. Cole. B.o.B just added another hook to it a few months ago. So did Kevin Cossom, whos version I personally prefer to B.o.B’s.

    And since were comparing opinions, Ive gotta submit mine- this is one of my least favorite J. Cole songs, mostly I think because of the lack of progression throughout the song. Good for a few spins but then it drags a bit. Its cool but the replay value is not there.

  • Jacob

    J. Cole is such a hard ass

  • Donn

    @ @Donn

    I can feel you on that. I had Kevin Cossom’s version as well and i deleted it when B.o.B.’s hook got put on it cus i liked it waaaaay better. Guess its nice to see another side of Cole other than freestyle mixtape verses and songs, it gets boring after a while. I think it takes more talent to do mainstream records now adays then to make mixtape songs. Its everybody’s comfort zone ya know. Ppl can do 100 mixtape songs and verses but can’t make a HIT to save their life. Cole needs to get up with Alex Da Kid and Skylar Grey

  • ApeNamedApe


    Cole already linked up with them, he demo’d “Im Coming Home” for Dirty Money. It sounded exactly like “Airplanes”, “I Need A Doctor”, “Love the Way You Lie”, “Castle Walls” and “Words I Never Said”, so if u heard it u probably just thought it was one of them.

    Talent is completely independent of the type of music that u make. Vincent Van Gogh only sold 1 painting in his lifetime (for less than $300); but at the time, Eugene Boch (dont worry, nobodys ever heard of him) was an international superstar. So u certainly do not need pop-acceptance to be more talented than your competition.

    U have to bear in mind that very few artists on this site are actually interested in making music for u, the casual pop listener. Most of them are much more interested in various aspects of the hip hop culture than MTV airtime. In the entire expanse of musical genres, its really only pop that scores everything against album sales. Most other people seem to actually like the music that they make, so they dont need a benchmark like that to verify their success.

  • LA

    @Donn who ru? i am a hip hop fan and i support it by buyin it. sterotype are not true my nigga. go listen 2 higher by jcole off of friday night light. that song could be huge if jay was 2 get behind it. why u concern about radio play?

  • Donn


    I love Friday Night Lights, the whole mixtape is dope and is proabably one of the best mixtapes of 2010. But i want to see a higher level of success for talented artist than dropping songs on the internet for the rest of their life. At least the mainstream rappers like Jay-Z, Eminem, Nas, even TUPAC and Biggie made radio songs and it only pushed Hip Hop culture to the forefront

    With out radio play Hip Hop would not be as popular as it is now. If no Hip Hop record ever made it to the radio there would be no HIP HOP ======> FACT

    Why are y’all so against artist having more than underground success. You dont’ want them to go platinum, have grammys, have #1 albums??? I don’t get y’all sometime

    California Love
    Big Pimpin
    Hero (Nas)
    Rappers Delight for christ sake lol

  • Ink


    Nobodys AGAINST album sales and airtime. We just dont care.

    All that corporate garbage has exactly zero effect on the way I listen to the music. If someone can put together a talented, creative hip hop album that goes #1 and platinum, thats great- nobodys gonna stop listening just because it did well. The problem comes when the artist changes their music in order to sell albums.

    I, like most people on this site (yea, I know, not including u) am a hip hop fan. I listen to and immerse myself in most other genres too, but hip hop is really my music. So when an artist leaves hip hop behind and puts out pop music, then tries to sell it to me as hip hop, of course Im not gonna like it. Even Jay Z has said he cant listen to Big Pimpin, he thinks its a terrible song. But it sold well.

    So really its not about success at all. Its about what u, as the listener, are willing to ride for. There are plenty of people like me, who are fans of the genre, and theyre not gonna like the same music u do. Theres plenty of others, who are fans (stans) of an individual artist, and would cop a compressed shit nugget if it had the right name on it. And then theres plenty of pop fans that just mistakenly think they like hip hop because their favorite pop star happens to be black. But I really dont think anybody gets mad at good music just because it (very occasionally) sells well.

  • Donn


    I feel where you coming from. I’m a fan of MUSIC. Not just hip hop. So i guess my opinion speaking for all genres. I just want good music but i also want to see that good music exposed more. I wanna see it performed on the Grammys, see that good music in my friend’s or peers ipods, see it spreading out there. I want to see ppl go farther with their talent and gifts.

    But i am also tired of the same Hip Hop music, I think artist like B.o.B., Drake, Andre 3000, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, 50 Cent, Big Boi, J. Cole (somtimes), Eminem and a few others are a breath of fresh air. They experiement with their flow, their beats, lyrics, etc

    When in the history of Hip Hop could a rapper like Eminem with white skin rap about his dad fucking him in the ass or raping someone’s daughter and sticking needles in his eyes, when in the HISTORY of Hip Hop would this have been acceptable?? It was different and that’s why ppl clinched on to it. I’m tired of the same Hip Hop shit, i think its time artist experiment with a different sound.

    Thats all, ppl try to play me like i dont love Hip Hop just because i like other genres too. Thats ignorant

  • LA

    @Donn I feel ya but that not my concern tho. im not anti mainstream but i feel that cole is in his lane really. but it would be dope but defintly not going 2 lose sleep over if he make a hit or plat.aslong as he find a way 2 balance the 2 im [email protected] basically sum up how we feel bout it to

  • Donn


    Word, nice to have a constructive convo on here for once. Definitely seeing your opinion and respect it. I can dig it

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  • Ink


    Im not bothered at all by change and innovation; Im more concerned with the dumbing down of the product that almost always follows an artist going pop. For example, your suggestion of Alex da Kid struck me as a particularly disinteresting one since I find him to be something like the 2011 Lex Luger- and Id hate to see someone like J. Cole, whose production has been particularly blossoming lately, shelve his own musical talents and put aside the music he intended to make in order to make a generic radio jingle. And as I said before, Im a fan of music in general too, but this is a hip hop website, so it seems appropriate to look at it from a hip hop perspective as opposed to a pop one.

  • Donn


    I can dig it, i’m starting to realize that the more i come to this site. Most opinions are going to favor Hip Hop and not just the standpoint of music in general. I don’t really believe in genre’s and when i think of music, i put The Beatles right next to Jay-Z. I like Alex Da Kid’s production, i guess just for me cus they bridge the gap between alternative rock and rap. Like Skylar Grey’s hooks are amazing and to hear Lupe Fiasco and T.I. and Eminem with those types of hooks which bring back to Regina Spektor, Christina Perri and Amy Lee (Evanescence), its just amazing. But your right, i can admit that. From a Hip Hop standpoint, Cole should stick to what made him hot. I just wanna see the dude successful and reach his highest level of achievement

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