New Mixtape: Mac Miller Best Day Ever

The day is almost over, but Mac’s been having his best day ever for awhile now and has dropped off his latest mixtape. Check out the 15 titles and the download link after the jump.

Download here.

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  • ThaDude


  • MMOE

  • Just Sayin

    Took me literally a fucking hour just to START downloading this. I’m only on track 2 so far, so I really hope this is worth the hype and hassle.

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  • Dtooqp

    Aight..this shit is DOPE as fuck

  • Rome

    Yeaaaaaaah #ThumbsUP

  • Big Ant !


  • Mook

    Just Sayin: I hope so too. I just started listening to Mac no more than a week ago after hearing that Donald Trump and im like ok kid is nice…then he released “In The Air” which is on this mixtape and it impressed…him and wiz are very similar but they are different in a way it’s crazy…props to mac tho for crashing datpiff and having over 20,000 ustream viewers at once…#hesgotnext

  • You mufuggas complain about everything, “it took an hour to download” well duh u dumb fuck its only 1 links and thousands of ppl downloading it at the same time… Hassle? That’s a hassle? Stfu and enjoy the music fuck face

  • Donn

    Wack. Beats suck and no good hooks -_-

  • Just Sayin

    @Vegaz: Why I gotta be all that though? lol

    Thanks for being the first person to flame me since joining here. 😛

  • leafy

    diss dude is kinda dope………..he from pittsburgh and might be better then Wiz on sum real shi

  • Vegaz

    @Just Sayin: Fuck you

  • Just Sayin

    Love you too.

  • Donn

    I just wanna know why no rappers can’t make songs about gay rights. I ain’t gay but some of my homies are and Im tryin 2 get them into HipHop 😛

  • smh

    R.I.P. to hip hop … pple think this nigga can rap? … the end is near


    yo mac miller sucks … hes a punk ass bitch, he got ran outta NY at his own show!

  • Belize

    I think Spongebob had this idea first.
    Explains this white’s inspiration.

  • Cali760

    Track 8 Didn’t download wtf?

  • Sam from FL

    Man Track 8 the just blaze song is missing

  • bk stand up

    @ny stand up

    your prolly those pussy ass niggas that didnt get recgonized for yah dumbass beat when mac made it hot

  • Donn

    @Belize: Umm moron you dickride Eminem and he’s white. Now you wanna be all racist 2 whites? Smdh just another hypocrite on this site

  • Belize loves Eminems

    @belize is a fuckin middle eastern hypocrite !!!!

  • Black Shady

    Who the fuck is this kid????? from what I heard on his XXL freestyle, he’s WACK

    SHADY 2011

  • Whitequickness

    Another white rapper that doesnt matter and will never matter in the long run (n yea im white) yelawolf has potential to blow up but look at asher roth, bubba sparxxx n paul wall all there careers r over n listenin to this he has no chance n he talked way 2 much durin those round tables on xxl he should have been more like yelawolf n sed like 2 things but have those statements be deep n personal as shit, fuck mac miller he will be a nobody n can we all agree on this bein a huge #fail on all of us by listenin to this ass mixtape on a friday night lmao i feel bad for n for the rest of yall peace

  • Just switched out the link in the post. Track 8 is there now. Enjoy!!

  • Belize

    @Donn & @Belize loves eminems: em fully deserves to be called black, this guy does not. Shows how white supremacist you two are, smfh. Want me to call him a pale ass blonde honkey??

  • Donn

    @Belize: Nope,not a white supremacist. Im black. Keep exposing yourself tho brah

  • bayarealegend


  • jawnbit

    beats could be better but the little jew can spit

  • gus

    how does dude come out with tape called best day ever when thousands of people are dieing and got injured? #worstdayever

  • Elliott Wilson’s midlife crisis psychiatrist

    The rickium-rossosis disease is killing the hip hop culture. Mac Miller is suffering from officerium-rickyosis and souljaium-boyosus. #FRAUD #FAKE #HIPPOP

  • White_rappers311

    This guy is a straight up faggot

  • Markev

    You guys are wild, maybe he isn’t a “rapper” but mac miller can make a track that appeals to a shitload of kids. and personally I love this mixtape. Every song I listened too were great tracks. Give this man a couple years hell be up next. hate on mac ur hating on his success.

  • Ku

    @gus, its a case of bad timing, don’t knock his hustle

    It sad that people still think yu need street cred to be a dope rapper. Leave your predispositions at the door and give it a listen, Its actually very good music. slightly sub-par lyric content but he has great delivery and beat selection on his side. #intelligentcomment

  • Kiimm

    Dope mixtape 🙂 Big Up Mac (Y) #BestDayEver

  • hmm im not sure about this… downloading

  • RockinMad

    Dope ass tape. Great prods, great spit.

  • Devil

    WACKNESS at it’s best.

    I don’t know what hurts the most…listening to this down syndrome looking mofo or reading comments of people saying “he’s dope”

    The end of the world is near, you can tell….tsunamis, earthquakes in Japan, people thinking Mac Miller is dope………………SMFH

  • LilKaneUK


  • DJ Game

    Definitely agree with Devil. He is kind of wack. I downloaded that’s kids tape to see the hype and all I saw was another wack rapper. Where are you Nas?!

