Steve Rifkind Wants Odd Future

For Al Lindstrom‘s latest feature, he turns his cameras on SRC boss, Steve Rifkind. During Steve’s soliloquy, he speaks on artist development and explains why the music business is declining. The most interesting revelation comes at the 3:38 mark, where he says he wants in on Tyler’s creation.

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  • Yes, yes, yes! good shit! B.Dot you might as well be an A&R for Odd Future lol


    you guy’s don’t need a record label….

    you can do it yourself

  • Mook

    didnt they get signed to XL?

  • NuJew


    tyler did

  • seriously


    no. Tyler signed a one album (or something like that) solo deal . the group as a whole isnt signed.

  • The guy that signed Wu-Tang likes Odd Future? Makes sense.

  • Your mother’s “Friend”

    Well of course he does, but really tho i’ll never understand why rappers continue to bend their asses to these record exec types & then cry when they get fucked over …. from Jay z to lupe , Michael jackson to the beatles they’ve all been juxd by these guys .

  • Mook

    oh well tyler and earl are the only 2 i care about lol im trying to figure out who i like more…tyler voice is unique but earl might be more lyrical…they are both dope

  • Spillosevic

    @Mook Tyler the Creator signed a deal with XL. OF isn’t even a fucking rap group. It’s a collective. There is a HUGE difference. Tell the music industry to catch up.

  • Mook

    yeah spill…most of the people in OF arent rappers some are like video artist and shit right?

  • rahrahrah

    Rifkind just wants to make money with them. If they’re interested in making money they should talk to him, there is a lot positive that could come from a conversation with Steve Rifkind. Rifkind says he’s fucking with you, take it as a compliment from an old head. Talk to the man and see what he has to say. It’s just a conversation.

  • seriously

    @spillosevic @mook

    everything you need to know about them. the majority of them are either rappers or producers.

  • butt

    steve rifkind is lazy and late, just like this site. why doesnt he go find a group instead of waiting for them to blow themselves up. or why didnt RR start giving them and lil b shine until everyone else was talking about them first? you old fucks are out of touch, go post a video of wale brushing his teeth

  • puerto-black

    Still waiting on The LOX to Beat up that “Yonkers” beat. Free Earl

  • Craig

    Glad he admitted the problems in the industry now are the industries fault.

  • d’evil

    Can’t wait for tyler’s new album goblin. Bastard was the shit.

    3 earl

  • Talk is Cheap

    Steve Rifkind must’ve been sniffin..

  • still best rite now!!

    [email protected]

    i remember last year niggas was begging RR to post Oddfuture & Lil B post…

    and wtf are these A&Rs doing? out of touch i guess *kanye shrug*

  • MelloHype went to Fat Possum I think.

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