Lupe Fiasco Rages Against The Losers

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Sometime yesterday, Lupe’s new album Lasers sprung a leak. Within hours, zealous fans panned the project. Lu beamed on Twitter this afternoon and responded to the early reviews. Do support on March 8th, losers.

I never thought lasers would inspire so much negativity. Reading the comments and reactions is crushing. To all the Lupe fans who protested and petitioned you did a GREAT thing. Don’t let people be little what u achieved. You forced a massive corporation to bow to the whim of the people. Thats a glorious thing.

Love always shines everytime remember 2 smile has always been a “note2self” the product of trying to figure a reason to keep going. This morning I buried my brother under a perfect sunshine. It’s a beautiful day today. Go out and be beautiful with it. The End. Peace.

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  • Scientific fact: it is IMPOSSIBLE to look hard & flip a camera the bird holding a bottle of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider.

  • RedRocBoy

    I pre ordered that can’t wait. FUCK DOWNLOADING THAT SHIT AND FUCK THEM HATERS. Saw all them negative dickheads talking down on the big homie FUCK ‘EM ALL. LASERS MARCH 8th SUPPORT LUPE!

  • ET

    It ain’t bad, just not up to par and didn’t live up to the hype #TRUTH

  • malcolm

    What were the crushing comments?

  • Cole

    im sorry for his loss and i feel bad he had to put out something like Lasers after albums like Food & Liquor and The Cool, cuz both seemed like he had nowhere else to go but UP … clearly you can see Atlantic’s stamp on Lasers in the sound and in the album only being 12 songs (smh) … i hope this is his last album under atlantic’s contract (not sure if it was 3 or 4 albums he has to do) but this might as well be Atlantic Presents: Lasers … wish dude well

  • Honestly, the only problem with some of these fans is they’re going into the album hoping to hear Food & Liquor or The Cool, but there is no similarity at all, and when fans hear that, they dismiss the album.

    Personally, I think its a dope album, its different, more poppy, but dope (minus like two songs).

    Anyways all I can say is, listen to the album at a neutral perspective, not at one where you’re looking for comparisons to his first two records.

    And if you still don’t like it, well then be patient for Food & Liquor II: TGARA

  • DJ

    Lupe would be dope on GOOD MUSIC.

  • proven fact if you got a beard and you not fat your head looks 10 times bigger
    but lupe should always be proud of his work fuck what they say lyrics are by you

  • Factz

    he shouldve stayed on that “ALL BLACK EVERYTHING” type stuff the whole album.. not the techo club stuff, nahmean…still a dope album

  • ZoomZoom

    ET says:
    Tuesday, March 01 2011 at 2:07 PM EST
    It ain’t bad,



  • HollyWood

    I downloaded it and i’m still gonna go buy it next week just to support him, but it did not live up to the hype. It’s better then when i listened to it the first time. I was expecting much more.

  • ZoomZoom


  • Haboogie

    I don’t know about the homie. He has some mike skills but something about him rubs me the wrong way. He comes off very bitchy and whiney. Stick by your shit, man.

  • Able Danger

    Album is beyond great, all 20 minutes of it. That Trigga song will be all over the state run radio.

  • DJ

    I know people are saying the album is wack but lets face lupe’s worst is STILL BETTER than 95% of other mainstream rappers today’s best.




  • gerold

    He himself told complex it was wack so why is he surprised that we find it weak

  • Chu Chu

    I’m A Huge Lupe Fan But This Album Sucks ( Still Ganna Buy It ). Clearly The Record Lable Had A Huge Impact On Creating The Album. I Could Tell Lupe Wanted To Go More Of The Direction Of ” The Cool ” But With Out A Single Like Superstar That Can’t Happen. Record Lables Fucking Suck DICK !


    This nigga was just saying how much he hated the album and how its a label album and all this other bullshit. If he feels that way, theres no way im coppin it, not checkin out the free download either. IF this nigga ever puts out a body of work he actually supports, it’ll be worth checking out. Fuck a Laser Loser.

  • Dashing

    Lupe is his own worst enemy.

    Why does he always publicize his leaks by tweeting about them? Now all of his fans know that it’s out there to download.
    Why is he mentioning that there are negative reviews? It’s making me much less likely to buy the album and I’m a FAN.
    Why is he saying that he Hates his own album at the same time that he’s promoting it?

