XXL Freshman Freestyle: Mac Miller

[vodpod id=Video.5730305&w=540&h=350&fv=videoId%3D819060446001%26amp%3BlinkBaseURL%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.xxlmag.com%252F2011-freshman-class%252Fmac-miller%252F%26amp%3BplayerID%3D735056479001%26amp%3BplayerKey%3DAQ%7E%7E%2CAAAAj36EHhk%7E%2C2pR1tWM5uVhnbSj–UUJCXbI03wJZIun%26amp%3Bdomain%3Dembed%26amp%3BdynamicStreaming%3Dtrue]

It’s Mac Miller’s turn to spit his game as XXL Freshman of the day. With a new mixtape dropping this Friday, it’s only right that he gives us his best freestyle. Below, he explains what it means to being picked as a Freshman.

Being a XXL Freshman [means] people know that I’m not a nobody, that I’m doing something right and that also opens a lot of doors to work with other artists, new up-and-comers and dudes that have been in the game for a minute. People are going to see me on this cover and say I wonder what he’s about, let me check him out. And then it’s more opportunities to work with people based on the fact that I’ve reached that point and someone can be like well he’s doing something because he’s on the XXL cover.

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  • OK..

    ight ight,where the fuck is K.R.I.T’s?

  • Dick Tony

    I ain’t a Mac Miller fan, but I can see why he’s on the cover this year. The one thing that REALLY gets me is this new culture in rap where any time a dude just kicks a verse, accappella or on someone else’s beat, it’s considered a free style. Get the fuck out of here. I’m willing to bet every single dollar to my name that this is a written. Stop frontin.

  • DEQ

    Yeah, only a select few rappers can ACTUALLY freestyle………..FALSE ADVERTISEMENT

  • Bhurl

    He will get tore apart in here but freestyling is not his thing. Dude needs a dope beat behind him to rock it.

  • wes

    smh at dick tony and anyone else still caught up on what a “freestyle” is. it’s 2011 bruh bruh, no shit it’s written.

  • still best rite now!!

    if he was black he’d still be a Myspace rapper…so use it to ur advantage bruh, stay true to your fanbase and dont try to be something ur not, keep doin you

  • I dont know how to feel about this dude.. pause

  • Black Shady

    who the fuck is this white boy??? fuck outta here bruh…..

    SHADY 2011…takeover in full motion!

  • tony

    If that was a freestyle, I’m uncle Phil.

  • We go from the faggot ass confused devil worshipping kid to the wack retard wit Down’s Syndrome…smh…

  • C.Dot

    That was the best graphically.

    However, they have all been pretty “meh” this year………I appreciate a few of the 11 have talent but none are that next BIG thing….imagine if we had this around when em first stepped on the scene….his little freestyle would have sent chills down peoples spines…..or when nas dropped…..

    Tell me which one of these featured could potentially be the next em, nas, jay, kanye??

    And, once again, let me state that I am a fan of some of the people on this cover.

    Not lil b.

  • Kendrick Lamar killed this shit…..everybody else’s “freestyle” just sounds lame next to his.

    Mac is dope tho.

  • BillyumH

    this kid fuckin sucks if it wasn’t for his jew uncle he’d never get a deal

  • fuck boy

    this kids wack. really the whole 2011 lineup sucks besides KRIT and yela all others can die

  • yall haters go dick ride the oldschool


    SiLent Knight HUNGER STRIKE. the only mc XXL misses every year



  • Are Yall Serious

    I have really tried, but can’t seem to see what anyone really see’s in this dude to make him a viable contender. I think he jumped on the scene maybe a lil to premature, like a little more development or honing on his skills could’ve made his music better. I think these magazines are more caught up on him being another white rapper then him being another dope rapper.

    Yella, he’s dope and deserves to be where he is right now in the game, this guy….not so much.

    There are other non-black rappers much better then this guy that I can think of that didn’t get any burn from the magazine; two off hand: Emilio Rojas and the kid LAWS. Both of them dudes can rap circles around this guy. SMH.

  • kallywood

    if its 2011 and youre using a uncle phil fresh prince punchline it better be so fuckin clever and original it blows me away. other then that they should cut tounges out for that shit. How bad were these xxl freestyles tho? I didnt see one artist really bring it, you figure they would really try.

  • ColoradoKnight

    I’m still confused as to why this guy is receiving attention? Good luck?

  • supppppppp

    A lot of racists on this site. And in hip-hop.

  • AYO!

    GINGER RAP! just fucking great. what’s next hip hop?


  • joe

    This is absolute shit haha this kid is a joke that wasnt a freestyle… he also looks like he has down syndrome

  • Donn

    He’s a cute kid, dont like this rap music thing though. Get a track with Evenescence and then we can talk

  • pppccc

    look at this goofy looking retard:


    in fact, google search “mac miller” and look at all the pics of this stupid kid with a stupid shocked/bewildered look on his dumb face.

  • The Hater


    None of them have tht potential and no one will until the climate of the culture changes. People over exploit themselves in this era of Internet whoring. All the artist you named had a mystique and when they popped the whole game changed around them not just hype but stylistically.

    The Internet is keeping hip hop alive BUT it must be destroyed to let it be reborn


  • rrederict

    @the hater, you aint no philospha nigga

  • Devil

    When I heard “I’m hotter than chinchilla” I paused that shit…there’s no need to keep listening when a down syndrome mofo spits a line that wack. SMFH

  • Jay C.O

    Someone please tell me how he made this list im not hating just curious it seems like ecause his boss (wiz khalifa) is the flavor of the month that they need to feature his artist i aint hating on mac and congrats on the cover just there are more artist with talent deserving of the cover then mac example: emilio rojas,XV,shad,Laws,Yonas etc……

  • get it right


    That line made no sense hahaha! chinchilla? wtf!?

  • jayceon taylor

    niceee good shit young blood

  • I should be on there ha
    but whats up with the little house on the prairie hat?

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  • dont get it

    i dont understand why people sit around and just hate on people all day. if you dont like the music who cares. and im sure he doesnt care that your sorry asses are commenting on a video of him talking shit when hes out touring the country making music. haters.