Mike Bigga, Big Boi & Pill Doing Album

After hanging with the trio last night, Maurice Garland was privy to learn that Big Boi, Mike Bigga and Pill plan to release a joint album. No word as to the name of the group, but Big Boi is onboard for the upcoming remix of Mike’s “Ready Set Go”. Maurice also says there’s a Game and Big Boi collabo completed as well.


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  • DunkDonDaDa

    thats whats up. i hope no label politriks fuc dis up. i think killer mike and daddy fat sacks alone will give dem slaughterhouse niggas a run for the money. and 4 you niggas ready to hate on that staement remember there was talk of killer mike being the the southern element to that group.

  • assasin9

    i dont wanna hear nothing else bout this until it drops

  • marleyg

    do not want, want outkast

  • g

    Label politics will prevent this from happening. Though I do want to see this

  • Belize

    Damn, Big Boi seems to got a lot on his hands. -__-

  • God

    1) Please God let this actually come out.

    2) Please God tell me this is the “R.A.P. Music” album that Killer Mike was supposed to be doing with all production by El-P (I heard Big Boi had at least 1 feature on there).

    3) Please God tell me theyre gonna pull in a few other Dungeon Family members (Cee-Lo and Andre, specifically) for this.

    4) Please God kill my neighbors dog that bitch has been barking for like a fuckin month straight. I dont even think it sleeps and thats on some devil shit so youre covered.

    Thank you, that will be

  • Gods neighbor’s dog

    Fuck you^^

  • seriously

    lmaooooo of @Gods neighbor’s dog

  • LA

    Da south know how 2 make money ny nigga are 2 old and a bunch of shine blockas. yeah we need that outkast album or dre solo

  • MJ

    I. Can’t. Wait.

  • this would be crazy if dis did in fact drop! with 3 stacks on the beats….. Wowwwww

  • Killer

    Mike Bigga was born on 4/20 .


  • BrEEZii

    Is This NiKKa Crazy,,Release An Outkast Album With 3 Stacks !!

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  • Sirdouglas

    WTF!!! Why niggas gotta have NY dicks in they mouths at all times. What does NY have to do with this post other than the fact that were talking bout lyricist and we all know where the best of those come from. Big Boi and Killer spit in their own right now pill I’m just getting Hip to so I’ll see ge can’t ve no worst than Waka or Gucci… And y’all got the nerve to talk about NY artist smdh

  • DunkDonDaDa

    ^ whAT are u yappin about dickhead

  • DunkDonDaDa

    ^^ my bad ur responding to LA. but as of right now 2011 i think the best lyricists come from below the mason dixon line

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