TRASH! YMCMB the greatest fuck what u heard! We the business 100 million dollars!

  • canada
  • belize

    ymcmb > shady/aftermath

    Carter IV

    i love lil wayne especially when he talks about bitches and money urghhh i want to cum in his ass so hard

  • rives305

    OFWGKTA ftw !
    fuck steve harvey

  • OffYaSelf

    horrorcore is played out. most of them niggas soft as hell

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  • Gman

    shit goes hard….

  • STRIK9

    Fuck you bitch made niggas that bump that cash money bullshit.Get off waynes nutz boy.Yayo aint tha best,but I’d rather hear his shit than that bubble gum pop shit ya’ll be bumpin.Change that shit 2 “Fag money”!!!

  • Started strong.. then sucked.

  • rofl

    This guys has put out nothing but garbage since 50 put him on, when will this worthless sack of shit fall off the face of the earth?

  • deez nutz

    it started getting really good once it ended.

  • bk82

    DOPE !!!! Yaaaaaayyyyyyoooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • D!A!E

    This is sampling tales from the crypt, not LSOH…..

  • kallywood

    tony yayo is making good moves right now but i just dont see him pulling it off, ya feel me?