Jay Electronica “The Making Of Act II”

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We’ve been waiting a while now for something new from Jay Electronica, so he decided to release a new video. Take a look behind the scenes in the studio while he is creating some new music for Act II.

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  • Thank Me Hater

    Jay is dope but this shit is gonna be the new detox

  • more like 24 Hour Karate School. it won’t drag that long.

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  • …and how is this promoting new music for Jay Elec?! smmfh…

  • Black Shady

    watch his ACT II become a disappointment like Lupe’s LASERS bullshit…

  • Word

    Its REAL REAL quiet over in the Roc Nation Camp. REAL quiet…and that aint good.

    Well, thats as far as the rap acts go. Not really stressing no Willow Smith bull.

  • this shit was like art-work. Peace to the King Jay E.

  • ddave

    Anyone with a good sense for hip hop knows this we’re long overdue for this to drop. We don’t care about a preview of a hook. The lady was humble. No disrespect, but do drop the tape sooner than later. Easter sounds about right. Also, Lasers would’ve been better if Atlantic wasn’t telling to not rap too complex aka limiting the man’s creativity. Smh.

  • Real Talk

    This was supposed to come out in 2007, then 2008, then 2009 and then in Dec of 2010. This guy has used evey excuse in the world as reasons for Act II’s constant delays!

  • LA

    Man fuck jayz for limiting his HIP HOP roster from creating a buzz. and fuck bitch ass lupe the person for selling out(contract). but skills wise nigga is top notch tho. Jay elect>lupe

  • LongLungz


  • Power.

  • Playa

    He from the south I fuck wit jay elect

  • Van

    I like how Jay Electron is doing this. No over saturation, no over processed music. He’s taking his time to make pieces and allowing the music to speak for it’s self. Record Corporations sell personality first then music. It really shouldn’t be like that. This slow creative process is something that’s been missing in music generally and hip hop specifically. I like that he’s making the public wait for the art. This way the fickle fans and internet leeches will fall off building a stronger core fan base for Jay E.


  • V


  • PoundCakeMan

    Tone Treazure is so dope!

  • villain

    jay elec = j.cole = dr.dre = detox, act ii, cole world

  • 106

    Dope. I rather wait than get some wack shit.

  • Citylivin’

    Hip Hop fans so impatient smh…..shit if you don’t wanna wait go listen to some Gucci Mane…..i’m pretty sure somebody out of Bricksquad dropped a mixtape today.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    WOOOOWW, i really like where JAy Elect is going with his music and his movement……excellent

    Roc Nation Take a NAtion to Stop.

  • he’s dope, but won’t sell jack

  • Chu Chu

    Wow This Guy Makes MOVIES. Deff My Fav Out Of All The New Artist Real Creative Down To Earth Brotha

  • sway-z

    You niggas wouldn’t be so pressed about this shit if music didn’t move at the speed of light! As a youngin, a tape would last a nigga AT LEAST 3-4 months if it was banging, damn near a year if it was classic. Shit, you couldn’t even skip songs without waiting, so the whole tape had to be dope.

    Now the hottest shit be lucky to last a week in this fucked up ADD generation. The dopest shit from just last year feels like it came out in 2008 already, so I say take your time Jay Elec, chances are, niggas is just gonna download and delete your shit within a month anyway, smdh…

  • Stack 13

    Good music takes time not this rushed pop tart rap ish everyone is used to. A real artist is not droppin a mixtape every other day, flooding the public with crap. If you have a chance to say something and people clearly want to hear it why would you waste that voice. Truth be told, I am from the south by birth. I truly love hip hop. None of the albums that really meant anything to the game were put together in two months. This crap that we are hearing right know on the radio and other blog sites is exatcly what it is crap. These corprate machines are telling these rappers to sell your soul and coonin and foolin. Not letting them know it takes a minute to make your own sound. They clearly dont understand the craft it takes to be an Emcee. Yo this is my opionion if you dont like it ” so what, i dont care”. There is nothing wrong with having these diffrent types of lanes within hip hop, so repect the artist and let him give the game an example of how you make an album.

  • G Boogie

    Some of you people are just ignorant. Music is a art. ‘YOU TAKE TIME TO CREATE YOUR ART”. You see the man is working on his album. It takes time to create. Go listen to some Gucci, Waka or Lil’ Wayne or some other wack ass rapppers that’s out now. That’s why I’ll stick to listening to Jay Elect, Jay-Z, Ghost & Rae, and a few others who have substance and poetry within their rhymes.

  • m85

    i agree wit everyone on here that correctly explained that music is art and should take a while to make sure its right n the content is right..alot of these so called artists puttn out non stop mixtapes or 50 songs back to back dont let real inspiration happen cause they keep puttn out stuff..oversaturation isnt what it should be..but in this day n age where information moves quicker and quicker and pple get their entertainment faster it has also spilled into art..esp musically..particularly hip hop..let that man create..be happy jay z have given him control enough to even take his time..same way wit jcole..cause if hov rushed them and the music came out half ass yall would hate anyway..be patient either throw on some classic music in the meantime or wait for the lastest dumb ass gucci man mixtape

  • Tone

    Whoa Jay Electronica this is on another level.

    To the disgruntled: Patience is a virtue. The man is doing his thing, and as you can see, it is´╗┐ magic.



    i can not wait for this shit to drop!!!!!!