Lupe Fiasco’s Suicidal Thoughts

As you already know, B.o.B.’s chart topper “Nothin On You” was intially intended for Lupe Fiasco. Lu told UK’s The Guardian, that after his version did not live to the label’s expectations, he contemplated offing himself or calling it quits.

“That was the tipping point. It was less about the bruised ego but more the audacity of it. It was mentally destructive. I say it with a certain laissez-faire now because I’m past it, but back then, hearin’ that s**t, it f**ked me up. I was super-depressed, lightly suicidal, at moments medium suicidal – and if not suicidal, willing to just walk away from it all completely.”

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  • fuckatlantic

    Fuck Atlantic
    Good Music all dayyyyy


  • ballsack johnson

    what fucking pussy

  • assasin

    I feel u Lupe. There are ways to dumb it down without losing ur integrity though.

  • Lall


  • JDot

    dying is for losers…

  • Beat

    Lupe’s version>>>>>>>>>>B.o.B’s version

  • Benjamin.

    I was going to listen to his album, but now i’m just going to ignore it. What a pussy.

  • Sean

    @JDot Hahaha, Sheen will take over

  • Oops!

    Gift Raps > Lazers

  • BREAD(215)

    Weak ass nigga something as small as that had him ready to hang it up??? i was never a fan an after hearin this shit fuck dude… an whoever feel sorry him

  • DIGGSY!!!

    boo fuckin hoo

  • pussy nigga
  • Geebz

    This is some shitty journalism. The wording and post make it seem as if that one was the only thing that made him feel suicidal, when it was actually the whole 3 fucking year long process of trying to get Lasers out. Don’t belittle shit for the sake of getting a bunch of anonymous hits and views

  • Ice Cold

    Lupe needs to be taking those Charlie Sheen Pills!…….WINNING!!!!


  • Word

    He sounding a little Kid Cudi-ish right now with the suicide

    Mixed with a bit of some Kanye “woe is me” type shit

    And thats not a good look at all. Those are two of the biggest females in the game right now when it comes to complaining and ego’s. Dont be like them Lupe. Just do you. Leave the complaining to the faggots that do it best.

  • funniest shit i ever seen

    ^LMAO!! that shit is fuckin classic! ahaha HARDEN THE FUCK UP!

  • Morons, he said that the song rejection was the “tipping point”….meaning that a culmination of things lead to his suicidal thoughts.

    LASERS pales in comparison to F&L or the Cool though…I agree with the post above, there are ways to comprimise without completely losing your identity.

  • mikey

    atlantic really fucked up lupe

  • DJ Game

    Lupes version was more dope can’t even front; and this is coming from a B.o.B and Lupe fan.

  • 5k on my wrist

    still not gonna buy ya album



  • Jav

    you guys dont realize that as an artist you have to feel like no one else can touch your lyrics..especially with lupe’s if your own label tells you no..its going to get to you. you guys are idolize guys that don’t know you exist.. EMINEM…….. you just thought about eminem by reading his name more than he’s ever thought of you..seriously leave artists alone if u dont like them dont be negative go listen to your “gift raps” or listen to recovery for the 1,000,000th time. Faggots.

  • postman

    every nigga who’s talking shit about lupe have no idea what the industry does to people. countess artists always talk about offing theirselves because of that wicked business. them motherfucking record labels enslave folks and they dont even know it. you cant just walk up those offices and think youre gonna get a deal that you want exactly unless you jew and can rap/sing/act no pun intended.

  • Belize

    smh @ all the hate.
    Lupe is dope. Don’t ever wish death on anybody.

  • namerequiredmyass

    Fuck Atlantic as a staff, record label, and as a mother fucking crew.

  • Lupe spoke about suicide in an radio interview in Phoenix a few weeks back during his radio promo for Lasers. Here’s the link to the video:

  • Donn


    As an artist you have to know what makes a record a GREAT record. Songwriters like Ester Dean, Rico Love, R. Kelly, even Drake

    They know how to give a record what it needs. Not every fucking beat needs a bunch of complex lyrics. You can say i love you in 50000000 ways but sometimes just saying simply “I LOVE YOU” is efficent enough

    You have to be able to hear a beat and say, ok the drums are mellow hear so the audience is going to be listening to what i’m saying, or the beat gets super amped here so i need to ride it like this. That comes with being a great songwriter.

    Dude stop crying. Your a great muscian. You don’t need anyone to tell you that. All those ppl standing outside the Record Label picketting for you, u making their stand be for nothing. JUST MAKE THE MUSIC

    Records circle all around the industry until it finds the right artist.

