XXL Freshman Freestyle: Diggy Simmons

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The Diggster finds himself as XXL‘s Freshman of the day. Below, the rising star recalls getting word on making the class.

“When I got that call [from XXL] I flipped, I screamed. I don’t get that hype about nothing, but I was bouncing off the walls. That obviously means that this is a big thing for me. It’s like a dream come true. My dad, [Joseph ‘Reverend Run’ Simmons] was excited for me [too]. That’s something that is important for any artist. Being on the XXL Freshman list is that mark, it’s that stamp. It’s very meaningful to me, so the fact that I got it, and now to see it set in stone, is crazy.”

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  • Mook

    Diggy’s Potential >>>>

  • joe

    ^ are you serious this guy blows my nuts!

  • Jermel

    The only reason this kid has any exposure is cuz of his dad..if he was a random kid living in oakland california he’d be one of those myspace rappers that never perform outside of a local club.

  • Dashing

    ^ True, he got the look because of his dad but he can actually spit. It’s not like Jojo, Rev Run’s other son, who really can’t rap. Diggy has potential, especially for someone so young. He’s a lot more lyrical than a lot of MCs his age and he’s only going to get better.




  • assasin9

    yall keep sayin he’s gettin exposure because of his father – so he just left jo jo to rot ? yall forget jo came out way before diggy — yea obviously his name helps him get some things, but stop actin like he has no talent at all.

  • He wont make it far BC the hood wont fuck with his corny ass… He tries to hard to be “HARD” where ass someone like Drake stays in his Lane and isnt afraid to show that he has a soft vulnerable side… Thats why the streets fuck with Drake cuz he know his lane and never tried and force false information about who he is… a corny Jew From Canada with half decent rhymes and catchy Hooks… Whats Diggy have? Last time i remember this little Niglet he wa scrying about toys in his room on tv… Fuck outta her with this bullshit…

  • I diggit diggy


  • Money mitch

    But mom I want a refridgerator in my rooooom!!

  • ………its just a kid………i know, i know…………..but my heavens…………….n*ggas should just flat out freestyle at this point…….lightweight 16’s are running rampant……..iRetire……….ima just graphic design for a living. F*ck rap, ya’ll can have it back.

  • D

    diggy deserved it. this dude will carry the game on his back in the next few years.

    and anybody who says he is on there because of dad should eat a dick.

  • Diggy is that you? ^^

  • CashlessClay

    by now 3/11 I’d say:


  • Anon DCPL

    Diggy gon’ have a hard time getting that so called “street cred” stamp on his music…only way I see it happening is if he can make some real shit rap talking about real issues and shit going on in this REAL world.

  • Cosign @Anon DCPL

  • killafornia kush

    I cant see diggy even getting played in the radio. That bet cypher was his only chance to getting noticed a lil more. I dnt hate, but I cant give him respect especially when he “bought” his way into the game

  • diggy fan

    yeah he got his shine bc of who his dad is… but this kid can SPIT!
    he’s extremely talented! and why not praise him?

    I see that little willow whippin’ her hair … do ya thing diggy.

  • Uptown_dc

    nice…! but am i the only that thinks this sounds like Drake wrote it?

  • The Hater

    I don’t even wanna hear this nigga rap until he finish puberty. Fuck you got to talk about? And I hate them LIL kids voice, once everyone get into his sound his voice gon change and it’s gone jus like bow wow

  • Jinx


  • roger

    whos his father?

  • OffYaSelf

    @[email protected] you basically just said the streets fux with drake cause hes soft . hhahaha wtf

  • Magic

    this does not sound like Drake at all…

  • still NOT sold on this guy.


    look it was cool to see the young kid spit and rhyme and shit.. but now that he serious well then the gloves are off.. and he just look like a lil rich spoil kid who is feeling him self way to much.. much success to you though .. but humble your self just a lil.. we all seen your pops raised u the rite way.. maybe spit some up lifting stuff.. uplift your generation..dont have to be all fashion and all that other stuff.. just a tad my man just a tad.. but i got nothin but respect for that fam..

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  • ???

    This is a weak ass verse. real shit, usually i fux wit Diggy lyrically but this shit here? this shit right here nigga? WEAK.

  • lmao, “this shit right here….” J. Cole voice

  • The noid

    Looks and sounds like Lupe will be doing some ghostly things this summer… you can’t fool me Atlantic.

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  • DiggyWifeyForLifey

    Why Are Yall Trippin..Stop Hatin..Dats Ma Bae..He Is Talented.Who Thinks Otha Wise..Eat A Dick..U Hatin Bcaz He Gettin Da Paper And Ya Kids Wont Make It!..Shut Dat Shyt Up And Swallow Ma Cum!..Dats All 4 Uu Diggy!