Lil’ Kim Black Friday NYC Release Party

[vodpod id=Video.5745231&w=540&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

To commemorate her Black Friday mixtape, Kim had her release party last night at Webster Hall in NYC. For those who missed it, Kidd U Not comes through with footage from the event.

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  • Word

    Are release parties for mixtapes common? I could understand maybe Drake doing one for his So Far Gone but thatd be the only big enough tape to have one for. But i guess this feel like a album to her

  • Please stop posting shit about ger unless it’s a SINGLE or a song not dissing Nicki Minaj

  • Mr. Hip-Hop

    Lil Kim needs to strike a match in gas lit field and die. She is a has-been. Nobody checks for Kim. Yeah you got your loyal fans, but really who checks for Lil Kim anymore. Lil Kim time to come out with a hit cause hits talk. Congrats on your mixtape, but it not really buzzing. Not saying your career is 100% over but this aint the 90’s queen bee, step ya game up.


    she kinda got in that ass on that cd.. word up.. that shit better then ya think.. and it aint all bout minaj.. she turn it up word.. good shit kim.. dope ass tape


    ya just need to hear the damn cd.. the shit rockin .. she3 did her thing.. go hear it im tellin u.. she went in.. and it aint all bout minaj .. not even half.. its better then u think im telling..

  • Mr. Hip-Hop

    I did hear it. Shit was garbage.

  • Itz Yourz

    smh…goodnesss…she look like latoya jackson. What did she do to herself! Just not another black girl lost. And stop making I hate nicki records there not becoming of you.

    And she had release party for a mixtape? Amaya are you sure. If thats the case I should be going to a got damn party everyday for how many mixtapes nigga pump out….lol, Its bullshit.

  • Sean Jean Aka Diddy!

    Itz Yourz says——-she look like latoya jackson. What did she do to herself!?

    My thoughts! Exactlly!

  • dusttracks

    she’s a good rapper. can’t be mad with her.
    can’t image her doing anything that’s not good, since she is talented.
    i’m more disturbed by all the hatred directed toward her.
    you niggers will never learn. keep dividing yourselves and sipping the moonshine you stole from the shed. we sold our music out (again) and got the nerve to complain.
    keep something sacred for yourselves, or at least control it.
    maybe this situation wouldn’t exist if ‘rappers’ had an ounce of sense outside what they’ve been told is valuable.

  • HipHopHearted

    Co-Sign Mr. Hip-Hop, for real.

  • Jinx

    kim stay losing


    she looking thick as fuck up in this shit too..

  • Inside I’m ICE, Outside I’m LAVA!

    Oh shit I didn’t know you can do the “ROBOT” dance to her music. Imma try it right now huh, ah yeah, I got it, wow check this shit right here, wait for it, huh. Aaaah shiiit, Imma do this shit from now on, Thanks Kim for bringing that shit back! Go Broooooklyn!!!!

  • white milk

    ROTFLMFAO @ dude above me!

  • CinnamonQtpie

    Queen B… All Fuck’n day…. She said she’s the Ghost of BIG so you can never get rid of her!
    Ride to your last breath mama Your fans aint gonna no Fuck’N where!