    He needs to stop talking. YN was right….

  • Monster

    IF this nigga ever puts out a body of work he actually supports, it’ll be worth checking out. -JERZZZ

    Well thats true enough, cuz he supported F&L and The Cool, and both of them are classic.

  • uuuhhhh… hold up i support the man. the songs are decent! its definitely an atlantic-riddled project… but it still has some lupe in it. its a departure from his usual sounds – sad – but he does it kinda right! its nice. coming up is dope.

  • Wes Wes yall

    Who cares if it wasn’t better then his last albums. This is what he brought out now so fuck with it or get lost. I’m not even a lupe fan but fuck. Me personally I’m a fan of the artist first then I fuck with the music. Listen to the music from his point of view. Stop being haters

  • J.Dillionaire

    was about to say that’s propably the best Lupe picture ever taken…

    Then I read the first comment lol


  • was about to say that’s propably the best Lupe picture ever taken…

    Then I read the first comment lol



    ahahahaha yes thats hilarious

  • Sincere973

    What were the crushing comments?


    That his album is disappointing..which it is! He’s got like 4-5 really nice records on there, and the rest is a Atlantic Records/Pop Lupe album….easily his worst album no questions

  • B.Dot

    Lupe said he never hated the album. he said he hated what he had to go thru to put it out




    lmao niggas has the cd before it came out, if you go to kickasstorrent somebody did a cdrip with a screenshot of the real cd itself, LMAO

    the album sucked though, too much MAJOR LABEL WATER ON IT

  • DJ

    Lupe should keep talking so Atlantic can let him go and sign to GOOD MUSIC which would be a better fit for him. Food and Liquor 2 coming soon.

  • ireland

    fuck them its dope im buyin it


    i bet one of the stores leaked that shit

  • Osiris

    Lasers is awful though…it’s sad how bad the album is.

  • villain

    the albums dope as hell its just u can get that the label forced all those features and hooks maybe some of the beats so in one instance the rapping lyrics flow concepts are all on point and its lupe doin what he does on the other hand its got this forced sound to it almost like that i need a doctor skylar gray sprinkled all through it but non the less its still wicked album he needs to get the fuck of that label and go to roc nation or independant or something actually release music his way instead of label tainted selected songs or dope songs with hooks that dont match and sound more comfortable on a justin beiber song

  • Jay Cole

    Still havent heard it……I’ll wait before making a statement on the album

    I just hope for him the album is at least ok…with all he went through lol

  • i distrust camels

    aww cry me a river, build a bridge and GET THE FUCK OVER IT

    Garbage album

  • Jinx

    wack album sorry lupe!

  • Um…i heard the album and it fucking sucks. I’m a big Lupe fan but the shit aint what i was waiting for. WTF??? Fuck Lupe! Fuck Laser…losers…lazers…whatever it’s suppose to be. LupeE.N.D. FnF down

  • DJ

    How quick fans will turn on their favorite artist? hmmm

  • Rozay’s left ball

    Thats non-alcoholic cider….

    The albums good kept it real while making it listenable to the masses ok the label f***ed him up but props to ma nigga lupe for keeping his lyrics on point and sticking to what he does best delivering positivity. I can’t help to think atlantic had a part to play in this leak and maybe fuel its negative comments. I think we going to have to wait and see when the reviews come in…..

  • Donn

    The album isn’t bad but it isnt’ great. It sounds like an Anti-Illuminati album over mainstream pop beats to be honest. The lyrics are great but they just don’t match some of the beats
    Like the song with Trey Songz. Like Trey was singing about something totally different and his verse had nothing to do with the hook. I think he’s trying too hard to be anti-establishment instead of just making good music

    I KNOW NOW WHY ATLANTIC SHELVED HIS ALBUM. I won’t be buying the album like i planned to…And i loved the first two so this is a sad day. The Shining Down record should have been on there

  • kwame

    not a big lupe fan but i respect how most of his fans never let him down.FandL2

  • pppccc

    go away lupe.

    pretentious faggot.

