New Music: Game “Monsters In My Head”

A few leaks from Game have hit the and here is the latest one. Supposedly, this is from long delayed, The R.E.D. Album. We’ll just have to wait to find out.


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  • yeezyfan

    he got a 2 pac flow on the record.. i fucks with it

  • Gordon B.

    Cool, chill record.

  • kwame

    should be on the more R.E.D leaks please.hehe.

  • assasin9

    damn, they leaking the boys music, smh.

  • MPBG

    dope shit

  • Fuckyomama

    Saw this on smh

  • SL

    Eh, what’s the problem? They posted the tagged version, there’s your credit

  • Gee Wiz

    So muthafuckas begging for credit for leaking people’s shit? Fuck yall for real. Clown ass rats, get a real job, fuckers. And i dont even ride for Rapradar, but yall Studioleak bitches (and im pretty sure its just one person commenting under multiple names) take the cake. Fuck yall.

  • Money mitch

    After seeing who runs studio leaks I would never give them any hits on their site cause this guys a fuckin faggot

  • Gee Wiz

    and fuck Game, bipolar ass nigga.

  • song is fuckin fire… r.e.d. album = album of the year

  • JaccDanielz

    dope n deep

  • supppppppp

    Does Game got his own style? Biting 2pacs flow hard

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “and fuck Game, bipolar ass nigga.”…Game dissed Bleek and then saw Bleek in LA saying “He a big fan of his and ROC” Smh.

  • llll

    Damn that Pac flow is really touching!
    Dope record…Fuck KOOLO!

  • Suu Woo


  • Ice Cold

    Rapradar leaking music huh???? Lol , if yall leak eminems or kanyes shit y’all going to get shutdown, o well

    This song is ok

  • ralph

    Thanks rapradar for posting this exclusive Game song

  • Noringtone

    Why does everybody keep talking about studio leaks? Sick song though.

  • Belize

    This shit is dope! Rap with a meaning.

  • Studio Leaks!!!

    lol @ the people that think its one person making a bunch of accounts. haha is an army. we leaked this shit!

  • Studio Leaks!!!

    @llll you say fuck koolo when he gave you this song? and @noringtone cause thats who leaked this song. and a bunch of other songs that dont get credit about where they came from

  • I like this song !!!!!!!!!!

  • doubleg

    This prolly won make RED… but still some classic shit

  • doubleg


  • Chu Chu

    wow Game Really Tryin To Make A Statement

  • Gee Wiz


    so it took an “army” to leak a Lupe Fiasco track (a demo at that)?

  • Prototype

    @Gee Wiz

    No you uneducated fuck, learn to read. He said it was an army of people commenting. One person leaked the Lupe track, just like one person leaked all the recent Game tracks. You are all fucking idiots who don’t deserve this tracks, smh.


    STUDIO LEAKS is NOT an army. I just went over there. All i see is 1 comment, 1 comment, 1 comment. Dont nobody go to that bullshit site LMAO army?! Its just one nigga making multiple user names and commenting! LMAO aint hard. How sad of this one guy to think that this is an actual ARMY…get the fuck off RR and stay on your dry, deserted website where niggas dont even give a fuck abotu your post enough to comment on that bullshit.

  • SL

    GIVE STUDIOLEAK.INFO credit for this track! It is their exclusive

  • Studioleaker

    Give us credit where due bitches! Studioleaks dot info. leak ur stuff before we do!

  • Studio Leaks!!!

    @Gee Wiz exactly what Prototype said.

  • P Child

    did hayes write this song ?

  • Studio Leaks!!!

    @ studio leaks is ass, one comment? no dumb ass thats the rront page go to the forum the forum is the big place, no one cares about the blog thats just for people visiting, man you people are fuckin dumb

  • Gee Wiz

    @the one-man army of Studio Leaks

    son, idk how much time you have on your hands, but you dont need to post under multiple names. Now if you were smart, you and your “army” would update your site to say some shit like “our posts can be seen on multiple reputed sites like Rapradar and 2dopeboyz” that way people can believe you know what you’re doing. Marketing 101, your dumbass should have tagged it, but you werent smart enough for that. “Army” huh? your one-man militia group shit is corny.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Who cares if he sounds like Pac? Its a dope track either way. Games doing a lot better than he ever has. Keep it going.

