Kanye West Nabs Big Sean & Drake For “All Of The Lights” Remix

If you haven’t had enough of Kanye’s latest single, there’s more of it coming. Apparently Yeezy has been working on a remix for the track and was able to grab Big Sean & Drake as well as a few more possible big names. Expect the song to be here real soon.


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  • Polka

    Cool. Does this mean G.O.O.D. Friday could come back? Please.

  • You

    What if I HAVE had enough of his latest single?

  • DizzeeDrizzee

    Drake’s flow on the first leaked version was fuckin horrendous

  • So Icy Boi!

    where Gucci da God MC at? BURRRR

    the appeal >>>> mbdtf,college dropout,late registration,graduation

  • Dashing


    Cause when I heard the original, the first thing I thought was “It’s cool, but it could use some more features.”

  • g

    This will leak soon. Hackers will get on it ASAP


    Poor drake.kanye gon replace again like he did wit da album verson. KANYE=HOMO

  • Citylivin’

    so the original “Supa Dupa Flow” creator/and or enhancer with “”Supa Dupa Flow” biter??…..–___–….ok.

  • Get some lil b on it

  • Money mitch


    Camron has used that rhyme pattern for years and kanye himself used that shit 5 years before anyone knew what a big Sean was

  • Citylivin’

    which is the reason why i said “/and or enhancer”

  • @Citylivin’

    Your point is invalid now. Sit down and shut your damn mouth.

  • Citylivin’

    yes suh Massah!

  • Chris

    Fuck that

    Put J.Cole and Lupe on that instead

  • Word


    Cosign to the fullest! LUPE TO GOOD MUSIC, he would fit in perfect with that roster.


    dats a dumbshit put j.cole and meek mill instead…..kanye so wack dis days

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  • Mr. A From Tha T

    I just cant believe it can get better than what it already is dogg^^^^ told yall that it was gonna be on some best song of all time shit!!!

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  • yeah…

    @so icy fag!
    your on fucking crack mbdf kills all gucci fags shit

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