  • Dashing


    Lupe speaking on “The Show Goes On”

    I didn’t have nothing to do with that record. That was the label’s record. That wasn’t like I knew the producer or knew the writer or anything like that. That was one of those records the record company gave me, [they even gave me] stuff they wanted me to rap about. It wasn’t like, ‘Hey I did this and I went to a mountain and found inspiration and it was this.’

    On the album

    “I love and hate this album. I listen to it and I’ll like some of the songs.”

    ” A lot of the songs that are on the album, I’m kinda neutral to. Not that I don’t like them, or that I hate them, it’s just I know the process that went behind it. I know the sneaky business deal that went down behind this song, or the artist or singer or songwriter who wrote this hook and didn’t want to give me this song in the first place.”

    Ok, even if he’s talking about the “process” of making the album he’s still putting it out there that this album is not really him. It’s Atlantic. Statements like I didn’t have anything to do with “Show Goes On” and the label forced me to put some of these songs on there is a way of abdicating responsibility for what some people are calling a not-great album. And by the way, he’s not even fighting back on the claim that the album isn’t good. He’s saying “Thanks for the movement of forcing the label to put it out” regardless of the fact that he doesn’t even stand behind it strongly enough to defend the quality of it.

    And the fact that he’s doing it before the album even drops seems to be a way of getting cover, like “hey i told yall it wasn’t me. it was the label”

    The sad thing is it probably would sold well and may have even been received moderately well if he didn’t 1) highlight that it’s leaked and 2) that people are reacting negatively toward it.

    Despite the lackluster singles, I was amped to cop this album…until the complex article and then the tweets just confirmed it…

  • darius

    Soft neegah! Cop Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang if you want some quality hip-hop.

  • lol smh @Donn nigga you be the first dude telling other niggas to not download and go support their shit. And here you are… SMH I lost some respect for you nigga

  • Ryuk

    If i hear one more person say ” you only dislike Lasers because it doesn’t sound like the F&L or The Cool” I may lose it. I didn’t want Lasers to sound like anything except a great album. And it does not. I wanted to hear growth, which we don’t. Its okay. The question you have to ask yourself is, are you a true fan or a yes men. And honestly I see a lot of yes men running around. I mean, really. This is what we waited for. Much love for Lu, been down since the mixtapes, but Lasers is mediocre at best.

  • Word

    I bet YN leaked that shit.

  • LA

    @Dj Lupe dont have fans he have BANDWAGON FAN? Once he fuck up nigga say fuck him smh. And im def. was never a lupe fan but i do prefer good music tho.

  • S.H.

    I bet the Lupe fans feel mad stupid that they did that FiascoFriday shit for an album he himself isnt fully behind. This really hurt Lupe in my eyes man. The dude that said Lupe is his own worst enemy? you hit the nail on the head!

  • Hornsby32

    Totally unrelated but wasnt Watch The Throne supposed to be released today?!





  • Truth

    Lupe was under contract to do this album and so he couldn’t say no to it. In plus the label wanted a radio friendly album thats why you have techno poppy songs.

  • Liquid?

    Can we please not jam loud ass techno beats into Lu’s songs ever again? FUCK YOU ATLANTIC RECORDS SET LUPE FREE. Release a 12 track techno album and put Lupe’s name on it? Waiting for F&L 2.

    Why does John Legend sound like the dude from O.A.R.?

  • Donn

    @ Kid [email protected]

    I didn’t download it, i heard it on YouTube cus it leaked all over YouTube. I didn’t like what i heard so i’m not buying it. The album isn’t that good.

  • MacAttack

    *waits for lupe to get dropped and struggle to find new label*

  • @ Everyone, you niggas are crazy, there are only 2 or 3 techno sounding songs on this album which I can do w/o the rest of the shit is fire…. And All Black Everything is dope in itself to make up for the 3 whack joints…

    @ Donn

    its whatever

    Ima still support and buy this album bc Lupes Lyrics and content is fire….


    lupe, one of the best lyrically, def buying album.

  • Killa Kellz

    imma b honest ur not a real lupe fan if u dont buy it in the stores plain and simple, hes got my respect as a musician so im deff gonna go out and buy it

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  • ptone814

    lupe fiasco is the GOAT…..

    got 2 classics from him (f&l/cool)

    punk album (ITJOFLOD)

    mixtapes and new material (@^ cds worth)

    and march 8th Lasers……just happy to keep getting new shit from him

    gonna be the 1st album i buy since the cool…………….