  • clutch

    this some good sheet.

    he kinda dug em self a hole with his bipolar-ness over the last few years.
    but thats a good start to a dope album

  • D

    game bringing some heat lately. excited for red album again.

  • Black Shady

    Now he tryna sound like PAC the goat? lmao game u lame……

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  • Studio Leaks!!!

    @Gee Wiz sorry i didnt leak it and am not a one man army haha i dont even see the point in making multiple names your smart self should know it would be just the same if i used this same account and just spammed the shit out of the comments sayin the same thing. so obviously you dont know anything, no ones dumb enough to just make a bunch of names. koolo leaked the songs and he has all of us to back him up. he tagges all songs from the start the 48 hours later he releases an untagged version. i think you need to get your shit straight before you say shit you dont know

  • GAM3x1991

    i hope this makes it on the album

  • g unit fan

    co sign has game got his own sytle or what? fucking name dropping every other rapper in his songs. now copying their style. fuck-outta-here game. u on life support my nigga. 50 put u on and made you a star.u suffering without him and g unit. the anti 50 movement aint working 4 u anymore. that red nation already flopping. wouldnt make a video 4 it, its WACK.

  • Studio Leaks!!!

    and sorry to tell you the song is tagged. obviously you didnt listen to it haha.

  • kwame

    wow.the gunit stans are all hush….wait…

  • GAM3x1991

    @g unit fan aka HATER stfu, Game is no where near life support dumbass. and he’s done with the G-Unot shit. YOU need a life. Watch when RED sells

  • whodroppedthis?

    i believe this was leaked by prob should give them credit like you do for every other song put on here. smh.

  • @GEE WIZ It is tagged u idiot…..why dont u listen and think before u type?

  • Ola

    Now it really hurts to see some people try to make a name for themselves on somebody elses sweat, let him at least have an official date for his album. The track is dope

  • Studio Leaks!!!

    i guess that was also me with another account ^^^

  • ayo

    WHY the fuck is this track on RR when all the EM LEAKS arent? whats good with that B Dot? YN? why we supporting that homo who leaks every1s shit n ruins pple albums

  • ripper

    Now u trynna to be Pac. What! GTTFOH Game!!! I am not impressed and I am not a fucking G-Unit fan either… This song is str8 fucking garbage… Listen to it a second go round and u will find no substance but only a style Pac came up with 20 fucking years ago. Stop fucking name dropping and bring more substance to your rap skills. Just to let u cats know 1 thing, I live and breathe Watts, CA all day everyday and everyday. I grew up near Broadway Ave and 108th St… I am not fucking impressed…


    nah no1 is fuckin w u nigga. chill no1s gnna DL the tagged verison …. and by the summer no1s gnna kno who the fuck u r

  • Game Time

    dope fuckin track. Game RED Album will be a problem if it ever drops

  • LH

    who gives a shit who dropped it

    i hate the internet…

  • GAM3x1991

    I bet none of you were talking shit when Game came out with “NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE” -_-

  • badjuju

    There’s a tag on it you idiots

  • ayo

    its all those E-FAGS all on 1 computer changing names tryin to make noise about their stupid site … we dont fuck with u niggas tho realtalk … i aint signing up for ur site b …

  • bk82

    Wack !

  • Gee Wiz

    you Studio leaks ass-bandits are worse than Donn, real talk. nobody gives a fuck about your basic looking site. yall whack niggas couldnt even get a .com domain name. had to settle for .info. whack as hell. i wonder which name you’re gonna use to curse me out now. peace to your wackness. you shoould be posting more comments on your site and make it look legitimate, you dumb fuck.


  • kwame


  • Ace1

    ^^wow *dead*

  • ayo

    haha @ Gee Wiz … co fucking sign

  • PrincePolo

    Damn this shit is DOPE . fif releasing dope shit , some wiggas are leaking game’s dope shit . 2011 gonna be a good year for hip-hop .

  • MelB

    ” yall whack niggas couldnt even get a .com domain name. had to settle for .info. whack as hell. ”

    jeez louise, thats something fierce right there


  • rrederict

    studio tweaks .info should be banned for being an annoying motherfucker

    game is one of the best rappers right now, he switches up his styles, released tons of free songs and is about to put out a #legendary album. PROPS!

  • Bo

    “old bitter-ass sit around in middle class homes with computers on hating on the newest song”

  • Are u serious?

