Kid Cudi Splits From Label

Cudder announced on Twitter yesterday that he has parted ways from his label, Dream On. The imprint was launched with Plain Pat and Emile in 2009. He also made it clear that his business relationship with Kanye and G.O.O.D. Music will never change. Another dream deferred.

“Pat and Emile are doing their own thing, i wish them well. I have a diff vision, for music, for the world. im just doing the right thing, i come from a different place. people lose sight of the mission. cant expect everyone to be built like me. when people have different visions, you gotta go your own way. Dream on is over, new label announcement soon. always f—-n with yeezy, for life. period. a true friend. GOOD music affiliate for life.

As far as my movement, i have to lead it. cant expect people to have the same morals as me … i am still with GOOD music, with that being said im just changin my side of things up a bit. so it will be ?/GOOD. Still distributed through Motown. the jams will be the same, but more real and true to me. the new label will be formed with @DotDaGenius. i have a new name [for the label], i just wanna lock it in contractually first. this is a day to rejoice, this isnt bad news. things are gonna be so epic, im like a kid on xmas eve im so excited bout this new chapter.”


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  • Word

    Stfu Cudi

  • D

    cudi became such a douche couple of million dollars later, can’t blame him tho

  • Wes Wes yall

    @ word
    You shut the fuck up! Cudi real music realler then PAC latezzzz

  • Tss

    Nobody cares cudi, just like the time u retired.Hahahaha!

  • Citylivin’

    ain’t nothing like that poor coke rapper struggle.

  • who shot ya

    stfu cudi
    G.O.O.D Music 4 life

  • check out for more info

  • Word

    @Wes Wes Yall

    I aint say I aint like his music, he just need to shut the fuck up. MOTM2 was solid. But I dont like Cudi attitude. He kinda got cocky real quick. I think he feels like his shit is actually making a difference in the world when it aint. He aint that big

  • puerto-black

    if this same team got’em on espn, then he might have made a mistake

  • Kinda passive aggressive w/ that statement. Like he was trying to be cordial but couldn’t help throwing a couple subliminal jabs at his ex-homeboys.

  • hiphoproyalty

    he thinks he the best when his music is good but it has no impact on anyones lives unlike NaS who makes the world a better place lets get esco to leave Def Jam & come to g.o.o.d music

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  • BK James

    Cudi the best, and it looks like he only getting better. Hope Cage is involved in this new venture

  • JHP

    I like Cudi’s music, but this is not “good news” or a “reason to celebrate”. But that’s what he feels like he gotta do, then okay.

  • Take Care


    Kid Cudi doesn’t affect lives? Nas has made the world a better place? What are you smoking

    Kid Cudi affects a lot of lives all his fans relate to him and his special music. Nas hasn’t changed the world he’s not Michael Jackson or anything and as much as I love Nas he isn’t nearly has popular as Cudi

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  • Black Shady

    emo ass nigga making emo garbage. I dont rock with that nigga

  • KingWonder


  • rick

    the best that ever did it

  • ham

    this doesnt sound like good news to me
    i hope cudi dont fall off cus him emile and plain pat made some good tunes together

  • Everytime I hear or read something from Cudi he just sounds more and more like a stuck up bitch. I know it ain’t just me.

    Yeezy for life but the boys who had your back since the jump, who helped you become the “star” you are today, they can get the boot and subliminals? Shiiit, obviously I dont know the whole story from both sides but this shit reeks of one side getting a big ass head when they really ain’t do JACK SHIT.

    @Take Care And for the record…. Cudi more popular than Nas? GTFO. You must be smokin’ dust with Cudi son lol….. Nas been had multi-platinum albums and his core fanbase from the fuckin’ 90’s alone would mop the floor with Cudi’s lil’ emo nut huggers….

    Just rhyme Cudi. STFU and let the music talk.


  • King Jugganott

    Cocaine is a powerful drug.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Gusto It aint just you COSIGN

  • D

    ”Everything was cool, I was ice cold, until I let that bitch get up in my nose” – The Late Great Pimp C

  • Yoooson

    It was all good just a week ago


    Man fuck this crybaby ass nigga…. his music does nuthin 4 me never felt that emo rap. an how does THIS nigga music change lives???? you young niggas need a role model

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  • Soulja hurricane cris

    I be on da bull lavard with a ham in a 2011
    Ham a fat white girl, case y’all hadnt knowed that. Kid cudi he ‘be aight just runaway from the dooshbag

  • Word

    @Gusto COSIGN, same thing I was saying.

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  • Here we go AGAIN with this nigga and his musical paranoia…smh…jus make music Cudi. That’s all I gotta say.

  • dll32

    who the **** wants to listen to his ish anyway…

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  • @Gusto

    Thats why Distant Relatives flopped right?

  • whitquick

    We white pep got cudi back he have got a huge fanbase.

  • wow get the fuck outta here if you honestly believe Cudi is bigger than nas. NaS’ 10 songs on illmatic are waaaaaay the fuck better than cudi’s whole musical career. Emo rap? get that bullshit outta here. Go wear some more Skinny jeans and pretend like you got problems, when in reality you sit on rap radar and think you a fan of hip hop. actually i wanna slit my wrists for even hearing the comparison of cudi to nas. FUCK WHAT YOU THINK you know nothing

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  • Belize

    His first album was the only good one, the second had good songs but was disappointing.
    G.O.O.D. Music bitch.

  • jake

    @takecare what are you smoking, crack? cudi will never be more popular than nas…cudi is a pop artist that gets club play and girls like but thats just about it…nas is a legend thats been around for 20 years..cudi’s track record is no where near and his lyrical abilities are less than half of nas..not trying to hate on cudi either but when he’s compared to nas its hard to not sound like hating

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  • Soulja hurricane cris

    Kid chronic hunm deez nutz
    Gucci mane and soulja boy better than nas fuk eye you heared the damn collabo niager?

  • cudi is the shit. u pendejos need to smoke some weed n STFU HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE LIKES U

  • spe

    wtf guys remember where he came from hes the most pure artist around if he felt like he had to move on he had to then and to that kid that said his music doesnt impact lives are u fuckin retarted ????/??????he helped me threw so much shit and others.

  • justamazing

    bad bad bad news….i think its to early for him to be spiltin. kanye made cudi and now that he has gotta few more fans and a couple of more dollars since man on the moon: the end of day he wants to bounce.. thats kinda shady… but if thats what he thinks he needs to do ill still listen to his music……but is what Wale said months ago true???

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  • whateva

    Cudi is a mess. He wants yes men around him. Pat and Emile are better off. They shouldnt have to babysit an “adult”.

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