Jay-Z: Evolution Of My Style

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If you picked up the new Decoded i-Phone app you will receive this new video above. In it, Jay-Z speaks on how his style has evolved over the years and his experimenting with different rap techniques.

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  • Donn

    GOD MC.

    One of the first musicians I ever listened to. Its because of Hov i got into Linkin Park then researched Coldplay and started opening my mind to other elements of music. My favorite artist of all time by far.


    @donn one of the first musicians? so you just started fuckin wit hip- hop? just a question homie




    JAY TOP 10 THO.







  • blaqscorpio


  • Donn

    @Mr. Philadelphia

    I was six when i bought my first cd for myself. It was Jay-Z “Reasonable Doubt”. Im 20 now so yea that was 1996. I saw “Dead Presidents” video on tv i think and i was in trance by the poetry. And through his collaborations is when i branched out and learned about other rappers and wat not. I was born in the 80s so you know its a different perspective

  • assasin9

    Best to ever do it..


  • Nathaniel

    i can dig it. true words spoken.

    listens to Dope Man, 3rd verse*

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  • kwame

    ain’t no poetry in jay z’s rap,nigga.he just knows how to flow on a dope beat with some corny some dope double entendres here and there.#justsayin.Love his music…even though i handpick the ones with dope beats.

  • EsatD


  • @donn

    Hopefully you can maintain the articulate and mature methods of expression you’ve been dropping recently. Jay was the first rap artist I got into as well. I copped life and times vol. 2 and then went thru the back catalog and from there went forward. Whoever said rap isn’t poetry is sadly mistaken as rap and poetry are branches of the same tree.

  • Patron

    If you 20, dont that mean yu born in 91? @Donn

    You dont know ur own bday?

  • strot

    @Patron your a dumbass its only february his birthday probaly didnt come yet so therefore hes 20

  • Monk


    man fo so i see u have no idea of hip hop…what the fuck u think ur doing by saying that weezy and drake are the goat….nah man the goat is 2pac or biggie or eminem or i duno some other mc but not young money motherfuckers….and maybe not even eminem cuz of his new work (talking about recovery)……Ur fake why the fuck drake should be the goat he doesnt have any dope rhymes and weezy as well biggie and 2pac are the illest and some of them 2 is the one and only goat….so fuck u….

  • Donn


    I was born 1990 November 22nd

    SMH, y’all go thru great lengths to bash me

  • Dum fucs

    Jay z says ” the evolution of my style is based on the god mc Nas ,Jaz o and biggie in one, ‘so there ya go” lol “dies’

  • Chu Chu

    Its Wild Sad Watchin Hov Get Old.

  • Patron

    @strot you dont know math nigga? dude said 80s….if you 20 or even 21, thats 90s. stfu

    @donn nigga it was a question niggas dont care bout bashing you grow up

  • Belize

    @Donn: You listened to Jay-Z? And your white mama let you buy a rap CD? RIGHT.

  • Black Shady

    the fuck this nigga talkin about? and How is Jay the goat when he’s not even the best rapper alive
    Em still alive POW!


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  • ciara

    god he is ugly as hell, damn bey is stupid she should’ve got with usher when she had the chance.

  • Donn


    SMH. Such a stereotypical remark. I’m african american, i said it numerous times on this site

  • LA

    @Donn No diss but u act so soft and then u call yo self 80 baby haha. 90 son-H.O.V GOAT Who iz eminem again?

  • Bleat

    Bleat Bleat Bleat GOAT

  • Donn

    @ LA

    I’ just said i was born Nov. 22nd 1990

    Can no one read. And act soft? Why because i wasn’t raised to be gangster and surpress all my emotions so i can grow up to be the traditional man in society. One who acts like nothing bothers him, one that acts like he’s incapable of emotions. You can call me what you want but at least i can say I’m myself ALL THE TIME. And i’m consistent

  • Word

    Why do people put they info out on rap blogs? Might as well put ur phone number.and adress out for niggas to evaluate. Sensitive ass dudes, really care what names on a blog think.

