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  • Reyes

    Incredible. He did his thing on this. Gotta hear more from this dude

  • bmbnn

    Life is so lonely. Why not change it rignt now?
    ——Bla c k ‘W h it e ‘F li rts. C* 0M——— a nice place to meet rich guys, ho t babies, Hollywood cel ebrities, who are searching for their special someone. Are you the one?? Come and have a try !!

  • nice attempt….solid indeed

  • S_Dogg

    Yo this guy is ill, who is he? Has he got a mixtape out or somethin’?

  • mad55

    @ s_dogg listen to his vizzy zone mixtape and everybodys nobody.

  • DJ

    Everybody’s Nobody is easily his best mixtape, but I find most of his songs to sound the same and the way he raps as well (flow and what he talks about).

  • Ben P

    Not bad. Pretty good freestyle