  • ptone814

    lupe fiasco is the GOAT…..

    got 2 classics from him (f&l/cool)

    punk album (ITJOFLOD)

    mixtapes and new material (26 cds worth)

    and march 8th Lasers……just happy to keep getting new shit from him

    gonna be the 1st album i buy since the cool…………….

  • sway-z

    Lupe my nigga and everything, but homie just seems overly sensitive about EVERYTHING!

    Damn son, you was just going all crazy about the album being held up, now it’s out and you responding to criticism, the first album you was hype about bootlegging (which is a positive sign that fans actually want your shit to begin with), this nigga had a problem doing the B.O.B. song, had a problem with people calling him out for fucking up the Tribe tribute, I mean…just relax son! Do what you do

  • Liquid?

    @Killa Kellz

    I’m gonna be honest and tell you that you don’t know what a real fan is. “Real Lupe” fans should all know that this is a sub-par album at best for Lu’s standards. Yes we all know All Black Everything is amazing, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that Atlantic forced club beats down his throat.

    I may have over-exaggerated calling it a techno album, but it just angers me that scream could have been on this album and instead we get that kind of shit.

  • Belize

    Get used to it man. Hope it at least does well.

  • Word

    Either way, the album is getting bought. I aint listening to it until I get in my car and start blasting this shit start to finish. If the album just leaked I doubt people really listened to it enough to catch on to every line and enjoy it you know?

  • Belize loves Eminems

    i hate fake ass fans !!!

    i hope your album does well lupe

  • who shot ya

    gtfo @Donn you’re not wanted

  • sway-z

    Yall niggas kill me though, you criticize the rappers you don’t like for all doing the same shit, but then you hate on the niggas you do like for not doing the same shit?

    Lupe always had a slight pop appeal to his biggest songs, no matter what the underlying theme was. Allow him to be a fucking artist and try different sounds. If it was up to yall niggas, Nas would still be on that Illmatic shit, and be in an even worse position than he is now…

  • who shot ya

    lasers was bad. it sounds like a flo rida album without the bottle popping and shake your booty girl, content…..yeah……its that bad. TGARA better, be better. i dont listen to crap….i flush it

  • YouKnowMe

    Lupe raged against the machine and got anally fucked by Atlantic…Nice pop album but if i want a pop album i would go holler at Katy Perry or Rihanna…And where was Im beaming, Fire, and Shining down at?

  • sway-z

    They’re on the Itunes edition

  • leo

    Everyone bitches when he drops F&L and the Cool that they want a more popular album. Now that he drops one they want the raw shit back. I applaud what he went for. It’s definitely my least favorite of the 3 but he’s changing his sound up a little to compromise with Atlantic. Too bad most people won’t understand that. F&L2!! Until then I won’t mind throwing this in the rotation for a while and letting it sink in…maybe it’ll grow. Definitely hits the dubstep feel that’s taking over

  • sway-z


    I agree with that 100. To be real, a couple of those dance type joints (Out of my head & Coming Up) are pretty dope. Lupe needs more exposure, I don’t see what the problem is

  • SHoWiZ

    ok mosst of the songs on the album where from atlantic records influence and its not lupes fault he had other music he was gonna put out not the stuff on lasers its so sad to see an artist controlled from the label he literally should rip the contract and just leave he was better off making LupE.N.D. rather than Lasers….Lasers feels forced with a few songs having a real feeling and thast my opinion….Lupe pls DO YOU again…

  • SHoWiZ

    well ill still listen to the album cuz its still got the lupe feel in it



  • Nathaniel


    i mean he’s telling the truth. lupe has always been more concerned with the truth than selling records anyway. i don’t have a problem with that. i’ll buy it or i wont… and at this point, knowing

    1. the quality of purpose in lupe.

    2. the rigorous, ballsy fight he endured with atlantic to keep giving us the content he set out to from jump.

    i’ll buy that shit even if i know i’ll prolly mostly dislike it. from where i’m standing, if niggas get me on some “yeah i bought it, but i don’t really like it” from time to time with music, i’ll AT LEAST give lupe ONE gimme. just off the strength of his brand alone. fuck it. peace, my nigga

  • Killa K

    it’s a good album. but in the future he should do all the hooks himself

  • LA

    I bet lupe wish he had em stans support

  • Drock

    I already pre-ordered that shit, I don’t a fuck about your opinions on Lupe, I buy his music not him. I’m a fan to the truest.

