Jay Electronica “Shiny Suit Theory” In Toronto

Last night, Jay Elec performed at the Phoenix Concert Hall in Toronto for Canadian Music Week. Up top, he crowd surfs while performing his latest “Shiny Suit Theory”. Still with us? More footage below.

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  • Belize


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  • P Child

    Yo do u need 10 years like dr dre to come up with an album ?

  • flawda

    I’m willing to wait for good music, especially when dude has never put out a wack song. I would much rahter dudes like Jay E, J Cole,etc take their time and make a dope project. Not everyone’s path entails flooding the market with mediocre shit like Wayne, no wonder why is albums are always half assed.

  • Drock


  • Pat

    Fuck Jay Electronica, I’m a fan but he takes way too long to release shit. Not even a random track or even a feature on someone else’s track to keep people interested. Smh

  • Citylivin’

    man….more artists should do that, hop in the crowd and show love to the ppl who paid too see you.
    …..and for the ppl who can’t wait for Jay’s album, your latest Gucci Mane mixtape should be here for ya…HA!

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  • Epod

  • the One

    T. Dot stand up!!! you know how we do!

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  • Even I had to come back to Earth to listen to this man. He is indeed the saviour of this thing we call HIP HOP.


    I’m a fan, and a patient one at that, but when the fuck is Jay gonna drop?

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  • i am with all the whos of the who on this tread that say he needs that time to place the right songs & conceive the right lyrics to this HIGHLY awaited debute…brotha take as long as u need to do the project right! that right there is the reason the fans take to hm so well do to organic nature of his stage presence which sets the tone of a mic controller! RAKIM did it, KRS did it…all the great ones can control a crowd to the groove they set on that stage! i am in awe of how much love this brotha got that night along with him in his own tweet he said the same thing that relates to the message in his songs & the stage is set… either way people wait good product than all the watered down shit in hiphop…they indeed got to lupe….i pray that the heads of the ROCnation let him, j.cole do what got them the attain underground status that got them to this huge following

  • tr

    Damn, I didn’t know Jay Electronica could sing