New Music: Chris Brown “She Ain’t You”

Produced by Free School, D4 got their hands on track number five off Chris Brown’s forthcoming LP, which samples both SWV and MJ‘s hits. Not bad at all Breezy. F.A.M.E. in stores March 22.


Bonus: Chris Brown x Ludacris “Wet The Bed”

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  • BK James

    Bitch nigga


    This is nice

  • assasin9

    what is this crap ? lol – this is a mixtape track…. when is he gunna just sing regular, he’s a good singer wtf — and he just ruined this SWV song…. wait, then he switched to the human nature flow ? hahahahaha man make up ur mind.

  • jburg

    shit is pretty nice

  • CG

    Yeah, not like this was MJs song or anything. SWV?… wow.

  • CG


  • NewMoney

    its nice but the original and the SWC remake is a classic that shouldn’t be touched

  • I love it! Hot track..

  • Donn


    400k first week. Lets go Breezy!!!

  • Thedailyrapup
  • jburg


  • Mr Xclusive

    real R&B

    just wait for Up 2 You

    thats the nicest R&B song i’ve heard in years

  • Donn


    Just listened to Chris’ whole album and not one bad song, every song is good. I’ma be kopping this one. 10/10

    Its like the perfect album

  • They are pulling out all the stops to get this kid exposure. The nude pics-him & RiRi- the Wiz collab and then the Sisqo hair cut. I just can’t wait for the next marketing scheme.

    Jburg was right. That “Wet the Bed” is that shit!

  • Javier

    This is rapradar lowkey way of saying Chris Brown’s album has leaked?

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  • Jinx

    real r&b

  • This song got that MJ swag

  • IceCold

    Loving those nudes

  • Dum fucs

    it aint hard to tell i excel!!!

  • james

    then prevail

  • james

    lmao at niggas catching feelings cuz chris brown did a remake of an SWV song

  • I’m f with this tight VA all day

  • ToiletSpatula

    Breezy is epic.
    FUCK rihanna.

  • You mad? So What?

    Why is it that the haters are ALWAYS the first to comment?? Like always! Damn! Get off his d*ck! Literally.

    Anywho, I still don’t know how I feel about the ‘She Ain’t You’ track. It’s cute, but his vocals aren’t the best on it and I really hope he isn’t still pining for Rihanna. *rolls eyes* Seven screaming in the background is annoying as hell too. Of course I love the track thouhg, classic!

    ‘Wet the Bed’ is the shit though. I swear I wanted to hear more than sex songs from him but I always wind up loving his sex songs. He is so nasty…but I love it! Lol!

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  • yo that song is hot and hating on breezy he made a bad decision and paid for it let the bot do his thing

  • its a damn shame that this boy cant even enjoy his career without having to still deal with people always bringing the past about a mistake he made 2 years ago yo breezy fuck the haters and do ya thing kid the album is hot your best work yet.

  • Tiffany

    Who the fuck cares if it is the original song from SWV and MJ bottom line chris breezy did a good fuckin job. The beat and sample from MJ’s Human Nature into this song is ON POINT!!! There is way too many fuckin haters on his DICK!! Fuck them haters CHRIS BREEZY DO YOU AND CONTINUE TO MAKE SUCCESSFUL ALBUMS. But overall I really LOVED this fuckin song the way he did it has touched me in so many ways meaning it gives me GOOSEBUMPS lol 🙂

  • Tiffany

    And wet the bed is fuckin freaky BUT I like it at the same time seriously. His sex song right here can defintely make somebody horny really quick.

  • tia

    fuck them chris im by unomateer what

  • tia

    chris dont worrie bout them haters do you this ya time to shine n stop think bout rhianna she anint thinking bout yu babe move on sweet heart

  • SiSi

    This is not a SWV original this is a MJ original (for those saying other wise).

    But overall this is a pretty good song. You can’t deny that he has talent.

  • meek

    I love this track. “She aint you” is my favorite song from the album. Keep doing ya thing chris!

  • well chris brown keep up the hard work n keep ya head upp im ya biggest fan love you hope to meet you in life

  • kimberlyy

    fav song gladd he tried suhmthing neww!!! love mj && swv version too. classical beat. love yu cmb

  • pj

    I love this song..thats whats up…there is some haters out there..

  • pj

    sorry for the poor english…There are haters out there…lol

  • bbj

    i love it !*

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  • whyy

    ayeeeeeeeeee 🙂

  • TiaraMarie

    I absolutely love this song! I’ve listened to it 10 times a day for the past week and I’m not tired of it yet! Keep up the good work Chris Brown!

  • shantre

    love it love u this a