Ghostface Denies Dissing Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa recently stopped by the Star & Bucwild Morning show on 100.3 The Beat in Philadelphia. During the interview, Wiz responded to comments allegedly made by Ghostface Killah:

This afternoon, Ghost turned to his Twitter account and repudiated the claims. It’s all peace.

Ayo i wanna address this bullshit going on, this website called bigghostnahmean is a fake website which i have no affiliation with or did i say anthing negative about any of them artists up on that page, got respect for all the young cats coming up doin they thing. tell the kid Wiz, its all love i respect him as a artist and got no issues wit him at all, Once again the website is fake, its not ya boy!

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  • ghostface a class act fuck the bs

  • jd


  • Nathaniel

    funny thing is, that actually SOUNDS like some shit ghost would say, lol.

    but i never known starks to be a liar. and IF he said it, wiz is right… he played himself cuz that’s just not gonna look good. the vets throwing shots at the youngins.

    hopefully these old-heads have learned by now their word ain’t bond no more. smh… young generation got the reins.

  • Cliffordd

    There’s nothing to deny… since he didn’t.

    I remember that comment they were talking about. Funniest thing. BIG GHOSTFACE on 2DBZ does the best computer impersonation of Ghost. <– the comment in question.

  • He said it wasnt him weeks ago.

    The ones going at Wiz and Drake are funny as fuck though.

  • Lucky Star
  • J

    Even if he did say it (Which he didn’t) He is still a far superior rapper than the one dimensional Wiz Khalifa. Let’s see him put out a discography as consistent as Ghost. Wiz might be hot now but he will be nothing in 20 years.

  • Black McJagger

    Wiz played himself hard with this

    but Big Ghost site is the most HILARIOUS!!!! shit I’ve read hahah

    it’s favorited on my computer the shit is crazy funny

    the lil kim shit had me in tears

  • yhcranA Kid

    This is what happens when ignant niggas decide they need to gain fans/views by starting shit. This is how niggas don’t progress. If it’s gonna be rap beef, let it be REAL BEEF This industry-made feud shit is not only wack but stupid as shit.

    Basically, Fuck Star or anyone on the show who didn’t take the time to back their “story” up with credibility.

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  • Word


    That shit had me dying what he said about Drake.

    But nah I dont think he really said that shit about Wiz though. Young kids got immunity to disses from old heads cuz it just dont look good for old niggas to pick on kids. See Ice T vs Soulja Boy.

  • N0t fuCk!ng @rounD

    Wiz YOU played yourself, feeding into bullshit and not even seeing if its real, stupid ass nigga stop smoking if your that fucking dumb

  • killafornia kush

    Damn ghost is a pussy! Whiz sucks balls! I dont deny it! If you dont like someone…say it!

  • Chu Chu

    WIZ Watch Your Fucking Mouth When It Come To Ghostface. That Nigga Would Break Your Face Into Two Ask Mase.

  • PrincePolo

    the funniest blog i have ever read lol . Ellen pic for asher roth .dead

  • umm okay?

    yea wiz playin himself.. who the fuck is wiz khalifa to say Ghost is corny.. That man is a legend, Wiz is a rookie still.. Even if Ghost did say it was cory from his mouth wiz still shouldn’t have shit to say. In terms of years wise thats like jordan saying lebron is weak.. Jordan has been around TOO fucking long for lebron to respond. and I’m not saying wiz is lebron or ghost is jordan but in the term of time difference from when each played. Wiz can’t say shit..

    He should have just said “yeah I heard it, its whatever. Im doing my shit and thats all i’m worried about”.then he wouldve got so much love but. because everybody gon have an opionion and you are a nobody still and have no right to disrespect not only a member of the wu but a all around better rapper than you. your coming off cocky and is gon get shut down especially when you put out a song like “roll up”

  • Chu Chu

    @umm Okay ?

    Agree 100 Percent These Young Niggas Feelin They Self Too Much.

  • Fan of no man

    I ain’t never known ghost to bitch out I member that shit with him and big tig on rap city ages ago

  • 215AllDay

    I already thought Wiz was corny but he can count on me not supporting any of his wack ass taylor gang shit from here on out now. Ghost is one of the greats….yeah I said it… greats in hip-hop. Show some respect punk. Too busy getting sloppy seconds (really way more) off Amber Rose.

  • moreffa

    fuck him

    your GFK you dont have to explain yourself to anyone even if you did or did not say it

    tell wiz khalifa to go and suck off that albino girl drake

  • moreffa

    big tigger and ghostface on the nigro channel

    the interview is goes for a downturn at 8:00 minutes

  • LA

    Damn that was fuck up. ghost handle it like a man with respect tho could of spaz but that would of hurt ghost more than wiz

  • N0t fuCk!ng @rounD

    Ghostface: Ayo whattup son! It is a utmost honor n a privilege to be speakin wit ya namsayin.

