ESGN: Freddie Gibbs “Viva Los Bulls”

After noticing Freddie Gibbs insightful and often humorous observations on sports through his Twitter account, Rap Radar decided to give him a forum to express his thoughts on the thrills of victory and the agonies of defeat. It’s Gangsta Gibbs Wide World Of Sports. The black Bill Simmons is here. And for his second column, Gary’s finest got a thing or two to say about Bron Bron and his team of crybabies. Ha!

Ok ok I know it’s just March and ain’t no hardware being given out yet but y’all gotta admit that my BULLS are killin’ shit. Not only did we complete a season sweep on that so-called “super team” in Miami, but we’re 2nd in the east behind Beantown and having our best season since MJ and Scottie had niggaz flipping over cars on the southside of Chicago. Damn, I miss those days. I’m not saying Derrick Rose is Jordan, but he’s putting on a hell of an MVP run without anything close to a Pippen by his side.

D-Wade, I’m disappointed in you. Y’all are 1-5 in your last 6 games and this week you lost 3 games you had in the bag. Wade you had a chance to come to Chicago and possibly complete what could’ve been the best backcourt in the league. But fuck all the shoulda-coulda-woulda shit, you wanted to play with Bron Bron and I don’t blame you. He was fresh off two MVPs and one of the most gifted athletes on the planet. It’s almost unfair the way Pat Riley stacked that team this past summer. Even with bitch-ass Bosh, the Heat seemed like the team to beat this year.

Maybe they made that target on their backs a little too big. Maybe LeBron should’ve went to the Knicks where they got real fans. Muthafuckaz in Miami just watch the Heat when they winning. Any other season you wouldn’t see Diddy sitting courtside. James could’ve been the NBA superhero instead of the super villain who apparently gets no love from the refs. Maybe El Heat are playing like shit right now ’cause their saving gas for the playoffs.

Bosh never sniffed the playoffs but between the other 2 guys they got enough experience. I mean hey they just picked up Mike Bibby which would’ve made sense like 10 years ago. Mike Miller can’t hit a shot. Eric Dampier is done. A lotta muthafuckaz came to South Beach but they didn’t bring the talent with ’em. No more crying in the locker room.

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  • ColoradoKnight

    Is there any significance to the jersey adjustments? “Los bulls” just curious if anyone can fill me in on this?

  • Ha! Bibby is DONE

  • Right on! Da BULLS!


    Bulls will OWN in the playoffs!!! Fuck any bandwagon bulls fan tryin to jump on this ship!

  • tr0nic

    los bulls was for latino day or something i believe.
    miami had on their el heat jerseys too.

  • If you removed all the players from the Heat besides their Big Three, their roster looks a lot like some kind of 4 on 4 charity basketball event. “This Sunday, NBA Stars Juwan Howard and Mike Bibby, 3:30 PM, please bring gently used clothes for admittance.”

  • Word

    Heat falling apart WHAT THE FUCK! LeBron use to be CLUTCH what happened?

    How you gonna say Wade shoulda came to Chicago and played with Rose? Lets see…Lebron and Bosh by my side, or Rose? Wade made the right choice.

    The media all on the Heat dick right now cuz they losing. Niggas saying the Heat suck, they 3rd in the East. Fuck you mean they suck? I aint no huge Heat fan but I feel like they being unfairly scrutinized right now. I’m a Lebron fan more than the Heat as a whole.

    Bulls pulled off a good win, but just cuz you got a MVP player putting the team on his back and making the city believe again dont mean shit. Ask LeBron. He was over in Cleveland, back to back MVPs, think they broke the record for most wins in a season last year, championship right? WRONG! And Lebron better than Rose at that.

    End of the day, im a Spurs fan. They boring. Yes. Old. Yes. But do they win? Yes. No flashy smoke or nuffin. We lost to the Lakers but thats just a minor setback on the road to another ring.

    Prolly cuz of the hype. But playoffs round the corner, niggas shouldnt point fingers until we know who gonna be playing in them finals.