  • Vergil

    @Dashing, i couldn’t say it better myself…lupe hearing talking about that is a fail and i’m a fan, too…

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  • ans

    Speaking as a lupe fan, how does buying this album in the store equal supporting him? it’s money for the label and it would just validate all the shit they did. if the album’s a massive flop that would be a message to atlantic and lupe, wouldn’t it? the lasers manifesto says this explicitly – we want an end to commercialized pop crap. for the most part, that’s what this album is.

    don’t support it.

  • Dashing


    I feel you. I still might even buy it too. I’m even going to his album release concert next week.

    I just think he killed all the excitement/buzz that I (and many other fans) had going into next week’s release. Remember how amped he was when they announced the release date? Remember all of the photos with him and the label making nice? That was after the album was already completed. So if it’s the same album (and it IS since this was completed over a year ago) then why was he so hype then and then so down on it now?

  • Required


    Its not the same album. LUPE’s version of Lasers was completed and turned in over a year ago, then Atlantic held it up and wouldnt release THAT version. After those negotiations, several songs were recorded and added, including The Show Goes On and Never Forget You, and I wouldnt be surprised if a few were removed too. So the end product is something more like “ATLANTIC PRESENTS: LASERS (with verses by Lupe Fiasco and hooks by Autotune)”.

  • Vergil


  • Dashing

    @ Required,

    I thought those 2 songs were the only ones Atlantic added and that the album’s release was not held up b/c they didn’t like the album, but because they wanted to get him to sign a 360 deal…

    At any rate, regardless that misses my point. It’s impossible for anyone to actually listen to the album knowing all the BS surrounding the album. All the reasons he “hates” the album he’s made so public that the fans can no longer objectively listen to it without going “Atlantic probably made him pick this beat” It’s become impossible to actually judge the music.

    There are classic albums that have been made where years AFTER the album has come out, the artist will say “Oh by the way, I didn’t like that song.” or “We fought with the label about putting that song on there” but that’s done after the fact and doesn’t change the way you listen to the record when you hear it for the first time.

  • ColoradoKnight

    Lupe hasn’t made an impression on me since “Food & Liquor”. That was a classic Hip Hop Record. His new music seems to be more “Pop Chart” friendly. I know this sounds cliche’, but bring back that F&L sound back Lupe, it’s your lane to begin with! He’s still a great emcee.

  • Required


    Different direction tho. Youre talking about not ruining a classic, and on that I can agree. But this is the opposite; this is a bad album. And personally, right or wrong, what I think Lupe did here is basically take the blame off himself. I think after seeing the initial comments, not to mention his own apparent misgivings, Lupe essentially switched into damage control. Youre absolutely right, people are gonna pick this album apart, but its so far below his standards that that was gonna happen anyway. But this way, everybody blames everything negative on Atlantic, and the high points go to Lupe.

  • sway-z

    I just can’t see how an album is complete garbage when at least 3 songs (Words I never said, All Black Everything, Never Forget You) rank up there with any of his best work?

    ‘Coming up’ is an upbeat track, but he’s talking about empowering women & positive thinking for hood kids, how is that pop? Cause somebody’s singing the hook? The joint with Trey Songz is ight too, I just think you niggas love your favorite “conscious” rappers to not have no fun. Thank god the internet wasn’t poppin when Common made ‘The Light’


    Here’s the thing aboust Lasers: Lupe has effectively blocked all criticism by calling it negativity, and then dedicating the album to positivity. So You can’t criticize the album without being called a “Loser.” but the truth is, it’s just a terrible terrible album.

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  • AlexRmF

    I respect the man for his honesty… everyone should know how he feels, otherwise nothing will change when it comes to his career and the relationship he has with his label.
    also, people need to think about the fact that he might be deliberately sabotaging the album in order to hit the record label who made him do it against his conviction.
    as for the album, I listened to it and I like it, not all the tracks are great, but all of them are very good (thanks to his lyrical prowess) . I will buy it if I find it in stores

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