New Music: Sheek Louch “Get Gully (Freestyle)”

Sheek Louch bosses up and takes a crack at the track behind Fif’s sixth freestyle. Do remember, Donnie G: Don Gorilla is in stores now.


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  • Black Shady

    the BEAT is seriousssssss!!! shout out to CARDIAK

  • gangster rap is over

    put down the mic please gangster rap is over

  • Dope beat & pretty nice freestyle from Sheek !

  • Jinx

    sheek’s album flopped hardd

  • NewMoney

    @jinx how it flopped when it had no high expectations. sheek is far from mainstream he never even had a solo hit record. aint like def jam pumped money into his project anyways

  • rapfan

    who da fuck listens to this?
    get this straight Rap Radar
    Lox, Wu Tang, Rae, Meth, Red Man, Noreiga, etc…will NEVER be relevant
    they will never have a hit record, go gold or platinum…
    quit holding on to some 90’s nostalgia…!

  • k


  • radiookilla


    STFU obviously u aint no real rap fan get the fuck outta heree

  • John John

    When Sheek Louch is gonna show us his haircut?????
    It’s been like a decade with a Durag on his head Bahahahha

  • Jimmy Dee

    Sounds like @rapfan is really gaga for Willow Smiths new joint.

    Sheek goes in. Ard beat, ard bars.

  • Grow Up

    If you don’t like Sheekj Louch but listen to Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Drake or J. Cole you’re a fag

  • lostprodigy

    ^^^^^Grow up shut UP how is that even logic… sheek washed up niggas not really even trying to hear JADA ne more so sheek don’t stand a chance and this is coming from a “real head” no homo.

    -when u think of me, you think of a problem ,who, what ,when, and how you gone solve him automatic or revolve him – Kiss

  • Grow Up

    fuck outta here…..if me and you were in a room together right now, there is NO CHANCE that you could tell me his shit is wack. No fucking shot b. I don’t care about no homos, or what anyone “tryin” to listen to, Sheek is nice. Wiz Khailifa not spittin shit. He’s cool, but spits garbage. I get the game, D-Block, Cam, etc. not gonna sell plat anymore. Thats fine, it dont even bother me. But these skinny ass jeans rappers are fucking WACK bro. How you wear jeans that literally have Spandex in the material (like if you check the tag)? And even if they rockin size 40’s they ain’t spittin anyways.

  • Grow Up

    the game = the industry not the rapper