  • LMFAO @ the kid above who said he bought his first cd at 6yrs old and that it was reasonable doubt… lol whata jackass… nigga what job you have at 6… clearly you made that up.. it was poetry tyou gangsta… dumbest thing ive eva seen on RR

  • BBoggz

    How is Jay the goat. Is he even the best from NY. I would take Nas and Biggie over Jay.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Hov’s a livin legend and I’ll tell you why Everybody wanna be Hov and Hov’s still alive”–Jay-Z

  • DeadSerious

    @ chu chu…………………”its wild sad watching hov get old”

    Only cure for getting old is death….Funny cause hov himself said in a rhyme a while ago “The only thing worse than getting old/is not getting old”.

    Im not a rocket scientist…but what exactly is the SAD part…Lets see some quick stats:

    1. Jay worth well OVER 300M (that makes him wealthy, not rich).
    2. Still making hit records/albums (bet yall forgot EMPIRE STATE OF MIND already).
    3. Still doing big business deals/deals that have nothing to do with music.
    4. Still making big $$$ of huge tours/shows (Roc Nation deal turned out to be sweeeeeeeet).
    5. Still married to Beyonce.

    yeah…really sad. I hope ppl will feel this sad for me & soon.


    Unless this nigga thinks the word Evolution means: got incredibly worse at a craft i was once on top of, he might be functionally retarded because BP3 was a lame ass album from some nigga tryna stay relevant in a genre full of faggots frauds and pussies and small children who dont actually know what hip hop is.

    i know your not asking me but the sad part is he’s a pop artist getting pop features and making pop albums. Not a dope rapper anymore by anystretch of the imagination


    Its sad from a fans point of view considering how dope he was to how lame he’s gotten.
    Life wise though the niggas livin lovely

  • Itz yourz

    All time heavyweight champion of flo-wers…Im leading the league in at least six to ten categories right now…best flo…most consistent…realest stories…most charisma*…I set the most trends…and my interviews are hotter….HOLLA! -Jay-Z

    Now I ask you is that man lying?…He’s vegas…house always wins…he’s always gonna win

    Far from being God but he work Godamn hard =The G.O.A.T

    *A personal quality that gives you influence over large numbers of people. I ask you again…Is this man lying?…Best rapper alive…hands down.

  • m85

    jay wasnt the first mc that i was exposed to..i was born in 85..but he was the first that was unique in not only his delivery put his content..the way he has always been able to combine dope word play wit real life and real emotions is what makes him the best in my mind..and for him to take not only take his career to diff much higher levels and hip hop too reminds me of what mj did in ball..mj wasnt the first great shootin guard nor would he be the last..he came from a line of players that included dr j and david thompson..but no one did it like mike..no one took basketball to the level that it went to like mike..thats how i see jay so it makes sense when he say the mike jordan of rap..decoded..even if u aint a jay fan a more of a hip hop urban sociology book..i cant tell you how many pple who are not hip hop heads have asked about it and i had had real convos wit

  • Malcom Garvey Huey

    Everyone here is crazy to think any of the rappers here are any good. Listen to Dead Prez then come talk.

  • Donn


    I asked my mother to buy it first off and I remember because she told me the story like 5-6 times. Like you didn’t have a favorite artist when you were young. SMH
    Jay-Z will be forever the reason i love music
    I’m done

  • LA

    @Donn?80? you said it up top fool! i just call it as i see it. no defense but your first cd had 2 be nsync lol not jay best album.

  • Belize

    ^nsync! co-sign! @Donn: Your mama told a six year old you that Jay-Z is the reason you love music…

  • Chu Chu

    @DeadSerious All That Money Dont Mean Shit When Your Dead The Guy Is Like 45.