    Obama: Thank you….The pleasure is all mine.

    Ghostface: Word. Ayo hopefully that aint no homo innuendo or nothin namsayin.

    Obama: Aha, well no…I assure you…

    Ghostface: But Anyway bein that Imma 10304 nigga to the heart n was raised in Stapleton where basically niggas aint really up on global politics n shit of that types of evolutions nahmeans…what the god pretty sure niggas all over is thinkin is basically like…word….ayo how it feel to like run shit all over the map nahmean? Word yo cos niggas be holdin down they squares namsayin. N yo it’s like every nigga motivation to accumulate more corners n shit so that they square get bigger n shit namsayin to the point where they holdin down major spots n they ain’t even have to work that spot theyselves no more n put theyselves in harms way like that nahmean. They got little niggas puttin in they work while they sittin in the v.i.p. sections up at the Marquee or Nobu wit they broads n shit namsayin. But they still able to rock they fly gears n buy they moms new stoves n fridges n shit nahmean.

    Obama: I’m sorry. I don’t think I understand the question. Could you…

    Ghostface: Well what the god basically inquirin is ayo…you a nigga at the top of the food chain right now namsayin. You like the lion in the jungle nahmeans. Ayo other niggas might be rhinos or silverback apes even. But at the end of the day, the lion gon bite that ape head off if he want that. Matter fact I aint even know if lions fuck wit silverbacks like that namsayin. Ayo Alvin, do muthafuckin lions be fightin silverbacks, son?

    Alvin: Not really sure bout that, son.

  • N0t fuCk!ng @rounD

    YOU played yourself if you believe ghost said that shit bout them rappers the shit right above from the same fuckery, not ghost, but hilarious non-the-less namsayin?

  • N0t fuCk!ng @rounD

    Bitches is feedin a nigga grapes n papayas while we all layin on velvet comforters n shit namsayin

  • Money mitch

    2 rappers got stuck I ain’t saying no names they know who

  • lilrizq

    wiz a real nigga so he gon speak his mind, ghost a real nigga so he gon speak his mind too. bet chu any money we are going to see a wiz and ghostface pic of them shaking hands or a taylor gang/Wu Tang collab. no one is perfect, and i think ghost understands that.

  • YO whoever put that together was a funny MOFO though. that list had me crackin up lmaoo.

  • B

    Wiz better watch his mouth. Ghost face and the Wu are straight beast for real. My man was trying to negotiate a contract with Papa Wu back in the day in Brooklyn and almost did come out of there in one piece. Wiz letting the fame go to his corny Pittsburgh Taylor gang head. He talkin bout he could probably give something good to kids, How? All you talk about is weed dumb a–.

  • james

    Ghost face really talk like that to! He talk like waka flocka. I mean waka talk better. RETARD

  • pissed

    Anyone with common sense coulf tell the site wasnt real, just satire. It was funny though.

    But Wiz needs to watch his tounge…dont think Ghost wont run up on ya like Raekwon & his dudes did Joe Budden.

  • IIG

    I fuck with Wiz, but he better not ever come out of his mouth against the Wu. In fact, I need him to rescind that foolishness before I’m buying shit.

  • TA

    Lmao y’all are idiots. Wiz responded to a question/statement saying ghost was trashing his music. You think he gunna have a happy response to that? The fuck outta Here…

  • W.T.F

    Really? Tony Starks talking greasy w/ a blog? Star & Bucwild even trying to address that fake, sorta funny blog in an actual interview= idiocy. Oh wait, Star & Bucwild in general= idiocy.

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  • Belize


  • Donn

    Damn he sound slow! [email protected] dude is mentally challage namean?Wiz fuck this old coon he want your sign.

  • DeeRawz

    im sure that aint ghost he prob bring to ya face and he has never talked grimy bout any body his whole carer the site mos def fack …wiz shoulda looked into it before he opened his mouth

  • darius

    Big Ghostface summed it up real good in his blogpost : “Yalls aint no punch worthy niggas nahmean”.I mean, c’mon , Wiz looks soft as fuck.Bet anyone here would beat him senseless.And those 2 fucks from the radio that adressed this bs, they some stupid mufackas.

  • Stuckhomie

    yo No Fucking Around had me crying on the floor just now man,, crazy!! LOL

  • jordan cohen

    yeah 3x we all know Taylor gang wants NO PART of Wutang/Theodore Unit.
    I know Ghost doesn’t want to alienate but if we go back to the purple tape when he wasn’t so diplomatic, he was outright talking about BIG at the height of his popularity.
    Shark ni%%as.

  • 215AllDay

    On some real shit, Ghost would cave in Wiz’s fucking chest. Real rap.

  • W

    I died laughin what he said about drake and wale lol the site is funny though

  • rOb low

    Ghostface is real and represents longevity in a young mans game. Wiz is real cuz he represent being himself u dont c him fakin gangsta.