Frank Ocean & Beyoncé In The Lab

Odd Future may possibly be having the best week ever. Word to VH1. Not only did they appear on the cover of Billboard, but now member Frank Ocean is in the studio with Hov’s ol’ lady. No word as to what they’re working on, but Bey must’ve got wind of his project, Nostalagia, Ultra. Below is what Frank said of his experience.

this is the room i’m working in this day. not to brag but man, this is surreal. like..she’s singing my songs. if time were to stop right now, the past couple weeks would be near the top of the highlight reel for my short time on earth.

heads up: complex

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  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Watch Out Jigga

  • Who is bank rolling this movement? Who’ their management. You don’t get in the studio with the Neptunes & Beyonce without a major co-sign. Who is this phantom,but rich, co-sign?

  • suppppppppp

    They did like 4 shows and blew up? I’m not buying this shit. Jimmy Iovine or another rich ass mother fucker HAS to be pulling strings behind the scenes…

  • TKP

    wow…frank ocean tape was straight fireee!….

  • hahhahah yall fuckers dont get it! listen to the music! Go to a show!

  • seriously

    that got a major co-sign. kanye west tweeted tylers video. questlove and toure hyped them up on twitter also. people really felt there stuff. thats all it takes. if you make an impact the music will work for itself.

  • truth

    He’s a songwriter 1st, he wrote on john legend & other albms. He’s also signed to Tricky (tricky & Dream). Mixtape is HOT

  • seriously


  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Co-Sign Everyone haha

  • Donn

    Lady Gaga >>>>>>> Beyonce

    Its not even close hun 😀

  • Word

    Why are these guys so popular all of a sudden? Why are they working with Neptunes and Beyonce all in one week? Performances? Mag Covers? REALLY? I guess worshiping the devil has its perks.

  • Bloopers



    These dudes is str8 dope!!! They may not be for everybody. I usually dislike co-signed artists, but from the minute I saw the video for Earl and Yonkers I became a fan. These kids are the future of this, but on another note I think Tyler is gonna catch a L messin’ around w/B.o.B. if B.o.B. ever responds to the diss in Yonkers. For all the people saying they’re backed by someone in power… No shit. I’d call bullshit if they was wack and I even hate the visuals for they’re videos (I done seen people die in real life, but the videos they’re making are disgusting to my eyes).

  • Sam from FL

    their accomplishing what artists take over 10 years to do….Who the phuck is their money machine? Its literally been like 2 weeks, LOL.

  • JHP

    I swear I better not see Beyonce in a music video peeling her eyes out or some weird ish like that. I don’t see what the big deal is about these guys, but if they making money, getting Kanye co-signs, and collabing with The Neptunes & Beyonce off of their retard music then more power to them.

  • Christian Clancy is thier manager and a marketing guy over at interscope. Those go the connections that have Odd Future everywhere. Not saying people don’ t like their music just saying why the marketing is so steller. Clancy claims this is a new business model. Letting artists do what they do best. I think his marketing strategy resembles that of the old Calvin Klein marketing strategy. Pushing this idea of individuality hoping that we conform as a whole.

  • so confused

    this shit is so confusin. how did Odd Future go from bein a group of hyper ass teens on youtube, wit a whole bunch of blogs refusin to post about them, to bein on Jimmy Fallon, the cover of billboard, and in the studio wit the neptunes and beyonce in a month?!?! not to mention the huge cosigns from kanye, lupe, mos def, the roots, steve rifkind, etc..

    Yonkers is prolly the most viewed independent music video of the year, and rightfully so. im not hatin at all cuz im a fan of the movement, but the fast rise to fame is suprisin. hell, it took Drake MONTHS after “So Far Gone” dropped to get alot of coverage. and OF is gettin it wit 1 television performance and a 4 minute music video? shit is insane

  • Craig

    In all honesty though, how long have these guys been together as a group?

  • Yeah, ur #LOSING if u don’t have this guy’s album. It’s been in rotation in my whip and iPod since I downloaded it last Friday. His music a breath of fresh air. This is gonna skyrocket his career into places unimaginable now. Odd Future as a whole are #Winning

  • Van

    Real heads are just looking forward to the new shit.


  • Black McJagger

    They’ve been bubbling for 2 years now and shit finally hit the fan. Thank God because Hip Hop was slowly turning into the new disco for a second. Hip Hop desperately needs it’s balls back and it looks like these guys have just the thing.

  • sway-z

    People like this don’t exist long, and this isn’t hate it’s just the truth. When niggas just come from nowhere, without that steady buildup of their brand, their connection isn’t that strong with the people.

    Say what you want about Em, Nas, or Jay, but the reason they have such loyal fans is because niggas can remember bumping them before the rest of the world, and it’s more personal. Even niggas like 50 & DMX, anytime they have some new shit out, you AT LEAST give it that 1 listen. It’s because you remember the comeup, and at some point, that was YOUR nigga before he was the worlds…..

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    it won’t last it will end eventually.

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    LA Reid proabbly set this up. fuck this nigga she needs KOBE & DJ KHALIL!

  • Black Shady

    who the fuck is this nigga?

