• cheee


  • OffYaSelf

    “yeah its nothing new” lol sameold wiz lyrics
    kinda dope tho

  • Yeaaaaaaah bitch!

  • KanyeSmug

    Number 2 *as far as my comment* and Number 2 as this is shit. I ain’t hating just being REAL

  • TS1900

    Wiz Lahtifah<<<

  • Chu Chu

    Im Feelin This….. No Growth In The Lyrics Thou

  • Ghostface

    dat shit mad gay cuz get this shit outta here nah mean

  • Belize loves Eminems

    lol i actually like this

    this >>> roll up

  • Donn

    DAmn this shit smooth. I didn’t think i would like this dude but i mean with records like this, Roll Up, WTF, Middle Of You, Big Screen and few others, i’m starting to like him

    I dig that dude knows how to make SONGS and not just random ass freestyle mixtape verses. I think he needs to push the envelope more lyrically but i mean, dude isn’t the worse, and we’ve seen worse in Hip Hop

    This is dope, 4/5 definitely. Might just purchase Rolling Papers

  • Word

    Wiz couldnt go 5 seconds into the song without mentioning weed.

    But, I guess as long as you got a good beat and hook your good.

    Just keep repeating the same lyrics over and over again

    Thats what all the major superstars do. Same lyrics, different beats.

    You heading in the right direction Wiz.

    As long as you get paid, fuck everybody else opinion. I suppose.

  • TM

    finalllly we get the old wiz back


    oh shit…….when this nigga @donn start liking an artist….thats when you know he a sellout and just make pop music….cuz every rapper that nigga like is a pop artist….oh well, i still bump your old shit wiz. fuck all these pop faggot lovers you attracting.

  • TS1900

    Donn says:
    Tuesday, March 08 2011 at 12:08 AM
    DAmn this shit smooth. I didn’t think i would like this dude but i mean with records like this, Roll Up, WTF, Middle Of You, Big Screen and few others, i’m starting to like him

    I dig that dude knows how to make SONGS and not just random ass freestyle mixtape verses. I think he needs to push the envelope more lyrically but i mean, dude isn’t the worse, and we’ve seen worse in Hip Hop

    This is dope, 4/5 definitely. Might just purchase Rolling Papers

    ^STFU, b. Ain’t nobody ask you for yo rabid ass review.

  • woozy

    this dude already fell off..wiz don’t even make hip hop anymore

  • mike12

    this shit is amazing!

  • dee

    swagger jack of max b – all my life

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  • YaaaBitch

    Personally I think this is better than Black n Yellow and Roll Up. I think his album is gunna be a mix of shit like this and then that real poppy shit. Hes no lyricist

  • veesky

    This is the best cut I’ve heard from Wiz in a minute

  • STRIK9

    This dude sucks.Why the fuck is everbody on his nuts? Goddamn are them some amateur lyrics,they dont even flow or sound right.I feel bad for you kids out there that jock this shit and dont know better!

  • SmokeYou

    has this kid made a song/took a picture about anything but weed? i haven’t listened to his music besides that lame black and yellow so I have no clue.

  • ben

    i did not listen, i know it blows ass.

  • This is kinda str8. Actually better than that gay ass “Roll Up” shit…same ol’ lyrics, but a tad bit smoother.

  • Sony Music Employee

    everybody hates Donn on here lmaooo myself included

  • Bo

    I swear…Haters will hate. Keep doin your thing wiz

  • haha…this sh cracks me up, ppl here not only hate on the artists here, but even other posters…haha lmfao hate just dont stop huh…


    as far as the track, shit is smooth tho…real chill, reminds me of some ol school kick back shit…reminds me of some bone thugs type of beat with the vibe…and no not comparing him to bone…just reminds me, before somebody goes all ape sh on here…

  • Gee

    This right here..is vintage… WIZ! Anyone who says different doesn’t really mess with his like that and its quite clear that Rollin’ Papers will have something dope for us ‘classic Taylors’ and someting crazy to attract ‘Taylor rookies’ too. Good job Wizzle!

  • ColoradoKnight

    The production is so ill. Wiz knows how to write hooks, it’s what carries him. HIs lyricism is still lacking though.

  • ghost

    I don’t understand what the big deal is im bout to fall asleep. Let me put my shaolin vs wu tang back on.

  • Good to see an artist get good promo for an upcoming album.

  • B

    This shows the mind of someone who is one dimensional. If he had any type of debt to his brain it would be revealed in his lyrics. He just doing what he know. He has nothing else to give.

  • Mellow

    Why does he have to get scrutinized for doing what got him here in the first place? Its not like he was deep at first, then started dumbing it down, this is what he always does, and there are people who enjoy it obviously. If you don’t like it, you knew that you wouldn’t like it before clicking this post. No need to complain or offer your two cents.

