New Video: Bow Wow “She The Bomb”

Shot during his UK run last week, Shad takes us through the streets of London to showcase the finer things in the city. This reminds me that I need to renew my passport.

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  • Haze SHK

    Go cut yoself Bow Wow… fuck outta here…

  • why the fuck everyone hating on him..hes doing what he knows since hes a kid…talk about girls…i hate him using autotune..but his flow in his verses is Niiice *Fabolous Voice* no homo

  • assasin9

    this shit is hot! lol — – keep doin ya thing Bow Wow

  • Black Shady

    Is it me, or this nigga been stuck doing internet videos for the last 2 years? HA!

    Birdman aint puttin your album out nigga

  • King JuggaNott

    This shit is nice.

  • doubleg

    RED album or die

  • El Negro

    If you came to hate just dont click. If the post only had like 1-5 comments that will say it all. But if a post has about 10-20 comments then you got people talkin bout you. The track is cool tho I wanna see improvement from him.

  • Donn

    Omg this is sooo dope! No hate from me. Get ur money Bow Weezy

  • Belize

    it’s aight,

  • Citylivin’

    —-_____—-….autotune….ain’t nothin really wrong with autotune it just gotta be used right….hope he have a nice fan following, because idk if real niggas is gonna cop “Underrated.”
    [email protected] Shady
    nigga viral videos is the new wave even if he was doin it for 2 yrs, hypothetically speaking.

  • White_rappers311

    He fuckin blows

  • biglee

    I dont get the hate bow is nice how u goin to hate on this most hated artist are
    1. BOWWOW

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  • Jay

    Damn, ain’t that kanye’s Ex girl at the start if the vid? Shay Bombshell? Yall should see her in UK Chocolate mag, page 28 son. She the bomb for real.