• bigjay2501

    not bad

  • Rhyme

    E double still ill. We need a solo from him tho, over his own beat. This beat is trash.

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  • say word son…the classic group is back for anotha one indeed it is good to hear the green eyed bandit back at it….

  • yeah

  • B


  • mioklfe

    Nice… Old rappers need a way to make money from one song.. it’s unlikely for me to buy an album… In fact.. if musicians in general decided to reduce the amount of music in general – we’d probably pay more for it..

  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    that lloyd Banks & fabolous “Perfect match” track goes hard ya’ll post that shit?

  • themuthafuckinreal

    These old niggas aint shit.They need to retire .Fuck this ’92 soundin bullshit!

  • Ghost

    ^This faggot prefers pink friday over ready to die hahaha! You drive around listening to pretty ricky instead of UGK. Keep your faggy opinion in your faggy brain thanks

  • Ballin
  • TC

    Elliott… you could’ve premiered this one on Thursday afternoon.


  • Peekay


  • Cookie

    EMPD is back in business, the joint is HOTT!

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  • themuthafuckinreal

    Ghost sure does use the term “fag” a lot.Thats cause he just as queer as this song and it hits close 2 home for ’em.He know all about pretty ricky n shit!! You can see where his music taste at.What the fuck YOU know about U.G.K. homo,when u listenin to this bullshit?!!Your mother sucks cocks in hell.

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  • Belize

    real rap.


  • haq

    Dope, especially PMD.

  • bill hill

    I think it was bad they use too be great what happen 2 them wonder why they can’t get from under that 1988 rock epmd is really over and they look old and burned out 2 real talk