Chamillionaire Dropping New Album & Mixtape

Since label politics is preventing Chamillionaire from releasing his album Venom, he has to decided to drop an alternate project as well as a brand new mixtape, Major Pain 1.5. We’ll let Cham explain:

“I promised that once I got out my label situation I was gonna give you more material and thats what im gonna do. Almost everyone knows VENOM is not coming out anymore but Major Pain 1.5, Major Pain 2, and THE PLAYLIST POISON ALBUM will. Major Pain 1.5 will be the first release of mixtape material that will lead up to a real PLAYLIST POISON ALBUM release. All the info about THE PLAYLIST POISON ALBUM will be inside Major Pain 1.5 when you get it APRIL 18TH. I’ll release more Playlist Poison tracks leading up to the full album but just know that the album will be A FULL BODY OF NEW PLAYLIST POISON MATERIAL. Nothing but quality all the way through. I know its been a rough road but just know that I’ve had all my REAL fans in mind during every decision that I have made and now we can finally get back on track. Looking forward to the future. Salute.”


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  • Jinx


  • Jav

    Cham is one of those dudes that could of developed into a better rapper..but he always stayed playing it safe doing songs that universal wanted him to do with collaborations that they wanting him to do..i enjoyed all his mixtape messiahs but aside from that he’s iffy.

  • ed

    cant wait for this shit, cham is my man!

  • llll

    I can’t believe that this man didn’t blow up, really!
    Anyway, good for him…Looking forward to hear what he’s got.

  • west Coast don

    BOUT TIME ! Cham is easily better than 99 percent of all that trash yall south niggas put out

  • dmc

    cham and slaughterhouse are the only music i look forword to these days.

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  • T Killa

    King Koopa for life! Chamillionaire is the most underated rapper in the entire rap game. Now that universal is off he bout to get the recognition he deserve! Good luck Mr. Koopa… btw havent heard anything bout Xavier in a while he doing okay?

  • Whitequickness

    Wen cham releases this dope shit maybe em will hear it n sign him to shady, we can only hope

  • Word

    Riding Dirty was my shit.

  • Ice Cold

    Chamillionaire is dope!!!! i cant wait for his new material

  • LA

    Now cham know how to handle business unlike lupe

  • mac DIESEL



  • Holla

    He’s the best

  • Belize


  • NotoriousRambo

    WORD @ LA