Rick Ross Performance (Best Buy Theater, NY)

Nigel D wasn’t the only one in the house Friday night as Ricky Rozay rocked the sold-out house at Hot 97’s sponsored show in Times Square. After a few words from the Boss up top, peep pretty much his entire set which included a gang of guests. Let’s pretend you were there. Ha!

“MC Hammer”


“Here I Am”

“Aston Martin Music”



Meek Mill

“9 Piece”

“John Doe”


Ace Hood

John Legend

“Tears Of Joy”

“Devil In A New Dress”

YN Shout

Busta Rhymes


“I’m Not A Star”


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  • MinajBangher!

    HOT GARBAGE!!!!!

  • rrahha

    Listening to UGK’s “The Feds are in Town” when i see this guy…..

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    No thanks

  • its amazing to see the BMF record STILL moving the crowd.. it’s also amazing to hear Kanye West’s music/beat behind BOTH Rozay AND Pusha T’s stages. thank you for all these posts YN!

  • Chu Chu


    I Think Homos Are Not Allow On This Site.


    FUCK RICK ROSS.i like his music bt this ma’fucker came 2 my country n perfomed hustlin,bmf and aston martin only and left.fuck him

  • Moe


  • ColoradoKnight

    It’s funny if you look at a concert from 10 years ago, hands would be up. Nowadays, it’s all cellphones videotaping? Enjoy the show people. *Side Note* Correctional officers have come along way.

  • dallasfever

    Good job on posting all the video’s.. This is a very good post

  • your pusha

    hes the best right now, lets just all agree

  • HOLD UP!

    lets keep it funky the homie ace hood is not going to make the kid has no marketability, stop trying to put him on… its not gonna happen

  • Rick Ross Rocks! Thank you for sharing this with us.

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