  • blaqscorpio


  • j.

    ery time i get on RR OFWGKTA is doing something bigger and better, GOLFWANG

  • Belize

    Beyonce & who??

  • SINcere Of Mid Mobb

    Got Beyonce in there barefoot singing your songs… I’m listening to Novicane right now… Them OFWGKTA NIGGAZ DOING SOMETHING RIGHT STOP HATIN’ YA’LL!

  • mmkayy

    Donn says:
    Friday, March 11 2011 at 10:16 PM EST
    Lady Gaga >>>>>>> Beyonce

    Its not even close hun

    ^ lol….id rather listen to Beyonce’s non-writin ass than her shit

  • Donn

    Good look for both of them. Both are talented. Can’t wait to hear it

  • Really?

    “Frank Ocean is also known as Christopher “Lonny” Breaux, a songwriter who has helped pen tracks for Justin Bieber, John Legend, and Brandy over the last few years. He’s the latest example of why the major label system is crumbling at the knees of Twitter and Tumblr, too. After getting signed to Island Def Jam about a year ago, the label proceeded to ignore him… He took to Twitter on March 1: ‘i. did. this. not ISLAND DEF JAM. that’s why you see no label logo on the artwork that I DID. guess its my fault for trusting my dumbass lawyer and signing my career over to a failing company. fuck Def Jam & any company that goes the length of signing a kid with dreams & talent w/ no intention of following through. fuck em. now back to my day. i want some oatmeal and toast. brunch swag.'”

    Check the credits..these kids arent overnite sensations…especially NOT FRANK OCEAN.

  • Skip

    Odd future is cool something different. But frank ocean is fucking ill. Nostalgia ultra best mixtape of the year. Swagged the fuck out. Lil b= Tyler The creator.

  • tms

    You faggots do know that OF has been grinding since 07 right? This shit ain’t happen in two weeks you fucking losers

  • killa

    You Niggas are fucking Haters…Does it matter how they got where their at??? or Who’s Bank rolling them…??? Ya’ll Niggas Kill me every time one of our Own start getting some where in life we’re always Quick to try to Discredit what they’re doing…

  • Glasses Malone

    Who the fuck said they were blowing up over night? They been around for a minute, happy for these doods, this is a breath of fresh air right now in a stale industry.



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  • MD2UPT

    they have an interscope excutive as their pr so of course there gonna get major looks. i’m not really into the rest of the odd future crew to be honest, but this frank ocean cat is talented. his nostalgia, ultra album is actually pretty fuckin’ dope.

  • who shot ya

    this what happens when you sell your soul
    the devil will be back

  • 2wenty

    To sum it up..established artist are losing their creativity and motivation and actually SEEK out refreshing talent to feed off of. Not saying that its bad tho, if Odd Future takes it all in and continues to do their own thing it can actually benefit their movement. Shit, besides now that Wiz Khalifa is on the verge of officially blowin the hell up, labels are really trying to find the next self made superstar(s).

    Quit hatin, if this demonstrates anything, its that the triforce of 1. Creativity 2. Determination and 3. Effective management is essential to flourishing in music

  • dubdutch

    Chris Clancy manages him and Odd Future. He used to run the urban marketing dept at Interscope but left awhile ago.

  • amber

    wow!!!!!! i really hope they are fucking each other cuz he is a cutie. if jay wasn’t rich i know bey would leave jay in a minute.

  • @jlivingston2

    i just dont understand the criticism @frank_ocean gets.. actually download the tape..

    he makes beyonce and all the fine women wet

    as for the other troublemakers.. i dunno yet…

  • Timothy Adems

    I’m happy with the movement. I’ve been down with OF for like 2 weeks now. The Odd Future camp is fucking ridiculous. I mean Hodgy, Tyler, Earl, Journey to the 5th echelon, and LeftBrain. All these dudes have talent, and they are artists at heart (not mass-marketed products). I mess with all their mixtapes and albums. They deserve the hype. I will agree, in one month they went from nowhere to the top of the world. Nonetheless, I think they got staying power, these dudes aren’t gonna conform like other artists (cough B.O.B cough). OFWGKTA is here to stay. FREE EARL.

  • billy rae valentine

    from my perspective, virtually no one at all was co-signing them until very recently.

    so i understand people’s whole thing feeling like there’s something fishy.

    but from my perspective, living in los angeles and having been following chris clancy for over a year on twitter, they just are awesomely talented AND ballsy-different. PLUS they have him (clancy) pushing them. so i heard about them idk maybe a year ago but ONLY because i followed this guy (probably having saw he was some kind of IMPORTANT INDUSTRY DUDE).

    so they’ve been getting a lot of buzz just not in your comunities. and i’d say lots of people get way more buzz who i had never heard of and doubted when i finally did. like mac miller got posts on rap radar months and months ago and i was like how did this guy pull that off? well, rapradar didn’t post or even know SHIT about oddfuture.

    you wouldn’t have minded a month ago. it all seems PERFECTLY planned and executed, though. like deliberate. like, bam. jimmy fallon. bam “yonkers” video drops. bam. industry co-sings left and right. it’s seriously expertly planned.

    anyway i love ’em. i hope they fuck shit up. clancy also manages a group called, uh, nikki and rich. so watch out for them, too.

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