NOBODY CARE! We the business 100 million dollars!

  • Belize


  • Conway West

    whack juice

  • blake

    Damn, he really has a lot of emotion in this song.

  • Mr.G


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  • tr

    Why was on earth was there NOT a guitar solo in the album version? It sounds fantastic.

  • K

    Fire!!!! …. Honest hip hop

  • James

    Isnt he suppose to be dead?

  • Black Shady

    LOL this nigga cried for what…2 years about his album not dropping. shit I understand Atlantic. That shit is weakkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Not impressed at all with this record Lupe. Now that it leaked..the label gotta drop it, but shit…..wish some1 from ur camp woulda told u to re-do the whole shit LOL

  • gus

    am i listening to the same lasers you all are listening to? this cd is amazing

  • Rico

    “My Hearts Been Broke For A While, Yours The only thing keeping me alive”… i can relate Lu, great song

  • Ben

    Yall are fucking retarded. Atlantic Records is the reason Lupe can’t release what he REALLY wants. For a song that they shoved down his damn throat it’s a good song. You morons think this is what he really wants? Use your brain sometimes jackasses. FNF^

  • Burundi

    Yall dumb fucks who are saying that Lupe album sucks, yall can eat a fried dick !!! there is a reason why this song isnt the way its supposed to be, its because of that fuckin atlantic record shit! They obliged him to change “Beautiful lasers” to this rock type of shit, “State run Radio” and much more…> i red an interview lupe did and he said ” he actually has 4 songs that were on his “LASERS” project 1, meaning, the rest (10 tracks) are from atlantic ! ! how fucked is that smh… as a true Lupe fan i will get three copies of lasers on tuesday (march 8th) just to support him… FUCK ATLANTIC #FreeLupe

  • ray

    What the f?? i got my album at JB hifi 2 days ago. They must have forgot the official date LOL.

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  • mikey

    great song

  • Rachael5922

    there’s only two ways out of here.