  • Ice Cold

    Remember last year when celtics were done and were made fun of? Remember celtics were a 4 seed they were behind hawks, magic and cavs. And look what they did, went straight to the finals. I guess we should call it a season and say Miami is done right?

  • ChuckGzUs

    Los Bulls and El Heat is a promo the NBA does for some time in march for “Latino Night”, MLB also does it…. Gibbs, you’re right…. The heat look soft, they got no big man……. Bosh is a pussy ass mother fucker when it comes to playing D in the rim, he ain’t scaring anybody. Which is why they suck against teams with Bigs (Bulls, Magic, and the Celtics when they get the O’Neils back)

  • Ice Cold

    @word Cosign !!!! Nowadays if you are a 3 seed you suck right? Look at the spurs number 1 in the west and people still say they suck smh, can’t wait until the playoffs

  • @Ice Cold

    SPurs got Murkedd by the Lake Show lmao

  • Ice Cold

    ^^^ i know lol but everybody gets murked in the NBA

  • ColoradoKnight

    tr0nic says:
    Monday, March 07 2011 at 1:40 PM EST
    los bulls was for latino day or something i believe.
    miami had on their el heat jerseys too.

    Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

  • ColoradoKnight

    Word says:
    Monday, March 07 2011 at 1:44 PM EST
    Heat falling apart WHAT THE FUCK! LeBron use to be CLUTCH what happened?

    AGREED! LBJ just fell back now that he’s with The Heat.

  • DrossfromKenosha

    totally agree w ya gangsta gibbs, your commentary is spot on son good shit, you got them pen skills down.. being from Kenosha I’ve hated the Bulls since Jordan left and been trying to stay w the Bucks but them Bulls are something this year, they gonna be a tough tough out in the playoffs

    they play w the same hunger and intensity on defense and offense EVERY game which you don’t see out of any other team in the league, that’s why I think they really have a chance to do something this year.. we will see, I def on the Bulls bandwagon right now

  • real

    fuck the heat. KNICKS BITCH!

  • Indica

    Miamis gonna get dung out first round because the only teams they can beat are the ones that are scared before the game starts. And somehow this is gonna surprise some people.

  • Black Shady

    Who is that Gibbs we talking about? oh…the one who cried cuz SHADY wouldnt give him the time of day? HA!

    SHADY 2011

  • real

    fuck shady. fuck white supremacy rap!

  • puerto-black

    GO KNICKS!!!!

  • Ice Cold

    ^^^ Knicks are 0-3 swept by the cavs lmao!

  • puerto-black

    Im not a bandwagon fan. The knicks sucked for damn near a decade, now we got a team.

  • Belize

    The Freddie Gibbs par isnice.

  • D

    I wish it was longer. But, keep up the good work Mr. Gibbs.

  • jadabang

    Gibbs aint gotta sign to shady….he’s probably 10-12 years too late for hip hop that he’s marketing thats why cali took a plunge into the ice age…….. he sounds a lot like z ro and u see what he’s doing ,hell if that gangsta ish was the in thing rap a lot/ruff ryders/murder inc(before singing ja rule) would be the top of rap i like Gibbs but he’s dope but outdated blame it on the hipster driven BS!! that comes on the radio drake,big sean,cool kids,wale,kid cudi etc….gibbs would eat wayne or ross on a street track but this is my opinion

  • Los G

    @Kevin Hsia when has lebron EVER been clutch? Wha NBA have u been watchin the past 7-8 years? When it comes down 2 it in BIG “need to win” games, against teams that “need 2 be beat”, yo boy bron ALWAYS comes up short.

    And I’ll give u the foresite of gauging playing alongside Rose as opposed 2 playing alongside Wade and Bosh, but the current truth of the matter is it was a bad decision. Anytime 3 ppl score 69 points collectively in 1 game and u still lose tells me there’s no help. And 4 the simple fact that each of them are used 2 being the man and none of them have differed that role the way the original big 3 in Boston have.

