Odd Future Funny Or Die Skit

[vodpod id=Video.5673257&w=425&h=350&fv=key%3Dee0a63a6be]

Tyler, The Creator and his band of misfits show off their comedic skills with actor Paul Scheer in this new skit for Funny Or Die. I’m afraid of the future. No pun intended.

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  • These dudes are WILD…lmfaooo… mad he spazzed about the coaster tho, hahahah

    Can’t get with the music, but they’re funny as hell.

  • SHoWiZ

    I wonder who inspired these guys

  • Reptar





  • These kids seem to def have some serious steam behind them these days. Yonkers!!

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    now everyobodies on the bandwagon

  • @DOZEZ

    yup… all 7 people on this page.

    If this seems like “everybody” to u, u might want to see about expanding your social circle.

  • S.H.

    Lame. “i’m afraid of the future” no shit sherlock

  • @ @DOZEZ

    Yea and the 2 million people who have watched Yonkers and the 1 million that have watched Earl. Thats a lot of people

  • @DOZEZ

    And the Yonkers video was at 500,000 in less than a day, BEFORE they did Jimmy Fallon. And EARL is a fuckin disgustingly evil video that was at at least 700,000 before Fallon.

    Maybe its u thats jumping on the bandwagon, cuz this is a movement thats been building for a long while, and if u dont realize that then u dont know shit about OFWGKTA.

  • @ @DOZEZ

    my young, ive been fucking with OFWGKTA since the beginning. I hang out with them on a weekly basis dumb fuck. Dont try and school me.. lmao

  • Cop that YONKERS off itunes… support real musik!

  • @DOZEZ

    Then why are u such a dumbass? #justcurious

  • Theloneus

    Yonkers is crazy man these niggas are fucked in the head though lmao. Earl was disgusting x100. Fucking bunch of masochists haaaah.

  • LordMort

    I gotta say this. Odd Future’s biggest appeal is the image they make for themselves and their attitude, their music really isn’t all that to me, but I’d rather have OFWG blow up than any other fake artificial fucks.

  • @ @DOZEZ

    Cause you said that everybody was “7 people” so i just said the facts of the youtube videos. That must make me dumb. Fuck me, im an idiot. All i was doing was backing up what DOZEZ said cause EVERYBODY is on them now and it makes me fucking happy to see them succeed cause there my homies. and this isnt twitter #OKBYE

  • @@ @DOZEZ

    Stop having conversations with yourself nigga LMAO

  • MonkeyFucker

    cosign @LordMort

    Bad music; even the rapping is mediocre Earl Sweatshirt and Hodgy Beats are really the only ones with any business near a mic.

    Incredible live show, a movement thats easy to get caught up in, cosigns from everybody south of the A-list, hilarious/disturbing youtube clips like this one, at least 2 of the best twitter pages (@fucktyler and @TylersGreenHat), cross-promotion with the skating and endorsements from Supreme, die hard fans, fun catch phrases, and a wide open genre with potential to sell but not much competition (yea Ill say it- horrorcore).

    The marketing is ridiculous. Tyler is a complete advertising genius and I dont think he even realizes it. At the end of the day the music has been iffy BUT Yonkers and Sandwitches are the 2 most complete tracks Ive heard from them, so theyre showing improvement. So basically, even after breaking down like that, Im still interested to see where it goes, and THAT is the mark of great marketing.

  • LordMort

    Their marketing is amazing, and the way they stir up shit and create controversy everywhere they go is one of the most effective way to getting people to notice you. And yes, its very easy to get caught up in their movement, which is also why i can say, if i pinch myself, the music isn’t all that.

  • haq

    Wack, forced, fake. Fuck’em.

  • JohnBlack

    These niggas is ultra wack. They sound like Lil B’s retarded cousins. But I cosign MonkeyFucker and LordMort . These wack ass motherfuckers created one hell of a movement.

  • Belize

    Dope! Not Wacka Flocka tho! 0_o

  • d’evil

    these guys are the truth!!!
    vid funny as FUCK


    Chill niggas

  • Required

    God I hope these little fags are running the cameras when they kill themselves.

  • Lmfao!!!!!! X-D This shit was funny as hell, ESPECIALLY the end…I’m startin to like these guys.