    @Jerzzz Hov Could Never Be Lame Hes Still On Top Of The Lyrical Chain & Starts A New Trend Every Time An Album Drops

  • Patron


    The nigga said

    “I was six when I bought my first CD for myself”

    Now you saying your mom got it for you? Make up your mind nigga This nigga Donn is soo retarded

  • ROC

    Guys leave Donn alone, I was born 85, I remember my first cd, my first cap, my first belt, my first underwear and my first swagger… yep when Reasonable doubt dropped, i asked my dad to buy it for me, then I saw a Kangol hat he wore on one of his videos, asked for it, got me some Nike sneakers, and from then I knew what i wanted… okay i had to wash my dad’s car but it was always worthy, have every Jay Z album, I have never listened to rap as rap, i listen to it as music, art form, because poetry flows like a river… and HOV is that river…

    The only reason he is compared to Nas is cos they are from NEw York and when you Metnion what Nas and Where Nas is compared to HOV, you are reminded of Ether, people forget he killed the beef with Takeover and brought Nas back a bit with some heat… but Nas is a burning match to HOV…

    Eminem doesnt have a catalogue like Jay Z, I remember when I bought Eminem Show, I was going crazy, then all I heard was Kim, Hailey, his Mom and I happen to love my Mom, my GF at that time and I didnt have a child… I couldnt sing along to him dissing his mom cos my mom is my jewel, him dissing Kim, my lady was the piece of my jewel… yet HOV… why you think he sells out stadiums in minutes???

    the home and home tour, Em wouldnt have sold, him lipsyncs, hov does it with a band, thats the best about his shows… and he has hits for days… he told you once,… “lets go, song for song, im the illiest doing it since y’all prove me wrong, do you believe?”

  • Donn


    I was born 1990 November 22nd

    I say it again. And yes I bought the cd cus i fucking did all my fucking chores for my allowance money so YES I BOUGHT IT
    The album had parental advisory stickers on it and you can’t buy the album with out a parent present.
    Stop trying to hard….

  • Brandon

    I am white, born in 1990 and growing up my parents never let me listen to rap or watch BET so of course I did it behind their backs. I got The Blueprint and would fall asleep listening to that CD on repeat for a month. I remember Will Smith and Jay-Z as being my idols growing up. Get Jiggy With it and Big Pimpin’ are the two songs that changed my life the most in terms of music because I started listening to the radio around that time.

  • Cory


    yo, you said you were born in the 80’s, but you were born in 1990.

  • Coldasfuck

    jay is the best rapper out there.
    also donn is a fuckin fagget.

  • Miss Peaches

    This GOOD MUSIC APPRECIATER was born in September 1944…my sons put me on to Hov and Ive been hooked on hip hop ever since…not exclusively though…my ipod includes any and everything from Aretha to Ohm Kalthoun (go head…google her…I’ll wait)…but in terms of poetry…hip hop wins hands down…and Jay-Z is my favorite poet!

  • Word


    Em has sold more records than Jay so im pretty sure they would BOTH sell out.stadiums in minutes. Stop hating nigga.

  • Word


    Also, im sure the millions of ppl that bought and enjoyed the eminem show dont all hate they moms. You dont gotta relate to a nigga personally to enjoy the music. You like Jay, were you a.drug dealer turned rapper? You grew up just like Hov? Dont nobody relate to any rapper cuz they rap about how rich they are now and most of us dont got bread like them i bet

  • YungVito

    Jay is my favorite rapper and is # uno on my list and if u don’t like it u can suck a dick….and if it really matters i’m black and was born ’83.. all niggas do is sit on the computer and talk shit all day (well today is my day off so i’ma do the same). nigga fuck your opinions, your mother, daughter and sister. lol. always with this shit was better back in the day, well it was mainly because there wasn’t the internet and e-thugs, and shit was diverse i could listen to tribe then boot camp, EPMD, to fat boys and heavy d to organized noise to lost boys and canibus to X to Pac and BIG and then throw nice&smooth or digable planets and then listen to Onyx or Gravediggaz. u could listen to whatever the fuck u like. Hip Hop ain’t dead Pac and Big are which sucks but get over it.

  • jam


  • jayce


    u was intranced by Jay Zs poetry wen u was 6? dayumm nigger u mustve bin 1 clever kid