    Don’t get me wrong cuz I am in NO WAY a celtics fan, I’m clearly making the point that in order for the heat’s type of situation 2 work they have to be unselfish, which is wha LeBron clearly is not showing, they need a team behind the 3 superstars ala Boston ’08 and they need a real closer…which Lebron (other than the 1 shot in conference finals of 09 to beat the Magic in game 2) has proven he CANNOT BE.

    And the spurs getting blown out in the building that they’ve had sheer DOMINANCE in all season long, as a result of “hype” LMAO GIVE ME A FUCKIN BREAK!

  • mac DIESEL

    “No more crying in the locker room”




  • Ice Cold

    Respect, sadly everybody in new York was rooting for lakers/cavs and etc now they are all Knicks fans huh? Smh


    yep that’s right the BULLS are the team to beat yea i said it !!!!!! WHAT WE DOIN? DUH WINNING!!!!

  • Im ugly as hell

    I wish it was longer. But, keep up the good work mr.gibbs>>>>>@D mad pause

  • Chi-Money

    Bulls BABY!!!! Say what you want, but the Bulls D just wears motherfuckers out. Other teams can’t hang with these cats laying on their asses for 4 quarters. SWARM BITCHES!!! Rose ain’t even close to playing full minutes with a bench and teammates that put in work every quarter. Plus, Rose is a cold blooded assassin who wants to win at all cost. You want to play with him (Wade, LeBron, Anthony) cool. If not, then be prepared to get your ass kicked. No excuses. No crying.




    ohh EFFF THE HEAT!! most overrated team in the league! Catch up, lil n—gas

  • Real Deal

    uh someone should tell these lebron fans that he isn’t very clutch. he’s had like 2 clutch moments in his whole career. smh. Bulls all they way. They’ll beat the Lakers in 6

  • LA

    On tha real miami was killing them 1st and 2nd quarter but the heat arent consistent and felt they dont have to work as hard and underestimate tha bulls tho. Gibs right heat are a bunch of baby?dwade?The world want us to lose?MAN UP Hahaha

  • Money mitch

    All of you gonna be crying win the magic sneak in and take it all

  • Good write-up Mr. Gibbs! Look forward to reading more in the future!

  • @ jadabang, how the hell you gonna say Gibbs out dated? wtf you listening to? That’s the reason why ANY artist in today’s industry is at a crippling dissadvantage when it comes to music marketing. How old are you, 17? Alll those artists you named in your comment are nothing more than temporary industry gimmicks, set up to be functions of profitability for labels that are scuffling to maintain relevancy. You probably would be saying BIGGIE and PAC are outdated too. Glad I gots a NUFF CASH to be my own damn DEAL! lmfao!

  • oh, and GO BULLS!!!

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  • puerto-black

    @Ice cold, True indeed. I got a couple of friends that switched up, now there back and im talking shit to them EVERY chance. Im still pissed they didnt draft Ron artest,

  • A Very GOOD Idea giving Gibbs this Opportunity. He’s Worthy!
    I appreciate
    his it livens Everyhting Up.

  • Ern

    bostons goin hard this year.
    snappin records in reggie’s face and shit.
    But why dont you rep the Pacers Gibbs?


    GO BULLLSS!!!!!!!

  • New York, where they have real fans? I like that. #KNICKS
    Good job Gangsta Gibbs.

  • j

    @Ern Gary is right next to Chicago

  • Ern

    stilll indiana indypace!

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  • ian andrews

    this is a wonderful discovery; a personal favorite indiana rapper writing about my favorite sports team. perfect. Gibbs, i got some indiana DIY swag for you on april 8th in bloomington!
    get at me
    [email protected]
    ian andrews

  • Charlie Breeze

    Aye @WORD Gone head and eat that shit you just said about Wade making the right choice! BULLS BITCH!!!! THE RESURRECTION OF ’91 IS HERE TO HAUNT ALL YOU FAGS GOING AGAINGST THE BULLS!!!!!!!