  • mikey

    nice track

  • Citylivin’

    he gets scrutinized by lames because he’s WINNING,duh!….most artists that get hate on here are winning; Wiz Ross,Wale,Gucci,Waka etc….that’s basically what it boils down to.

  • Cant wait for this album to drop!

  • Black Shady

    LOL @ all the bandwagoners!!! I hope you got all your chucks on…..smh
    Wiz is weak. no susbtance in his rhymes. All he can do his alright hooks….

    watch him flop starting march 29…

  • Donn

    @TS1900 no one asked for your dumbass opinion either, did they?

  • lilrizq

    after hearing the sample at the beginning of the track i knew it was klassic khalifa!!!!! i don’t wanna hear no more leak sh–t until the 29th, this is the only album this month that i’m going to buy.

  • Moe


  • Thank Me Hater

    @Donn Damn!!

  • bgeezy

    this is dope shit by wiz….if u like wiz u like this track. Laid back and smooth.

  • Thank Me Hater

    I think it’s dope and it’s going into my ipod immediately. I’m just not a big Khalifa fan and I’ve never been. I think a blogger summed it up best when they said Wiz’s style >>>>> Wiz’s lyrics. He hit the nail on the head

  • Hov

    You dudes are never satisfied. You got guys rapping about coke on every album. So dont knock the young for the Mari J steelo.

  • Donn


    I would never respond to ignorance, i appreciate you using my username to take up for me but I’m fine, its just a blog site…. A RAP ONE at that much lol

    I dont need to respond to my haters, they obviously take the time to respond to everything i say, its quite flattering and entertaining honestly.

  • Capeman

    Much better.

  • syllables

    lol tryna copy biggie at the end mayb this nigga shuld get some lyrics befor he even thinks of makn another song let alone coy fucking biggie sucha a joke this lil skinny cunt


    @Cityliving how are gucci and waka winning? they both flopped and are fading into obscurity…nobody bumpin they shit these days

  • Irvin

    The beat is dope. Catchy. Never thought Wiz was a lyricist but who cares if he’s making songs like this. Probably will hit the radio.

  • derek

    STFU already @donn. Been fucking with Wiz since 09′ and am ready to hear new subject matter.

  • Jherb334

    Fucc all these hataz… See u on top wiz!!

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  • i said YERR

    i can fuck w this … smoooth lol no homo

  • keenen

    i fuckin hate when people wake you up in the mornin but when you wiz you can keep snorin stackin up that paper cuz that shit is anormis keep it up wiz

  • Vorhees Tokin Trees

    Agree with Mellow. If you don’t like it then don’t click it you fuckin’ idiots.

  • canada

    eminem’s new home to home tour is coming to blu-ray

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HPYFvXLZxM&w=640&h=390

  • canada
  • canada
  • @BoneCRUSHER Nigga Shut The Fuck Up Dont Speak For Nobody Nigga YOU Aint Bumpin They Shit

  • Big 14 years gone but never forgotten!

    nice song

  • leo

    Beat’s got me on the beach, hammock chilling, Wiz’s old ass lyrics and repetitive sound’s got me selling his concert tickets for a 100 a pop to dumb rich bitches and forgetting how to download songs. Dude’s been out of material for over 2 years. Find a ghost writer or get out of the game.

    Cars, money, weed, and yo girl. tahahaha yeahhhh bitch

  • Dannyg

    Wiz is known for havin some dope beats and just rappin about what he does. Its chill to listen to, so who cares if he talks about the same shit. At least he flows and keeps rhymin new ish

  • leo

    He doesn’t make his beats. It was chill to listen to when I heard the same exact shit 6 mixtapes ago. His flow is identical in every song. Are you listening to his lyrics? He’s not rhyming anything new. He’s recycled the same exact lines in every album/mixtape. How can people continue to say his new songs are good? Yeah the beats are dope. None of that has anything to do with wiz.



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  • Dhodge

    Well iVe sat hear and read all these comments and damn I see hating is a fulltime job. I like the record I ride to it every day wiz muzik reminds u of summer time trees blowing, relax, laid back shit. Yea ok he talks about weed and groupies all the time but hey he is being himself and not fabricated like others who are out. L.i.E (Loyalty Is Everythang)

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  • Alex420

    i really didnt think i would lyk his music but this dude is dope.. ganna go get his cd =]

  • Shaunzie

    All these mothafuckas are hatin because they ain’t Wiz. You poor and a damn joke. You bitches go make a song, o thats right! You can’t! Quit hatin fags. Everybody wants money, Wiz is just doin somethin about it.

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  • ar-15

    Taylor Gang or sky dive with no Parachute ….