New Mixtape: Theo Martins Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor

Underneath the strobe lights, Theo Martins gets his boogie woogie on with his new mixtape, Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor. Cut a rug with the tracklist and link after the jump.

download here

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  • Michael

    YOOOOOOO!!!! Crazy to see this on the site, I didnt think they looked out for up and coming guys. PROPS!


  • Heard of this guy, sounds like kid Cudi and Pharell with lyrics.

  • Holla! Thank you Rap Radar.

  • jonathan

    diversifying your tastes. nice post

  • LuX

    Yess Theo!!! In Good time they shall induct you as a freshmen. On some real talk. Keep it up bro. I deff like the mixtape, not what I expected but I find it a bit addicting. The fam loves you!!!!

  • Permira

    OMG!!! This dude is one of my favorite up and coming artists! Can’t believe he’s on this site!
    “Up & Away” is magical but JAM to “Take You There” in your car on your way out for the night!!!

  • Marina

    This is so refreshing. Hip Hop just got fun again. Where can I hear more???

  • Drewski

    Yo my man Theo is doin’ it right now …he is really puttin’ on for RI

  • Jeffrey

    Hhyeaaahhhh! He did it again!

  • Maxy Gordy

    Seriously tho! Elliot & B Dot, ya’ll do not know what kinda gem you just posted on here; I love the two turntables and a mic flow; but theres nothing like just jamming and having fun to Theo Martins Music! Much RESPECT fellas!

  • Tita

    <3 this! Wait was worth it!!!

  • High Priorities

    My guy Theo, Def brought the Life back to the dance floor on this one!!!! I mean this aint no ordinary mixtape and I Thank You, I Thank You, The Dance Floor Thanks YOU!!!…. YCDTOTV Part 2 is gonna be epic!!!!

  • CG

    Theo fills such a huge void. Can’t wait to catch a show.

  • It’s dope to see RR post dope up and comers like Theo, gives me faith in more rap blogs lol

  • Marvin

    “Just Can’t Get Enough” is so good it hurts

  • Gunna Spit

    Not even sure if xxl freshman type shit is right for Theo. None of those dudes are doing music like this. got put on through a UK site, not even a nahright or whatever … global music world is big. this is a win.

  • Jon Hope

    Congrats!!!!!!!! Exit Underground!

  • Belize

    Im gonna bet all these commenters are Martins.

  • jav

    Lol wth? Random ass comments. Anyways..Theo has a different sound but he seems to be confused as to what route he wants to take.

  • Jimmy Dee

    Looks like all these comments are from the same dude… #NotLive

    @Marvin. That shit was sweeter than a cinnabon dipped in honey.

  • YoungEtheClowny

    One word aaaaammmmmmaaaazzzziiiinnnngg…great mixtape

  • DEQ


  • Money mitch

    Ha ya def one person leaving all those comments

  • rich

    worst track = power
    best track = up & away

  • Ink

    He wants to be the Black Eyed Peas. Thats not a good thing to want to be.

  • eddie Lucky

    Good shit my dude Theo!

  • haha this is tight. good work theo.