    I dont normally comment but are u serious? I can’t believe any of u fags sticking up for studioleaks is actually staying on this post for that long. Listen to the damn song and go on with ur life u fuckin losers

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  • ayo

    @ are u serious …. its all 1 dude. hes in SA he aint got shit else to do but sit on his computer lol stupid ass niggas b


    No one gives a fuk bout koolo n studio leaks dats why fag aint acknowledged

  • Pat leaked this guys, give the credit.

  • Gee Wiz

    what the flying fuck? that studioleaks dude is spamming on 2dopeboyz now? wow what a loser.

    on topic: Game needs to work on making cohesive material because the more leaks he has, the more depreciated R.E.D. will become when it releases (if it releases)

  • Studio Leaks!!!

    wait i live in SA? haha ur mad dumb its no one person i hope you knw that go to studioleaks forum and you will see koolo told all us to come on here and post and thats what all of us did. “realtalk”


    Hes gon get sniped by interscope and arrested and raped in jail
    fuckin koolo faggot i bet he looks like a koala in real life.

  • Studio Leaks!!!

    the websites already been ddosed and he got a backup protection for it now that he updates all the time so i dont think it will work again


    Lets see what happens when we pin 4chan, annonymous on his ass and dig up all his private info.
    ima have a field day( tranvesite hoes at his door?)
    fuck him he needs to get killed

  • Belize loves Eminems



  • Rob with another exclusive give it credit RR

  • damn, that ole’ vibe! game tyme indeed…. come on game git that shit popping homie! indeed the nigga back on that ole shit of the 1st ablum that made him a household name! self made…indeed this was awesome…. i am def. gonna cop that r.e.d. ablum! the leaked tracks are monsters indeed glad he let them monsters outta his head!

    his mixtape game came harder than the hardest

  • Studio Leaks!!!

    yeah yeah we are the best like khaled says =) xoxox …. i love eminem, i wanna marry and fuck marshall all day long if i could then maybe ill stop leaking music … ok guys i have to go now, my chris bosh jersey is fresh out the drier =0 ….

  • StudioThug2011

    StudioLeaks lol!

    GUnitFan, Zoom Zoom just got fired from G-Unit promotions for budget cuts due to the fact everyone’s flopping over there. When Lloyd Banks or Tony Yayo has another platinum record then start commenting on Game’s Songs other that stfu. And G-Unit signing Shawty Lo lmmfao cut the crap!

    Hot ongs Tho! GAME TIME!


    hard record, ya bitch ass niggas need to stop hating

  • Finally

    eminem already made a comeback. 50’s tryin one. Dre’s tryin one. Why not Game? You know it’s good for hip hop…2010-2020 is gonna have some good music man

  • B.L.U.E

    If every song on the r.e.d album lik this im going to buy it first day cuzthis shit knock
    Its lik a gangsta version of “back in the days”
    Us l.a niggas goin show support do yo thanrg game

  • StudioThug 2011


  • StudioThug 2011

    i love dick 🙁

  • StudioThug2011

    and me too

  • westcoast

    whoa you guys have almost the same name. thats pretty funny and why would you post you love dick? i dont get that, great song though love the game, whats up with all the studioleak shit though? it even says it in the song wtf?

  • The RealStudioThug2011

    Thank You to the Haters for keep the brand Going. I appreciate it. I be glad to give you a job since 50 and G-Unit relieved you as their sperm holders.

  • JaccDanielz

    xD big song 4 da h8ers

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  • The Black Cloud


  • LATraffic

    Gee Wiz.

    Game disses everybody then sucks they’re dick when he sees them in person. Dude is garbage.

  • Belize

    After listening to this a couple times, this IS a Pac ripoff. Maybe that’s why it sounds like real rap…
    WAY Pac. Real original Game. #ScratchingMyHead

  • syllables

    shits tuff

  • Sugarshane

    Leaks happen daily so bitching about where they come from is pointless. Focus on the actual songs people!

  • Untagged coming tonight.

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  • wickwickwack

    the music he´s doing is soo far away from his last LP
    talk about identity crisis …Why the 2pac flow
    no wonder he has no release date …they dont know what to do with his album

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  • SmokeYou

    Game killed it. Who is that singing on the hook?

  • Another really dope track from Game! Hopefully it still makes The R.E.D. Album!


  • KDOT

    Wow this is fucking incredible

  • Steviejay89