  • gmoney

    im a mac fan, but this is terrible. he sold out and its practically a pop album with exception to 2 or 3 songs. nonsense

  • Young Keezy

    C’est toi le faggot fils de pute @white_rapeur BITCH!!! Tu connais rien , c’est du LOURD MAC MILLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come in France Young MC , some good vibe !!!!!!!

  • Belize

    @Devil: tell me about it brah. -__-
    @Donn: If you’re so black’n’proud, why do you flip if I call someone who is white inside and out white?

  • Lecoon James

    This guy is corny with no story. I don’t see how he made it. Oh yeah the weed talk 🙂

  • Donn

    Dope mixtape

  • MPBG


  • Braniak

    Definitely gotta agree with “Devil” and some of my REAL hip-hop heads what is the world of hip-hop come too by thinking this Malcom lookin’ mofo can rap??? SMFH

    First it was soulja boy than wacka now this?…… doubt the end is near

  • Ho fa Sho

    why is this wack? its not that sick…its ok tho. prolly not worth using a blank disc to burn the cd, thats for sure.

    listen to revolutions per minute if you wanna hear some real shit

  • joe

    Jesus Christ this is awful rap music. What happened to the good ol’ days. This kid is whack as fuck and he will be totally irrelevant in 6 months. No lasting appeal just some rich white kid that raps about smoking weed, money and his nikes. he brings absolutely nothing new to the table just the same old plain beats with no depth or skill in his lyrics. Btw he looks like he has down syndrome…

  • MusicorDeaf

    Mac Miller > Wiz Khalifa (not saying much anymore)

  • BillyumH

    This Jew fuckin sucks kill yourself mac

  • Cali760

    Just Finished listening to the tape… Damn that shit shit bangs!!!
    Has a lot of hot ass beats, ha makes it way better with Beats by Dre. But this is a real good project we got. I didn’t understand this guy’s buzz but yo the tape completely changed my opinion on Mac..
    Keep it up kid!

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  • sean don

    Man yall are harsh! i think this mixtaoe is sick!!

  • I guess I’ll say it if no one else will Yelawolf & Mac aren’t dope there white I’m no racist but the facts are the facts there aren’t alot of notable white mc’s in history so the first thing that comes along that mimics well they automatically put it at the top Spanish people did the same with Pun I’m sayin no diss at all but if you took offense Fuck You!!!!

  • jdub

    I like mac but this was from kids or the high life. Just not feelin this one keep doin ya thang though.

  • Belize

    co-sign @joe

  • Ok. I’m a few days late. Cool. I downloaded and listened 2 this whole mixtape. One word: ASS. I’m sorry, but dude is corny. And his voice is annoying. Wasn’t impressed.

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  • aaron

    mac miller sucks fucking dick. same subject matter all throughout, boring ass flow, tone deaf ass singing, wack ass beats. this mixtape was a load of shit with not even one good track, mac and wiz both are horrible rappers talking bout the same shit. fuck this im going to wash my ears out with some talib kweli and mos def

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  • Nicole

    I have to wonder if this man was black if many of you would make so much noise. I listened. Then I listened through again before making my opinion. This is definitely not something that I would normally listen to, as I am mainly an r&b listener. What many of you have forgotten is that rap is a culture. It’s more than just noise, repetitive music that loops, and no story. If you claim to be a true rap/hip hop fan, take a journey down memory lane and listen to the people who made this genre what it is. THIS (Mac Miller) is not it. Mac Miller is good for MTV, good for tweens, good for radio stations to play over and over again because your damn kids keep requesting him, but he is NOT a good rapper. He does not look like someone who is apart of the culture, and no not because of his race or ethnicity.

    The music, his looks, and what he is saying is not working for me. If I could grade this with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I would give it a very generous 2. If this artist wants to be taken seriously, he has alot of work to do.

    I hope the author of this article was looking for a real review, because this is it. I can’t be even more real right now.

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  • a white kid

    Seriously, worst mixtape of 2011. Im white as fuck but love music and love hip hop. Mac Miller is not a bad artist. Go back and listen to all of the songs on his first mixtapes….Now you see not too bad….HOWEVER, he struck out looking on this mixtape. Best Day Ever had some of the worst beat selection for greatly anticipated mixtape that I have ever heard. Mac needs to do this over and get it right. If we wanted to listen to Mac Khalifa then thats what we would download, but we want Mac. Fix your shit man.

  • yo fags stop sayin gay shit bout em , u know how every rapper always has some fag haters well these are those bitches

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  • Tom

    hellp! it wont let me download from the link^^
    it says file not found, is there any where else i can get it?

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  • matter

    There is a black version, wiz khalifa. Im a real rap hip hop fan, my shits shit like enter the 36 chambers, illmatic, lifestylez ov da poor and dangerous, the big picture, reasonable doubt. Mac miller aint real rap or hip hop. Mac miller make pop/hip pop whatever you wanna call it. That dont mean his shit bad shit. He make aight music aint bad listenin if its your typa shit. It aint mine. People gotta always bring race into it.

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