  • geebz


    what are you talking about? You went off on like 5 differrent tangents without making a cohesive fucking statement. Do your reasearch too fam before spouting off at the mouth.

    A. The fans protest was in vain? Mufucka its BECAUSE of that damn protest that his music is even coming out. He owes everything to them and hes admitted that countless times

    B. What the fuck are you critiscising his song making abilities for? His best, greatest, and most acclaimed songs have been the onea where HE has had creative control, aka before atalntic shoved their greedy radio industry claws into his shit. And drake? Come on dude. Slap yourself for even bringing jimmy into this. Apples and oranges my man. I wont even get into why using a a new age rapper like drake, when industry and radio payroll is at an all time high, is a terrible way to prove anything.

  • Taku

    Atlantic holding u down man, dno what the deal is with the contract buhh screw em man, ur stressing urself over a bunch of white folks (no diss)

  • Craig

    The price you pay for going with a major. He knew that and has to live with the consequences.

  • Jinx


  • dotdiggler


  • Donn


    COSIGN. You signed the fucking deal now deal with it. Stop bitching. Be a man and own up to your contract and then when it’s over move on. This is about business. Its nothing personal. You are a product, an investment, THATS IT. A manufactured piece of property that can be used and thrown away and replaced by someone else. STOP BITCHING

  • PressPromo
  • Lupe Fiasco Is A Attention Whore. Plain And Simple.

  • villain

    same ppl callin lupe pussy are same eminem stans that love a suicidle eminem

  • I.S.A.A.C.

    @ Oops!

    were you referencing “Gift Raps” as in the Christmas album from Cross Movement back in the day? That crew was actually dope.

    ANYWAY….. All you haters should really do Charlie Sheen style bender and die from it. It’s sad how much your lives must suck for you to come on here and hate on a guy being honest. Is it not “cool” to have emotion and answer from the heart? Go back to listening to Industry puppets that put on a tough front and cry themselves to sleep when alone.

  • Laky

    Lupe had some nice lines but his flow was fuckin terrible on that song. B.O.B’s version was much better for a pop hit, and probably a better song all around. The fact that Lupe is too sensitive is news to no-one

  • mikk swagger

    Lupe is a BITCH ASS NIGGER. Shut the fuck up and focus your faggoty energy on making a song we can actually listen to. DEATH TO NERD RAP.

  • Bengal Nation

    Lasers was a great album, but not on par with his previous releases. I hope that Atlantic either drops Lupe or just let Lupe do him and make another classic album without radio friendly features (see Trey Songz feature on Lasers)

  • LA

    [email protected] last post read tha contract son

  • Lupe might be on that Charlie Sheen…

  • Why does this nigga have to cry about everything

    This nigga cries so much his socks are soaked

  • who shot ya

    why are you ppl hating on him
    his label told him he’s wack
    someone who wrote a song in lasers told him he’s wack
    ppl hating on him because of lasers
    and him not getting recognition. because they think he is wack
    who wouldn’t be upset, this is his proffession.

  • leo

    the fuck do you mean stop bitching? You wouldn’t bitch if someone was telling you what music you could and couldn’t make for 5 years? You don’t think that doesn’t take a toll? At least this dude’s got enough pride in his art to care…it shows he’s not all about making money and happy with putting shit out. If he wasn’t saying anything known of you would have any fucking clue and you would think that Lupe is just putting out this music because he wants to. It’s not bitching so much as it is letting people know. I’d be fucking frustrated if MY music wasn’t a reflection of what I wanted in it. Are you honestly that fucking ignorant? He’s fighting against the industry instead of selling out to it and you all are giving him shit for it. Yeah he signed. Since when was it a bad idea to make money? How many independent dude’s you know are makin it? He’s getting his message out and making money off the label. Unfortunately Atlantic is making it hard

  • tone

    Lupe is the goat

  • Josh

    how the fuck are ppl out here talkin shit about lupe???? he made one of the greatests albums of ALL TIME HANDS DOWN: THE COOL….Seriously is the epitome of hip hop….he refuses to make pop, bubble gum bullshit and thats an admirable trait in an artist….and anyone who can sit there and tlk shit about him and say “stop bitching” or anything like that, are fucking bitches,,,,,long live hip hop

  • i feel you homie – but now that you survived it, you got something deeper and more powerful to give to the world. what does not kill us makes us stronger. we keep shinin

  • @ jinx you right nigga he could sign to good music , problem is Lupe got a chip on his shoulder Jayz tried to sign him but he refused i suspect he would not been in this mass had he signed with big bro.

    kanye is his mate it would make sense for him to sign with Kanye cos kanye is ontop his game…Luoe should learn form Common elders who are sensible and not let pride control their actions even when shit is obvious atlantic clearly dont give a shit bout hip hop culture ….Lupe drop the pride homes and join Good music Kanye is a good dude. he flashy like a muthafucker but he got the culture down like nobody.

