Lupe, Kanye & Mos Def Freestyle At Blue Note

Saturday night, The Robert Glasper Experiment and Lupe performed at the Blue Note in NYC. During the event, they were joined by Kanye and Mos Def and they kicked a freestyle for those in attendance. Weren’t there? Well Cisco NYC has you covered.


UPDATE: Full 30 minute cypher

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  • MT

    I was at this show and it was easily the most amazing thing I have ever experienced

  • on the corner

    wow but did anyone peep his line abt why there is no “dark fantasy” tour?? @2min mark he said sponsors(hennesy and coke) cancelled sponsorship for the tour, he sounded in his feeling and real so i believe him.

    and it explains why there has been no talks of a tour, he preforming at Coachella but no “kanye tour” talk has been announced. MBDTF came out in nov, It damn march now and no tour dates for possible summer tour yet!!

  • Donn


    This is really dope to listen to mann. Sounds like when an artist is just brainstorming ideas and just creating that raw first draft of a song. Gotta love Kanye mannn. Not just a rapper…..AN ARTIST

  • i

    This shit is fucking dope, this is definitely a verse from WAtch the throne, there’s no way a dope verse like this is going to waste. Mehn Hov is soo going to rip this track. ” Watch the Throne” is going to be something else. All Hail “The Roc”

  • 23

    Kanye: “all this illuminati talk, like my first hit single wasn’t Jesus Walks”!

  • maurib

    realest shit ever yeezy

  • RedRocBoy


  • Vwhite

    Fuck my mom Kanye #ThankYouBasedGod

  • bob

    DAMMN! …

    “all this illuminati talk……….. like my first hit single wasn’t Jesus Walks”

    yeezy always keeps it real

  • m85

    Dope the top from the heart.when it comes to spittn real shit off the top Ye is one of the best in the game esp when he does it at live shows…the illuminati line was hot..imma b the first one at best buy for Watch the Throne

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  • as

    Watch the Throne will either be awesome or terrible. HAM fucking sucked. Ye’s flow was awful. And the beat was WHACK. hate me now.



  • ‘Ye and Mos Def freestylin together has always been #EPIC.

  • ………..and add LUPE there #PHENOMENAL

  • Elm

    ye went off on illuminati

  • Real Talk


  • Lyrykal

    Yo where is mims? I heard he died how true is this?

  • sweet L

    Kiddin me? Only love for ye? Mos is the truth and effortlessly ripped bars off the dome. That’s crazy to see these guys roll thru for a cypher when not advertised..

  • Very NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I Love Kanye In Pain (No Homo). Video Would Have Been Nice But Thanks RR For The Exclusive

  • hiphoproyalty

    looks like Mos Def is Yeezy new sidekick and pron the most talented rapper/actor out i hope they get talib on some songs and jay’z is ight

  • Nickey Negrito

    Mos Def needs to make an epic album

  • This was dope! Kanye was spittin that real shit fam…wish they woulda had Lupe’s freestyle too.

  • DrDreThatDude

    To sinners, saints, and scramblers, and gamblers, and dirty-money handlers! MOS DEF

  • Nice freestyle. Thanks for posting. I added the full Kanye West and Mos Def Freestyle Lyrics here:

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  • LO

    Kanye ripped it Mos was str8 and that Lupe Adlib was the shit!!

  • syllables
  • Belize

    Dope, this is real rap!

  • princesmooth

    Kanye is the only mainstream artist that will tell the truth without hesitation; thats why im a fan

  • ppr

    We say fan-ta-serro…
    You say, huh, what, you know…
    It’s that shhh, tch, aiyyo…
    This is for y’all to dance to real slow…
    Cause it’s fan-tas-tic!

  • judsonlayne

    all I keep thinkin’ is,

    “Threeee, is tha magic numba, yes it izz, it’s tha magic numbah…”

  • BobbyWhite

    KANYE fucking killed that shit!!
    “now im scared of the grammys, cuz everybody know that dark fantasy was the highest rated album in history”

  • Props to the full 30 minute cypher! #Amazin’

  • Flippstarr007

    Oooh shyyyyyyyyytt…………..! Yeezy went off!

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  • damn, that was dope….indeed it was that raw element of the cypher

  • Boombox

    Kanye West and Mos Def are two of the best hip hop artists in history. Love Lupe’s new track with Ellie Goulding too.