Diplomats Reunion 2011 Tour Dates

Is it just us or have the Diplomats been on tour forever? Well starting next week, the movement moves on in with Vado. Additional dates to be added, but for now, selected stops after the jump.


Thursday, March 17 Chicago, IL, The Congress Theater
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Friday, March 18 Minneapolis, MN Epic – No Link Yet

Wednesday, March 23 Buffalo, NY Town Ballroom
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Thursday, March 24 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero Theatre
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Friday, March 25 Albany, NY Northern Lights
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Saturday, March 26 New York, NY Best Buy
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Thursday, April 7 Houston, TX Numbers
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Sunday, April 10 Austin, TX Emo’s
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Saturday, April 16 San Diego, CA 4th & B
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  • Black Shady

    LMAO!! i dont know who’s behind the whole reunion shit…but they aint doing it right. Instead of dropping an album quick, they’re “touring”

    Nobody gives a fuck anymore!!!

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  • puerto-black

    bet 5 beans, they dont come to buffalo because of the bullshit

  • mac DIESEL



  • Peekay

    I’ll be sure to miss this one.

  • Ben

    All of them? Hell Rell is dope, he had a dope mix tape with J. Stalin and Live from hell was dope! I might go to the one in San Diego. Should be cool.

  • Saturday, March 26 New York, NY Best Buy Theater

  • NewMoney

    damn the venues are mad small and their buzz is dead

  • Them Boys always had love for Buffalo wtf you talkin about?

  • thunn

    these niggaz are so unprofessional and overrated its ridiculous, who was really checking for this reunion first off secondly these niggaz so thirsty for show money that they fucking up the buzz of the reunion by moving too fast. All them niggaz need to get low and stay in the studio until they announce a release date and a single/video to build up the anticipation instead these simple niggaz keep doin shows half of which are bullshit and the whole crew aint even together so when the shit really pops off they few mufuckas that care about these clowns are gonna be totally over it. Not to mention i agree with the chick from Miami i still dont think these niggaz is really rockin wit each other like that i think its all for money cuz freekey and jones is ice cold right now and juelz gotta be the laziest rap nigga ever. Cam need to just drop a vado album and get himself hot off the young boy and leave the rest of them talentless thirsty niggaz behind……WORD!!!!!!!

  • maddloopa

    all this h8te is not needed……i think they are smart hittin the road gettin show money….for the clown who said they are not relevant..u must be stuck on the MACHINES number one ymcmb shit…..dipset will always have their fanbase dickwad………….i better see some OHIO shows comin soon…the dips get crazy luv out here..holla

  • fuck cam!!!!!

  • killakev92

    Fuck You All
    And Die Slow You Haters
    Dipset For Life

  • serpentor


  • puerto-black

    @freshsidenyc, yea but niggas up here dont know how to act when rappers show up at the club. They turn into superthug because banks or Fab come. Lasttime jimmy was here somebody died and juelz was here somebody got poked. Buffalo is racist as fuck too

  • ColoradoKnight

    Damn, even if someone else wanted to hate, there’s no more room in here?…Hahahaha. Tell’m why you mad RR bloggers, hahahaha.

  • mk

    Come to JERZY

  • dugee f buller

    i cannt even talk logical wit yall so ima simple as possible

    n ..hell rell/jj/40…no reunion wholetime

    if they smart

    the let vado open up

    they do 2 dip songs

    alternate slots per town

    bring one of the 3 outcast to a special city


    buttttt nooooooooooo….they bout to slum wholetime..hahaha!..

    as a cam fan im disrespected by this idea

    and real talk..they should let freak host..EVERY SHOW!

    cus son funny!

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  • Iamharlem

    Fuck all you clowns these dudes came along way from hustling to being shot jailed etc. I’m from 142 & Lenox ave. You niggas pussy! Ge.t on my level I’m getting paper cuts over here blood gang to suwoo!