  • Foekist

    Boo fucking hoo… look at the life this man leads and he is bitching about something so trivial! Pull your knickers up and take your thumb out your mouth, fucking cry baby !!

  • kwame

    stay strong lupe!!

  • James

    What a stupid mutherfuckar! Fucking cry baby smdh.

  • J law

    dyings for fools

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  • javito-1

    its funny how everybody wants to be a business consultant when it comes to other people’s shit, if anyone here knows about depression, which i’m sure a lot of you negative bastards do,you should know its not something you just “get over”. his next album should be better, and one more thing; a post could be about fucking eggs and someone would still bring eminem’s name up, you haters are worse than the stans.

  • Darth Fader

    Fuck the corpse-fucker that said Nas lost.

  • Truthhurtsslowly

    Those of u saying he’s a pussy have no idea what it’s like to be an artist. Especially one that’s tied down by the industry. It’s not about the fact that they didn’t like his song. They totally disrespected him. And he’s one of their top artists. It goes deeper than they don’t like me anymore. Know ur shit before u comment


    ^Boo fucking woo! DIE MUSLIM DIE!!

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  • @Donn Great advice. That’s why youre a platinum selling artist right?

  • sway-z

    I’m a day one fan, but I’m tired of this nigga crying, I just spoke about this in another thread a couple days ago, come on here today, and he’s at it again?!!

    Look nigga, you coulda been on GOOD music & Rocafella back when it was still hot. You already know the deal with the music business, this is your 3rd album! And the album ain’t that bad, it’s not up to the other two, but if you wasn’t out here bitchin all crazy, niggas wouldn’t have that preconceived perception that it’s wack. Lupe hurting himself right now way more than Atlantic ever could…

  • Power

    Fuck whoever diss lupe . My favorite rapper JOE BUDDEN thinks he ‘s nice

  • Donn

    Do you see anybody else crying in the fucking media as much as Lupe. Drake, Wayne, BoB, Nas, Jay-Z, Wiz, etc etc


    This fucking industry is about making fucking money, its 99% bizness and 1% music. If you have a problem with those percentages, right a fucking tweet about it and fuck off. This is the REAL WORLD. THE REAL FUCKING WORLD. We would like everything to be about quality and sunshine and butterfly music but its about making fucking money. Watch any movie, Casino, Goodfellas, Cadillac Records, idgaf, its about MONEY

    Lupe you are a product. Jay-Z is a product, Nas is a product. Your job is to make money. Make hits. Sell records. NOTHING ELSE. Do your fucking job. Say watchu want about BoB, Britney Spears, Taio Cruz, Ester Dean, Rico Love, WHO EVER

    But they do their job, by doing the shit that movies glorify gangsters for. For raping this fucking industry for every cent. You not in it for the money then sign a contract that donates all your royalties to charity, link your iTunes account to the label, cus its about getting this fucking money


  • Mr Xclusive

    Lupe needs help then

  • MKvsDC

    Damn man why is RapRadar making Lupe feel like a pussy? Lupe is not about depression. He’s not feelin’ like this any more, this was all in the past. Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the “You played yourself, Lupe.” article when you guys said Lupe’s album was never comin’ out. RapRadar, stop being a biased piece of shit.


    Hey ride it out You gotta the music in you – Suicide is just too easy most people don’t get the opportunity to be a Mcee. so keep pushing it & don’t let the demons take over you. SAalaam alaikum

  • Jepaa

    Every lupe fan check this out. Next album gonna be all LUPE not Atlantic ft. Lupe!

  • Slim

    Lupe is a colossal overrated cunt.

  • ODM3TheTruth


    Y’all some dumbfucks.

    Don’t know shit about anything.

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  • rjay_jazz


  • Jake

    donn crazy lyrics are what hip hop is about…thats why drake and r. kelly for gods sake don’t really get respect in hip hop…r kelly’s fan’s are the 13 year olds he pees on which for the most part you can’t really include cuz middle school kids seem to just listen to whatever the radio throws at them they dont care about lyrics and drakes fans are mostly all girls…i honestly dont know any guys who are fans of drake but a ton of girls who are. none of hip hops greatest didn’t spit crazy lyrics..lupe go find a label who appreciates your intelligence and doesnt turn you into a tool like so many other artists have clearly turned into…

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  • sacbeme

    Dumb it down