Fat Joe Working On Cooking Show

Joey Crack recently sat down with NBC’s Peter Bailey to discuss Miami’s Hip Hop scene, his cooking show, and auctioning his shoe collection for charity.

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  • pissed

    wait until 50 heres this. Lmao

  • white milk

    good for him. n1ggas are so closed-minded and ignorant these days that they’ve severely limited the amount of opportunites they have. truly sad. hopefully he trying to cook healthy though. dude already big…eat good

  • Noringtone

    No suprise there lol. Just playing i agree with @whie milk.

  • assasin9

    man I laughed so hard at the title…. feelin the move though – can’t be stuck in one thing forever – a lot of artists don’t have other talents or desires but to rap all their life.

  • MKvsDC

    RapRadar needs to make facebook-registered users in order to comment on these threads. Too many anonymous people talking too much shit that don’t make any sense. These negative comments are gettin out of hand, and not to mention their biased ass articles dont make it any better. I’m gone. I’ll be back when these niggas improve.

  • Thank Me Hater

    Pass….this is too easy

  • Chu Chu

    lmaooo Joe Is Too Funny.

  • GAM3x1991

    LMAO @ Thank Me Hater!!!

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  • Gman

    Lol…can’t get mad at him….least he’s doing something that he wants to do other than rap….cosign w/ assisin9…..most rap dudes don’t plan another life after rap…smh…it is what it its…

  • Word

    Cosign @Thank Me Hater

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  • Belize